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DO involve professionals, how simple or complex your situation is will determine how and who you need to involve in the process. DONa€™T avoid the inventory, a thorough documentation of all personal assets or property is the foundation of a good estate plan.
DO review your insurance needs, Insurance can be a valuable estate tool to pay estate expenses such as income tax and or probate fees, replace income for those left behind or to leave a legacy or charitable gift. DONa€™T skimp on a will.A  If you have no assets or beneficiaries a hand written will may work for you however these are not accepted in all provinces. Leta€™s face it, in times like these there are lots of reasons not to invest in the market. Sticking to a plan and staying invested is important, no matter how much our emotions get in the way. Please come and see me at the Hastings County Plowing Match this August 22,23 if you have questions or concerns.A  I will be once again with BridlePath Tack and have great draw prizes. While women are taking charge in the workplace, they continue to lag behind men in financial planning. According to Liz Davidson, CEO and founder of Financial Finesse, women face more financial challenges than men because they live longer. There is some good news, however, because more women are seeking financial education – about 2 to 1 compared to men, finds the report.
If you work with an advisor or live in a perfect worldA  youa€™ve got an emergency fund set aside, thatA  3 to 6 month cushion of funds you can live on or use to get back on track. K3C Credit Counselling is a non-profit, charitable organization established in 1967 dedicated to helping people achieve financial stability. It all starts with educationA  or financial literacy as I call it.A  I am a big fan of reading , anythingA  everything. One of the books that really changed my thinking on money was by millionaire Robert Kiyosaki. Experts estimate the typical identity theft victim will spend on average $ 1500A  and spend countless hours to replace stolen ID cards and the many other problems caused by this growing epidemic. CONSUMER PROTECTION This booklet is published by the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc. We are all familiar with the basics of good physical health: eating right, regular exercise, not smoking, and a good nighta€™s sleep, yet many have forgotten the basics of good financial health such as saving and living within your means. High-limit credit cards or pay-later schemes make it easy to fund those needs and wants, but does the purchase make sense for today and tomorrowa€”is it truly a need? Living within a budget does not necessarily mean doing without or having no fun, it is making the most of what you have.
With more and more companies abandoning pension plans, and more self-employed people than ever, we can no longer rely on government, union or employers to provide for us when our working days are over.
Make your retirement plan automatic and start; start early, ita€™s amazing how fast a small steady contribution into a RRSP or TFSA can build up.
Most real-life financial decisions require an understanding of this concept, many have only a vague notion of how this plays out in the various financial products presented to them.

These are important questions that need to be asked so sometimes being literate is more about asking the right questions. Handi House Of Orange Park offers a wide variety of structures and styles of storage buildings. The world we live in is becoming increasingly characterized by legal action and government intervention, estate planning is something everyone should do and can plan for.
A formal will is typically drafted by a lawyer, signed by you and witnessed to ensure it is legally valid and meets your needs.
At some point in your life you may be unable to make your own financial or personal care decisions.
Changes to beneficiaries, marital status, insurance or financial plans,A  personal and business property or government rulesA  all can impact how an estate is processed and taxed. Taking the time to inventory and plan now will give you control over how you provide for those closest to or leave a legacy to.
Stock markets have been very volatile over the past year and many believe this is now the normal market behavior and the trend will continue for some time yet. Of course one has to take in to consideration your age and stage, retirement or savings goals and if taking income is a priority at that time.A  Most years do however provide a positive return. Ita€™s a great chance to sit back and review all those statements you filed away duringA  January and tax time. A shorter employment span , longer life and a greater chance of disability or illness all add up to fewer opportunities to save for retirement and less pension . The gender gap widened in Q1 2012, according to a report by Financial Finesse, an American financial education company. Also, nine out of 10 will be responsible for their finances at some point due to divorce or death of a spouse, finds the National Center for Women and Retirement Research.
Before you know itA  the black hole of red ink is bigger and bigger and a financial crisis ensues. Too often good intentions are derailed by that over whelming long term look at where you want to be in 5 or 10 years . Its really importantA  to access the correct service to help you get a handle on your situation.
Their mission is to provide credit counseling as a social service in the public interestA  to the people of the communities they serve.A  A Debt Management Program and educational Budgeting and Money Management program can help those on that slippery slope of debt. Rich Dad Poor Dad is the story of Roberta€™s financial upbringing by two very different mentors. According to a study by the US Federal Trade Commission more that 10 million A people were victimized in 2003. Many of the experts in the field agree that the lack of financial literacy among most of us is contributing to broader economic issues, such as the current household-debt crisis in this country. 9, 2011 Task Force on Financial Literacy presentation and is taking smallA  but forward steps to correct the issue. We are constantly faced with real-life decisions requiring at least some degree of financial know how.

While not everyone is expected to know and understand the complex nature of some financial products like hedge funds, understanding a few key concepts can help one make better financial decisions. A well-defined budget is little more than organizing where money goes to be spent, day-to-day expenses, short-term savings, repayment of debt, and retirement savings.
Remember that many financial institutions such as banks or credit unions may have potential conflicts of interest but they are a good starting point for some basics. Prearrangement for someone to make these decisions according to your wishes means you are able to control your A circumstances . The benefits of this exercise to your overall financial picture can help you with long and short term financial planning as well. Ita€™s no surprise many investors want out and would rather sit on the sidelines than face the roller coaster ride with their retirement or savings plans.
Since inception (roughly 1956) 29% of the time or 16 occurrences of negative returns happen versus 71% or 39 occurrences of positive returns. It may not even be over indulgence, an accident, illness, job strike or layoff are all set backs that can cause debt stress.
That could be learning better money management skills or having someone help you develop and maintain a repayment plan for your debts. The CLHIA is a national trade association that represents the collective interests of its member life and health insurers, which together account for 99 per cent of Canadaa€™s life and health insurance business. Sadly, not enough Canadians use professional financial advice to make sound financial decisionsa€”a strategy which can greatly improve onea€™s overall situation now and in retirement. Most products and services are sold with disclosures but there is a limit to how much these actually help a consumer. Such inventories can also be invaluable in case of fire or theft, maximizing your claim and speeding the process. So take some of that summer down time andA  head to the basement with your lap top and do some research .
Credit cards, line of credit or mortgage paymentsA  it does not matter which , non payment is not healthy. Almost 25% of victims of new account theft or fraud did not discover the misuse of information for at least 6 months after it started. We are fortunate in the Eastern Ontarios area to have a great credit counseling group but there are many such groups doing credit counseling across the country.
A Criminals these days are using increasingly creative methods to gain access to our financial records and resources.
Most of the focus has been on the theft of credit cards or bank cardsA  but the are other types of ID theft from drivers license, medical information, social security number, character or criminal identity. How do they do it?A  Ingenious thieves have many methods and are coming up with new ones every dayA  but here is a short list of a few of the common ones.

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