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Production of baled hay uses a large amount of your resources: land, labor, seed, fuel, fertilizer and equipment.
Steve Brandes was presented with a gold watch for his dedication to #Cleary for the last 25 years. A traditional wooden roofed storage structure located in the Bohinj Valley in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia, part of the Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps.
It is convenient to keep a day or two’s worth of firewood and kindling near your fire source.

You also have a few options on how to transport your firewood from outside to inside your home. In the end, you should choose a firewood storage solution that is based on your needs and abilities. For more information on Cleary Hay Storage Buildings contact a Building Sales Specialist.  Click Here! Open sides or slatted sides provide air circulation which is especially important if your wood still needs to season.

The average round bale loses around 25% of its original nutrients when stored unprotected outside.  Markets that demand top quality hay will also require hay storage buildings that offer full protection from weather.

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hay storage building price

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