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TORONTO — There were times in Thursday morning’s Parapan American Games soccer match where it seemed the United States might do something with the ball — times where they strung together positive passes, mounted a hopeful challenge or two, even harboured legitimate thoughts of a goal. You would be hard-pressed to find a sequence that was not totally controlled by Brazil — in this match, or any of the four they have played in Toronto. That is 28 goals for, none allowed, and a berth in Saturday morning’s gold-medal match against Argentina.
Unsurprisingly, they are one of just two countries at these Games (alongside Argentina) with teams in both soccer events. Then there is seven-a-side, for athletes with physical impairments, in which Brazil is undefeated and will — it is almost entirely safe to say — win gold. Canada is only fielding a sevens team, and that team — ranked 10th in the world — will play for the bronze medal. Mostly, they have depth throughout the lineup: 10 of 14 Brazilian players scored in the group stage, and six of them had three goals or more.
Even if Brazil leaves Toronto as champions, they will return home with a point to prove still.
I’ve been extremely busy over the holidays, so I have very little commentary on the Canucks on-ice performance just now. This, and not the exorbitant entrance fee, is why Pucked in the Head always sits in the nosebleeds. Game 7 ended hours ago, but I feel like the #Blues are still going to find a way to hand the #Blackhawks the series. Memo Joins GSA after spending four years (2002-2006) with the Austin United Capitols Soccer club. Prior to his experience as a youth soccer trainer, Memo served on the coaching staffs of both the Men's (1983-1989) and Women's (1998-1999) Mexican National teams. Asmir Joined the Force Program in 1994 and has enjoyed several successful seasons while training the 88, 92, & 95 boys teams. Asmir player professionally in Bosnia from until 1999, and was named to the division 1 team of Cub Harkany in 1996 at the age of 16. Casey's Coaching Philosophy: It is my belief that the more fun I can make training and practice, the more likely it is that the athlete will want to continue to work to fulfill their dreams and desires. Having twin sisters 9 years younger, Brad was coaching their teams from 16 years old and continued coaching various teams on up to present day. US Soccer PlayersThe official site of the USMNT Soccer Players with soccer news, schedule, statistics, players, interviews, and exclusive stories. By J Hutcherson (Oct 22, 2015) US Soccer Players - If rumors prove true, NYCFC expected more from their debut season than they got.
Whether or not that's enough to keep NYCFC from switching coaches is still an open question, but with rumors swirling the clock is already ticking.
J Hutcherson started covering soccer in 1999 and has worked as the general manager of the US National Soccer Team Players Association since 2002. Ten years gone in MLSBy J HutchersonMLS is telling a new expansion story with commissioner Don Garber talking about an extended break between cycles. Gianni Infantino speaks: Should Americans listen?By Charles BoehmNewly elected FIFA president Gianni Infantino made the media rounds in the United States, setting up a near future for an expanded World Cup.
The second-class status of the CONCACAF Champions LeagueBy Luis BuenoPart of fixing the Champions League is CONCACAF recognizing that it doesnt work for MLS, Liga MX, or anybody else.
Have you ever wondered how large a car you could balance on your head, or how far you could squirt milk from your eye, or how fast you could run on all fours?

Kenichi Ito apparently discovered his inner West African Patas monkey in order to perfect his running on all fours style. In 1999, 64-year old John from Derbyshire put weightlifters and strongmen to shame when he balanced a mini cooper weighing 159.6kg on his head alone for over 30 seconds.
There is the five-a-side game (for athletes with visual impairments) in which Brazil has three wins and a draw, has not been scored on and will likely win gold. Brazil scored twice more before halftime, on a seeing-eye shot from 25 yards and a short flick from beside the goal.
In eight appearances at the Paralympic Games, they have never won gold, and have only medalled twice: bronze in 2000 and silver in 2004. You may not be wearing a dangerously revealing green body suit, but you’re still being judged by idiots with digital PVRs, frame-by-frame slo-mo, and way too many technogadgets at their fingertips. Memo served as the head coach or the Capitols 85 girls and 88 boys Division 1 teams, and also served as the conditioning trainer for the club.
Memo was the head coach for the 1998 Mexican Women's National team that went on to compete in the 1999 Women's World Cup in the U.S. His vast experience at both the professional and youth levels, will contribute to the continued growth and success of the Force program and GSA as a whole. Asmir's 95 Boys teams finished in first place out of 10 teams in the Spring 2006 Western District Directors Cup. Asmire moved to the US in 1999 and has continued to participate in high level competitive soccer playing in the Austin Men's Premier League and Div 1 indoor league. Asmir is one of several young talented trainers that continue to add to the success of the Force Select Soccer Program. I believe that we can work hard, and train hard, but at the same time enjoy what we are doing.
Todd currently conducts individual and small group training for Avila Soccer at their indoor facility in north Austin.
Brad played competitive youth soccer on traveling teams and qualified as an alternate in the Olympic Development Program for the Florida State team at age 16. From co-running the "Sunshine soccer camps" through college in Pensacola, to running the "Southwest Florida Fury summer soccer camps" in Sarasota, Brad has developed skills needed for managing sports programs with a focus on developing youth players through fun filled exercises. In my opinion Soccer is about working within your own limits while simultaneously keeping in rhythm with your teammates. It's a safe assumption that "more" means playoffs, and that's not a totally unrealistic expectation in the current version of MLS. What an MLS coach really learns from watching how a Premier League club prepares is an interesting question. They can look to northern New Jersey to see how that worked out in the Red Bulls favor, but that New York MLS club traded league knowledge for league knowledge.
Well some extreme sporting legends around the world have not only thought of such bizarre challenges, but claimed the Guinness world record of achieving the heaviest, farthest or fastest in these weird sports. And it seemed to have worked because this monkey enthusiast managed to achieve a time only 9 seconds slower than the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt’s record. I’m not entirely sure how the physics of this feat works, but somehow Ilker Yilmaz managed to perfect his technique to squirt that milk a near whopping three metres. This massive effort was clearly no mean feat as no one else has been able to beat this truly bonkers guinness world record in the last 14 years. Brazil is third in the world, behind only Russia and Ukraine, and their interplay is — to borrow the tireless classification of Selecao soccer — beautiful.

Memo was one of only two coaches from Mexico asked to attend the FIFA International Coaching Certification in 1994. His resume boasts playing college soccer at the University of West Florida, semi-professional soccer for the Southwest Florida Fury and his career highlight was playing in exhibition games representing the MLS Tampa Bay Mutiny in the Fall of 1996. In addition to his role with the Force, Brad also coaches Austins' local Men's semi-professional indoor soccer team; the "Austin AMP'd". I believe strong technical skills are the backbone for accuracy and consistency in play, and therefore technique is a big part of my sessions. Who NYCFC ultimately blames remains an open question as long as head coach Jason Kreis keeps his job. Once the Yankee Stadium residency became official, Kreis needed to think about playing on a smaller field designed for a different sport.
A late season three-game win streak followed a three-game losing streak, putting an unnecessary emphasis on what went wrong in New York City. They're seven points ahead in the table, but that's only good for 7th-place with no real chance of making the playoffs. Earlier this season, there were suggestions that Kreis wasn't getting support to make player moves he thought were necessary. Here are some of the highlights of the totally bonkers Guinness World Record champions from the wackiest sports that you could never think of.
They scored three minutes after kick-off, on a pass into the box and a one-timed strike to the far corner. He is a certified teacher who recieved his degree in Exercise Sports Science and a minor in Spanish at Texas State University. It is a sport that can teach children many lessons that can be taken with them on life's journey.
As a trainer, I will challenge the players to solve a challenge on the field, as I feel this best prepares them to be confident decision makers both in sports and life. It's Kreis's exit that has the rumors swirling, with the MLS club linked with a replacement from the parent Premier League club.
There's no draft and no prohibitions against competing with other league teams for player contracts. NYCFC could say whatever they wanted about their relative strengths heading into the 2015 MLS season, but the proof came quickly. It might be tough to take a selection crisis seriously in MLS, and certainly with an expansion team. That's why a suddenly available Jason Kreis would have several MLS teams reconsidering their situation in the offseason. Working with children of all ages and in many different arenas, soccer being his favorite arena, is a passion of his.
It's certainly a soccer job, but it's so different to make any meaningful comparisons somewhat suspect. Coming close might flatter what Orlando City did in 2015, but it's not putting them in a different category than NYCFC.
In MLS, squad rebuilding in season is never easy but it's much harder when there's a disconnect within a team.

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