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When becoming an actor, Actor Headshots are one of the most important requirements and can make the difference in getting casting calls and not.
Last week I received a bunch of requests via my Twitter and Facebook account requesting that I would place a few examples of what actor headshots look like and explain what makes one better than the next. Normally I do not place unretouched work online but in this case and for discussion sake I’m putting a hand full up without knowing which he will decide on. Must depict the actor in his or her best light * You just gotta look good, plain and simple; nothing highbrow here! Must have an eclectic essence or mass appeal * You don’t want to ever be pigeonholed as an actor! Becoming an actor is not an easy process but with a good base of collateral materials you will have a leg up over the next aspiring actor or actress.
In an up an coming article I will be explaining what is an Actor Comp Card and why an Actor Portfolio is also very important when courting acting agencies for casting calls.

So if you’re interested in acting, go out and find the best headshot photographer in your area that understands the industry and commission a session today.
For inquiries regarding our Professional South Florida based Photography Studio in Sunny West Palm Beach or to book a session, please ring us at 561.762.8968 or simply complete our contact form located here!
Allure Multimedia, LLC is my photographic and multimedia studio base in the sunny Palm Beach, FL. In this digital age, the number of part-time photographers has increase 100 fold diluting the industry with what are known as "weekend warriors".
Joseph Cristina Post author September 9, 2010 at 10:26 pm Sorry for the delay folks but I will have the follow up to this article within the next few days! Headshots for actors help agencies place their talent with Film Makers, TV Producers and alike. Just yesterday a great guy named Benjamin James came into my photography studio to have his Acting Headshot photographed before leaving for LA California to pursue an acting career.

The studio's capacities are many from professional photography to advertising design and multimedia presentation ie.
This has lend itself to a rise of a cottage industry of amateurs posing as professionals, underbidding and misleading only to then produce mediocre, at best, final production work. No matter if you’re looking to become a Hollywood Super Star California Actor or star in a Disney Production in Orlando, FL a high quality acting headshot by and professional headshot photographer is critical! I've worked within multiple advertising agencies along with having work published internationally.

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