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Heartland backyard storage sheds san antonio texas - Tips for a successful installation: heartland will contact you within 48 business hours of receipt of order to schedule a tentative shed installation dateAbc news reports on united states politics, crime, education, legal stories, celebrities, weather, the economy and moreGet the latest health news from dr. Heartland backyard builders storage sheds - Heartland sheds are affordable, high quality and durable timber sheds. Police couldn’t locate the person who reportedly told a Topeka city employee to drive a 1-ton truck loaded with dirt over a pedestrian bridge at Heartland Park Topeka, despite the employee giving a detailed description of the man after the bridge collapsed.
That man, Bennett said, pointed to the wooden pedestrian bridge, and said “cross that bridge,” a Topeka Police Department accident report said. As the truck crossed the bridge — which is used primarily for pedestrians and golf carts — from east to west, it crashed through the final section, dropping to the ground, about 15 feet below.
Bennett told police he didn’t see any signs indicating he couldn’t cross the bridge with the truck.
The investigating officer spoke to several NHRA and Heartland Park employees that day, the report said, none of whom fit Bennett’s description or recognized the man he described.
City officials said the truck was carrying dirt to fill holes that had been dug in the process of reaching a water line connected to fire hydrants.

The bridge collapse came two weeks to the day after the Topeka City Council voted 6-4 to deny a plan backed by city manager Jim Colson and Mayor Larry Wolgast that included buying Jayhawk Racing LLC’s more than $2 million in reversionary interest in the Heartland Park track. A policeman leaving the scene was noted by another officer to be dusting himself off, even though all he'd done on site was take a statement or two from witnesses.
When you work for the city, you get used to well-dressed fools telling you to do foolish things. If someone told this Bozo that it would be OK to jump off a ten story building, he'd probably do it.
May 19 in a city truck full of topsoil, so he asked a clean-shaven man on a red all-terrian vehicle, who was wearing a bluish-green flannel shirt and Oakley sunglasses, how to get to the job site on the west side of the track.
However, signs near the bridge indicate vehicles larger than golf carts or ATVs are prohibited on the “walkover” bridge. Topeka Blvd., the bridge is used by fans as they move from the grandstand areas near the track’s Corporate Tower to a pit area, where they can see race teams working on vehicles. The racetrack owns several red ATVs with markings and writing on them, but Bennett specified the ATV he saw had no writing or markings on it.

He has been with the city as a utility system worker for three years at a salary of $15.32 per hour.
So they dig where they are told to dig, haul whatever wherever, and dump where they are told to dump. They could have just assigned him to a "desk job" (like they do with light duty for people who get injured) until the investigation was complete. Even if they did find this supposed giver of permission how would that change the fact that the driver of the truck is responsible?
This clown is stupid and should not be given responsibilities that require independent thinking.

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heartland sheds aurora il

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