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You may already be using standard 40-pound bags to feed your furnace or pellet stove manually. There are storage solutions—from small hoppers to bulk bins to outdoor silos—that can accommodate every homeowner’s heating and storage needs.
Since we added a bulk hopper and got away from bagged pellets I spend about 20 minutes once a month vacuuming out the boiler and checking everything over, and that’s it.
By designing and building quality conveying systems over the years Keoghs has been exposed to the shortage of and need for quality heavy duty storage systems and their associated machines. Why waste hours on the phone to utilities companies?YourPorter arranges all of your utilities connections fastand free of charge.
Sukup grain handling, grain storage solutions for sale at Hlavinka Equipment Company, Your source for new and used farm and construction equipment, used tractors, combines, cotton pickers, skid steers, backhoes, excavators, hay equipment from 7 locations in Texas Coastal Bend. See below for photos of some of our recent projects and click on a thumbnail to view larger image.

These industrial-grade, robust and durable workbenches have adjustable feet to select a wide range of work heights. If you’re tired of feeding your appliance every day or two and hauling heavy bags, you can switch to a fully automated wood pellet boiler with bulk storage.
The little woodstove on our main level that we use mostly for evening and weekend fires takes much more time to clean than the Pellergy burner that’s keeping the house (and the water) hot 24?7. We regularly designs and manufactures heavy duty bins, hoppers and silo bases up to the required Australian Standards to safely store the associated product. Bulk storage units are part of a system that automatically feeds wood pellets from the hopper into your boiler—so you don’t have to do all that extra labor.
The storage solution you choose depends on how big your heating task is, your budget, available space and your personality (do want a system that’s automated, or do you want to be hands-on?). There’s no hauling, no plastic-bag waste, and the pellets won’t break down due to handling.

We have also had the opportunity to quote on, design and manufacture storage related machines for some of the largest bulk handling companies in Australia. The Sukup Grain Handling and Storage Solutions line includes grain bins for both on-farm and commercial storage, grain dryers for on-farm and commercial operations, bucket elevators, conveyors, double-run systems, chain loop systems, pneumatic systems, axial and centrifugal fans and heaters, stirring machines, unloading equipment, bin floors and supports, drive-over hoppers, grain spreaders and Airway® Tubes.
These machines now form  part of our storage solution line of products, they include machines such as the hydraulic tarp winder and the tarp buggy.

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home storage solutions hoppers crossing

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