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Nothing's better than a cold six-pack of your favorite beer—except maybe a cold six-pack of your favorite beer in a wooden caddy that you made yourself. Next week we’ll be moving into a house in Portland, but we have hardly any furniture since we got rid of most it when we moved across the country at the end of the year. Christmas Wood Projects Empty cans can be decorated to make candy and holding small gift a previous sheet can prove to be a wonderful tree skirt and most any piece of wood can become any quantity of exceptional holiday decorations or objects. With one of these, you can skip the paper ones they give you at the mix-and-match stations in grocery stores.
His tutorial was inspired by a similar version by Redditor BitterLikeAHope (pictured below).

I did remove the bark as I saw some damage to it and didn’t want to keep it for the sake off.
The shape and dimensions of the wood isn't really crucial given that most any piece of wood can become a certain kind of decoration. A bottle opener is the finishing touch, which you can find on Amazon for less than 5 bucks. I doubt I have anywhere near the skill needed to pull these off, but I did build a pretty snazzy scratching post for my cats, so maybe I’m not totally hopeless. I should probably start my woodworking career with something a little less complex, like this side table.

And Chris even included a handy diagram on his site for what sizes the wood pieces should be. Tie a piece of cloth around the neck for a scarf then use your glue gun to make sparkling snowman a shot or buy a baby for stocking cap snowman dress up.

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homemade wood gifts for girlfriend

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