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Designing and constructing your metal riding arenas, horse barns and boarding facilities is made straight forward at Ironbuilt Steel Buildings. Pre-engineered steel horse barns from Ironbuilt can be designed as stand alone gable buildings or as horse stables in a lean-to structure attached to the main riding arena.
Call today at 1-800-805-0084 to speak with an Ironbuilt horse arena and barn specialist and we will custom design your building with the most efficient layout at the best prices in the industry. The Arena Royale features a six stall Horse Barn, an attached Riding Arena, and a Barn Home. The Lady of the Bayou is a custom designed Arena Complex that includes a Covered Riding Arena, Stall Barn with center alley loft, RV workshop, machinery storage area, covered walkway, office with loft, and training stall. For a video walkaround of this barn, visit the Lady Of the Bayou Outside Walkaround and the Lady of the Bayou Interior Arena Walkaround. Business or Hobby?Whether you're planning a small pleasure horse barn or a large, attractive stable with an extra-wide, clear-span arena for riding; you can count on us to design and build a safe, comfortable and healthy year-round environment for all your animals and the people who handle them. Horse Barns & Run-insWe provide a wide variety of horse barn and run-in designs customized for the horse owner with only one or several horses.
Horse Arenas & StablesIf you are planning a larger stable barn or boarding facility with attached riding arena we help you analyze your needs, evaluate your budget and plan your interior layout and building design. Why should you choose a post-frame building (pole barn) instead of other types of structures? Our crews are some of the most experienced and best trained in the industry, making them especially fast. Since pole barn construction is quick and efficient, labor costs are lower than with other types of construction.
Some people are surprised to learn that post-frame construction produces stronger buildings than other methods. Horizontally connected posts form a tremendously strong box that adds to wind and seismic resistance.
The direct attachment of trusses to the post frame makes it virtually impossible for the roof to detach from the building. The diaphragm effect created by the post-frame structures allows them to flex under stress instead of cracking, crumbling or collapsing like many other structures. Steel frame buildings suffer from thermal bridging of the steel columns, conducting valuable heat out of the building at a rate 310 times faster than wood.
To measure the “greenness” of a building, one must consider the entire life cycle of the building (construction thru use thru end of life) and the amount of non-renewable and non-recyclable resources expended during that life cycle. Since the frame of a building gets its strength from a small number of large, widely spaced columns, rather than a large number of smaller members, fewer building materials are needed to achieve load capacities. The steel siding and roofing often used to clad post-frame buildings is made almost entirely from recycled content and “compared to masonry products, steel does not use as much energy nor does it produce as many other types of environmental pollutants.”5 But it isn’t just the steel that is recyclable. If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your building, post-frame buildings are an excellent choice.
For more information about Colorado pole barns, Colorado barn, and Colorado pole buildings, please visit our website pole barn Colorado. For more information about horse barns Colorado, horse barn, and pole barn, please visit our website pole barn building. For more information about pole barns prices, pole barns, and pole building, please visit our website Colorado pole barns. When you begin to look at the many benefits of metal pole barns, you can quickly decide if this is an option you want to explore further. In main-stream, commercial horse barn construction there are three primary types of construction to choose from however others do exist and can be discussed with Kaiser. The advantages of using laminated wood construction in your indoor horse riding arena is sheer beauty.
Clear spans of up to 115’ can be reached with laminated wood construction in your indoor riding arena.
The next type of construction to discuss in design a horse riding arena is Pre-Engineered Steel. The advantage to using Pre-Engineered steel is achieving a lower price while maintaining an open, airy feel. The final construction type to discuss in indoor riding arena and horse barn construction is Post-Frame. To get additional information about Colorado barn, Colorado pole barns, and Colorado pole buildings, please visit our pole barn Colorado informational site.
To get additional information about horse barn, horse barns Colorado, and pole barn, please visit our pole barn building informational site. To get additional information about pole barns, pole barns prices, and pole building, please visit our Colorado pole barns informational site. Nowadays there are many kits available to help builders construct certain things in a quicker and more convenient manner. If you choose your kit carefully enough then you should be able to find one that comes with quality materials and the best lumber. You will find pole barn kits that offer square and rectangular designed structures from small to large sizes. The biggest benefit of pole barn kits is that you will be able to easily do the project all on your own. It is clear that there are several advantages you can get from using pole barn kits to build Colorado pole barns. The material list and instruction guide is based on building environments on the East Coast. Modular Barn is the barn that’s either delivered completely built or delivered partially built in sections and assembled on site.
Completely Built Modular Barns may include portable horse sheds, shedrow barns, small storage barns and similar buildings that are built at a manufacturing facility and delivered on flat bed trucks & trailers. Partially Built Modular Barns include, but not limited to center aisle horse barns, barns with big front overhangs (lean-tos) and in some cases storage barns. It is hard to say with certainty which barn is built better or which barn is more affordable.
In addition, the construction of a modular barn requires better site access in order to deliver the oversize boxes and other components.
If you are looking into purchasing a modular barn, try to weigh all the options, compare the price, and most important, compare the construction specifications to make sure that the barn you are buying is properly built. In most Post & Beam Barns, the whole frame, including posts, girts, headers, loft joists and even rafters are build with different sizes of heavy wooden beams. Other builders might build only barn walls with heavy timbers and the rest of the barn with lighter material. There are many builders that specialize in construction of pole barns (post-frame buildings), and even though different builders use different techniques, the idea of a pole barn is basically the same.
If you are looking for a small building and can’t afford to hire a contractor, you can probably have one build yourself, perhaps with the help of your friends – you’ll need at least 1 helper to build the frame and 2 helpers to set the trusses up.
Something very important to keep in mind when designing your barn is to build with the climate in mind.
If you use concrete you can over come most of the bad things about it by using rubber mats. One of the most convenient stall layouts is to have a center aisle with a stall door on the inside as well as a second stall door on the outside. You do not want to store a years worth of hay in your barn as it will add significant dust and fire fodder to your building. If you store hay in your barn be sure to place the hay on a pallet or the bottom bales will rot. The ideal location for hay storage is in a nearby separate building where the hay can be shielded from light. Having a room in the barn where you can have a desk and phone is handy especially if you run rental stalls. My personal preference for keeping horses is to give them access to pasture as much as possible.
If you only have one or two horses, the easiest way to keep horses is to have stalls that have direct access to the pasture.
In our current barn we worked around this by subdividing my pasture so I only have two horses per pasture and both have access to their stalls. Additionally run-in sheds are a nice inexpensive solution if you have a horse that is suffering from being low on the horse pecking order and needs to be separated from the main herd. Something to keep in mind if you end up separating a horse into a smaller area is herd instincts.
Any building should be designed to resist two types of forces: the structure has to carry both the weight of the building and contents as well as live loads imparted to the floors, wall and roof.
The typical building such as a wood framed residence achieves the racking resistance by virtue of the exterior and interior walls. As one might imagine, the properly designed pole barn kit must be designed for the specific site and loading conditions. While many Colorado pole barns are built without the benefit of structural engineering, buyers of horse barn kits and other pole structures should always inquire if the pole building design has been reviewed by an engineering professional. Just finishing construction, this Equestrian Barn was originally conceptualized as an eight stall addition to an existing equine facility housing several Champion and Grand Champion animals. The new Horse Stalls stretch along the entire Horse Barn which also equal the length of the Arena building, allowing for the riding area to share the light from the abundance of west facing windows in the new stalling facility. Vaulted windows and high ceilings are not unintentional as the architecture of the building is designed to be much more than a Livestock barn it is to allow as much natural light and ventilation flow as possible.
Also part of the overall Master Plan program and an integral part of the personality of the space is the loft overlook.  This quaint space exists over the trophy room and can serve as a respite from the daily rigors of horse training or as a command post, viewing all of the barn activities from a central location – including supervising events in the arena, therapy on the horse treadmill, or just a top down view of each horse stall in the barn. Do you have a project lead, a design idea, a crazy business concept, or maybe you just want to bend the ear of "your architect"?

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Our steel covered horse riding arenas offer the most cost effective design for buildings with clearspan open widths of up to 200’. They can be made with a large aisle way between rows of stalls with interior entry only, or with entry from the sidewalls using attractive decorative dutch barn style stall doors. Each project is unique and we pay close attention to understanding what your needs and budget requirements are before we begin making design or construction suggestions. Features such a cupulas, Dutch doors, and windows add to the attractiveness of the building. Upon completion you will be assured of a high quality facility that meets your budgetary requirements and that you and your horses will be comfortable in for many years to come. In addition, insulation is sandwiched between the outside steel and the framing members, thus compromising its R-value. ComCheck Analysis confirms that post-frame buildings “achieve the highest R-values compared to steel-framed and brick or masonry buildings.” And all of our painted steel qualifies as “cool metal roofing”. This is a building that can have many uses and will help you with storage or any other need you may have.
If you have a building that only takes a couple of days to construct, you can begin using this building much faster. You can save a tremendous amount of money by choosing a pole barn and this can be a great benefit. You do not want to leave expensive items in the cold and this will give you a place to store these expensive items. Many people find that this type of building provides the same function as any other building without the added costs. The wood can be finished in any paint or stain that is desired which creates many options for designing for visual appeal. The disadvantage is that not as many colors and design options are available when compared to laminated wood arches. This type is the most economical type of construction for your indoor riding arena and is also the type we use to build horse stables with.
The disadvantage is a slight loss in clear-span distance and the loss of the high ceilings. The trusses can have a ceiling added to them or painted “as-is” and the walls can be painted also.
These buildings not only look good and are able to provide additional storage space, but also they add value to any property.
This allows individuals to make use of the space for storage or other things at a faster time. These materials usually include wood trusses that obey building codes for all states, metal roofing and siding, concrete footers, waterproof touches, fasteners for the roof, along with doors and walls. This saves time since you don’t have to hire others to do the constructing for you, especially since all the instructions are readily provided. There are also garage kits, carport kits, and other kits for similar structures depending on what you are looking to build. So often the need is not realized until after the bad weather has already arrived and by then building sites are covered with snow or mud and delivery of building materials to the site is further complicated. If this is your first attempt at building a complete structure or a post-frame structure, consult with a post-frame building professional before beginning this project to achieve successful results. For areas west, where snow loads and wind gusts are stronger, other engineering factors may need to be considered. Obviously, with an open front, you want to shield the horses from the elements, especially those cold arctic winds. If the site is out of level, additional post length and skirt board may be necessary to compensate for grade. The mortise & tenon joint provides a very strong connection and has been used for thousands of years all around the world. Some builders may use a combination of mortise & tenon and metal plate connectors on the same barn.
The typical pole barn is constructed with pressure treated posts placed in the ground (approximately 48” below ground level). Perma-Columns – Instead of placing your posts in the ground, you can now choose the concrete columns to avoid any possibility of rotten posts.
The barn I kept my horse in up in Alaska was great for a cold climate but would be a horrible mistake if I built it in Texas where air flow is critical during the oven-like summers. These require periodic maintenance and new dirt will need to be brought in to fill in low areas or holes that horses create.
I saw a lovely warm blood cut up its back pretty badly and have to miss work for a while because it rolled on a concrete floor and the bedding wasn’t thick enough.
This arrangement allows you to work in the barn, clean stalls, feed, etc inside during inclement weather and is convenient because you don’t have to walk to multiple pastures, but merely walk down the aisle at feeding time. It costs a little more to have the extra stall door leading outside, but it adds a tremendous amount of flexibility to your barn design.
An indoor wash stall will give you a convenient spot to bath your horse or provide water treatments to injuries. The outside area gives me a place to wash my horse where I can use the water to water grass. Some options are to concrete or brick the aisle or to lay down rubber mats on the dirt (or the concrete). However, for convenience sake you’ll want an area where you can store smaller amounts of hay. Hay will retain its nutrients longer if it can be kept in the dark and out of the elements. Founder is a serious condition that can kill or cripple a horse and can result from over eating. Barns that connect to indoor arenas are very convenient but if you go that route you will need to address dust control head on. This allows them to have protection from the elements and if its just the two horses, they usually become buddies rather than rivals. If you live in a mild climate, a pasture with a run-in shed may be adequate shelter for your horse. Certainly in order to participate in the process of building a pole barn one does not have to become an expert in structural engineering, but with a basic understanding of the design basics of pole buildings and structures, some common mistakes can be avoided.
The second type of loads are horizontal loads such as wind, seismic and other lateral loads a building might encounter. Once the sheathing such as plywood and even gyp board is attached to the walls they become stiff and effectively resist these lateral loads.
Both wind and seismic loads vary greatly depending on the location and surrounding topography in the case of wind. Among them are the vertical loads placed on each pole, the pole spacing, depth of the pole below grade, and diameter of the pole excavation.
In many cases a building permit is required before construction of a pole barn kit and often signed and stamped engineering calculations specific to the proposed building location must be included for review prior to the issuance of the building permit. We are a nationally recognized design-leader specializing in entertainment and amusement related design with many projects throughout North America. Tall gabled ceilings can also be designed into your metal horse barn in order to allow for better ventilation and hay lofts. By adding stalls, lofts, tack room, feed room, concrete work, plumbing and electric we can provide a horse barn that is ready for you to move into. Bos Design Builders supplies and installs only the highest quality horse stalls and tack rooms using Woodstar stall products and the highest quality lumber.
Plus, since our buildings don’t require interior supporting walls, you have wide-open space inside to configure however you want.
To get a block building warm and tight, additional work must be done – either furring strips with insulation between or an insulated stud wall. Steel clad post-frame buildings can be easily disassembled and reused or recycled, leaving the site in clean condition.
It reflects most of the sun’s heat energy thus requiring less energy to cool the building below. Livestock is something that a pole barn can be used for, but there are many other uses that you will find for this space if you do not own livestock.
You can find the benefits to a pole barn and this will help show you why this type of building is so popular. You will not have to spend months on construction and this will allow you to use your building much sooner. Saving money on this building can help you to get something bigger and better for your money.
The ceiling can be finished with tongue and groove wood siding to add another level of visual appeal. Post-frame construction will create a flat-ceiling which eliminates the open airy feel but brings the most cost savings to your custom horse barn.
These kits come with plans, step-by-step instructions, and the materials you need to ensure that everything goes smoothly when building the pole barn. With the materials come complete blueprints and detailed instructions so you shouldn’t have a hard time at all putting everything together.
Or if you just want to add a small barn to your property then there are small sizes available too.
These kits really offer homeowners easy, affordable solutions to build efficient structures that can be used for a variety of things. You may customize this building to include windows, a stall or even use it for farm equipment.

Consider the prevailing winds and position the building’s opening away from the wind. A Perma-Column is basically a manufactured concrete column with a U-shaped metal bracket on top. Tell your builder to install side braces and truss braces if you want to have your barn withstand strong winds. Hopefully passing a few ideas along might help you design a better barn and save you some money along the way. I have seen people relocate from other climates and try to build barns they way they always did without giving thought that there may be better designs for their new locale. If you are building a barn and you keep warmbloods, drafts, or other large horses, you may want to consider increasing the stall size to 14×14.
They provide cushioning for the horses legs and I use less bedding with them because the dirt and the bedding don’t mix. I like the idea that the water isn’t going down the drain but is instead helping grow grass so my horse can have a nice snack after her bath. We laid rubber mats down directly over a dirt aisle and saw our dust level in the barn drop. Many backyard barns have gone to the sawdust bales that are contained in plastic and control dust very well. Interestingly, I have several friends who are organic farmers and have invited them over to get manure as they need. Since much of the dust problems have to do with the type of arena footing you use, I strongly suggest you budget for a footing such as rubber that has low dust issues. A horse could get cornered in the stall by one of the bully horses and get severely kicked and injured. On our ranch in addition to our main barn, I have put inexpensive run-in sheds in different pastures so I have the flexibility to separate horses as I need. With a basic understanding of the engineering principals associated with pole barn structures, some of the more common mistakes may be avoided. The unique feature of pole barn kits is that these types of structures do not require any wall sheathing (or siding) to resist lateral or side forces. To complicate matters, different soil types have different characteristics in terms of resisting these overturning forces. Once the pole depth of is determined, the size and material of the poles has to be selected. Some pole barn kit providers will provide the necessary engineering as part of the package. Let our creativity surprise you, and find out how enjoyable high quality design and great service can be!
Ironbuilt metal horse buildings can be easily customized with insulation, skylights, wall lights, dormers, cupolas and two tone-wainscot color options.
Budgets are met by carefully explaining the options available and the relative cost of each. When you have a separate place on your property to work, you will be motivated to complete more work and this can help you to start a successful business out of this space.
Laminated wood construction is for the discerning client who appreciates a wide open, airy environment in which to ride year round. Laminated wood is also one of the most expensive ways to build an indoor horse riding arena. This is for the perceptive client who appreciates an unobstructed interior in which to ride year round. Post-Frame construction is for the client with discriminating taste who is budget conscience but still needs an environment in which to ride year round. Eave heights and ceiling heights can be designed as required and exterior cladding can be installed as desired. Whether you are thinking of building the barn on your own or hiring a contractor to do the work for you, pole barn kits will definitely be beneficial. They are available in different sizes too so it doesn’t matter if you are looking to build a small or a big pole barn, you are sure to be able to get just what you need conveniently. Aside from the common shapes like square and rectangle, you will also find T and L designs. Plus if you enjoy building or doing woodwork then doing it yourself is certainly a great option. The best part is that it comes with absolutely everything you need for you to start and finish the project with no glitches. It’s a very popular and versatile 2-man building project that takes only about 5 days to complete. Areas west of Mississippi may require post hole depths of 5-feet, thus requiring additional concrete mix as well. The proper name though, in our opinion, would be a Post & Beam Barn, which basically describes that the particular barn is built with heavy wooden timbers, but does not tell you how these timbers are connected together. These concrete columns go in the ground and your wooden posts are placed on top of these columns and are bolted into U-shaped brackets. Also, floors that have been concreted don’t allow proper drainage of urine unless you slope them or install drains (both a lot of work). This type of arrangement is perfect if you have a horse that needs protection from bullies, is in convalescence from an injury or for as a birthing – foaling arrangement. If you get truckloads of it, you might want to consider a separate building for bedding storage because of the dust and mess.
Parking a 4 horse gooseneck in a pasture might be fine on a sunny dry day, but what happens when its pouring rain and you rush a horse to the vet and your trailer is up to its axle in mud? Some people take the attitude that since horses in the wild live without covered barns they don’t need to put up shelter for their horse.
If not the the necessary engineering will have to be sourced locally, and can be a significant cost.
You have the flexibility to design your dream roping or dressage arena or barn with your choice of aesthetic features with the floor plan needed for your requirements.Riding Arenas GalleryView full galleryIronbuilt's versatile design allows for low cost lean-to's that can be used for stalls and tack rooms attached to the side of large arenas. Buildings can be quickly clad with those steel panels, resulting in additional labor savings. Also, since our supporting columns are 8′ apart, you can add extra doors and windows down the road without too much trouble.
A horse riding arena built from laminated wood construction can be a weather-tight building, or an open and free-air building too. The exterior can be clad with many different options such as stone, simulated stone, vinyl siding, board and batten, ship-lap, beveled, wood shingle, brick, stucco, and metal. These are a great unique way to make your place interesting especially when figuring out what each section will be used for. The cost for materials may vary depending on your location but generally you can estimate about $2,000 for materials and add whatever labor costs you normally incur. Also, consider a site where in the deep of winter you can easily access your building by food or by vehicle. An elevated site will allow water to flow away from the building, thus extending the life of the structure.
The other advantage of glue-laminated posts is only the bottom of these posts are treated (in case you decide to put them in the ground). Believe it or not, some builders do not bother to install truss or side braces to save money.
The paddock off the stall can be made up of round pen panels so you can remove it easily if you later don’t need it. A cross fenced pasture gives you this versatility, just make sure you use safe horse fence and good fencing practices. What they forget is wild horses have access to trees, rocks formations, and other natural wind breaks that can provide shielding from icy storms and hot sun. Having pastures with run-in sheds is also useful as a way to rotate pastures and still provide shelter. Your steel horse riding arena can also be manufactured with open walls to allow ventilation in your riding area while keeping you and your horses out of the weather.
Whether it will be used for storage of animals or equipment, or even as an extended home, this type of building has proven to be very useful.
If you have ever seen a collapsed pole barn after strong winds, it’s most likely due to improper bracing techniques used. Be aware that some builders would include overhangs on the eaves in their quote, but not on the gables.
A simple run-in shed is inexpensive and can make your horses life happier and make your feeding of the horse in bad weather more comfortable. All Ironbuilt indoor riding arenas are completely prefabricated so all the components are pre-welded and pre-punched for an easy bolt together assembly.
In one case recently, a horse was down and the veterinarian was unable to back up to the front of the shed with his trailer because the owners had positioned the opening of the building next to a steep embankment leading to a pond. Most horse people will expect at least that size and may pass on your barn if your stalls are smaller. You can erect the building yourself and save money or use our contractor services department for quality turnkey construction at the most competitive prices. Ironbuilt steel buildings can save you up to 50% off the cost of masonry or wood frame conventional construction.

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