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If you are going to the White House, there are no cameras, purses or virtually anything other than a wallet allowed for White House Tours. The lockers are not very big, about high-school style lockers that would hold a purse or camera bag or a backpack. These lockers are not big enough so that you are not going to get even a small suitcase to fit inside. The newly reopened and remodeled Museum of American History has some beautiful storage lockers right near the entrance of the building. The Smithsonian Museum has become quite upset with us, in the past, for posting information regarding their Storage Lockers because some people want to store their items in the lockers while they are visiting other attractions in Washington DC. These lockers are an amenity provided on a first come, first served basis for visitors of this Museum. Get your 35mm slides, photos, films, 3D Stereo slides and more converted to JPEG images and also get a FREE, full production, DVD slide show and all disks are included in our low pricing. We will scan 10 of your slides or paper photos and create a free DVD demo disk for you so you can see what your whole photo collection will look like when we digitize it for you. Today we proudly present a selection of chic and functional mudrooms with organization that we hope will inspire your own mudroom.
These storage boxes from The Container Store add lots of color and pattern and make organizing a breeze. Keep papers separated in file drawers or file boxes with these hip file folders by Whitney English via Molly’s Paperie in Little Rock.
Storage lockers, like these from Restoration Hardware, placed in an entryway or mudroom are a great way to keep the entire family organized. A stylish, graphic clipboard for each member of the family helps mom keep track of everybody’s school, sports and activity information. Create this look in your home with these adorable clipboards from Dabney Lee at Home available in Little Rock at Molly’s Paperie.
And if your binder is packed full of important information, keep it all in tact with these adorable decorative rubber bands also from the creative peeps at Russel + Hazel.
To not lose track of all those important dates, school parties, ballgames, and more, every mom needs a stylish planner from Dabney Lee at Home.
I hope these tips and products help you and your kids stay organized all year long and add a bit of style to your life too!
Using all the available wall space, we were able to multitask this back hall and maximize the function for the family.
CUSTOM MADE & DESIGN and other trademarks, service marks, and designs are the registered or unregistered trademarks of CustomMade, Inc.
We provide this information as a public service for interested people who may be touring Washington DC and the Smithsonian Museums.
While a traditional entryway and foyer is typically the first place a guest enters the home, a secondary entrance is usually used by an owner or a more casual visitor. With all the demands on your time and all the new gear required for school-bound kids, your home can quickly become cluttered.

Vintage gym locker baskets are another fun way to add a unique element to your decor and keep your kid’s belongings under control. These work great for moms with several children because mom can have one binder, but can organize each child or activity in its own section. Personalized with your initial, these cheerful planners are the perfect size to slip right into your purse so you always have all your kid’s calendars close at hand.
They burst through the door, full of excitement and ready to cast off their drenched clothing and snuggle into something warm. Although there is virtually no way for anyone in the museum to keep track of who is using the lockers and walking out to visit other attractions, we urge visitors and tourists to not abuse the great service that these lockers and the Smithsonian Museums provide. For homes that do not have a front entryway, or one that opens into a carpeted area, a mudroom can be a timesaver. Source: Zillow DigsTM Built in cabinetry, bench, cubby holes, and drawers under the bench. Now is the perfect time to get your home in top shape so that your family stays organized year-round. Unfortunately, just as they discard their rain boots onto your freshly cleaned carpets, your soggy pup comes barging through door after them.
The home office is hardworking with file drawers, upper cabinets and undermount keyboard tray.
Nobody said anything to them.) Take the Metro to the Federal Triangle, Woodrow Wilson Plaza. Please note that these storage lockers are only 25 cents but they are only for Museum patrons. Mudrooms typically have linoleum or tile flooring, which is far easier to clean than carpet, or even wooden floors.
Source: Zillow DigsTM Oak bench divided by white paneled storage with hooks for coats and purses.
Source: Zillow DigsTM All white storage lockers with drawers beneath, arched tops with basket storage, and coat hangers.
Source: Zillow DigsTM White paneling topped with white crown molding and black storage hooks.
Versatile wall organizing systems like the one featured above from Pottery Barn are a great addition to a home office. Now your foyer is covered in muddy paw prints, dirty rain coats and layers of wet garments. The Museum of Natural History and The Museum of American History have storage lockers for only 25 cents but they are only for Museum patrons. So, do not plan on leaving your personal items there if you are not actually visiting the Museum. You have to put a quarter in to get a key out but when you come back and put the key back in, you get your quarter back.
It will probably only take you a couple hours, after your White House Tour, to take public transportation back to your hotel, retrieve your camera and purse and return back to the Mall area.

Mudroom storage options outside of closets are typically restricted to storage lockers, hooks, mudroom benches with shoe storage, but mudrooms may also double as a laundry room, or kitchen countertops and sinks.
Source: Zillow DigsTM Gray tile floor with white storage lockers with coat hangers against one wall. In addition to being extremely practical for anyone with children, pets or a rainy climate, these spaces can also be a great place to organize all of the things you need to grab before heading out the door.
Apparently some people have wanted to store their suitcases there while they did their sight seeing of Washington D.C. If you need to find storage lockers for Washington DC that are not at any of the Smithsonian Museums, you are virtually out of luck. Here are a few helpful hints for putting together your own convenient mudroom.Select Easy-to-Clean Surfaces – A mudroom is supposed to get dirty.
And Washington DC, because of the various restrictions on what you can bring into various tourist attractions, such as the White House, needs more storage lockers so tourists can visit the White House and not have to leave virtually everything, including cameras, in their hotel rooms.
It’s a space for stripping off wet, sweaty or dirty clothing and shoes so you don’t have to drag them through the rest of your home. Source: Zillow DigsTM Beige tile floor leads into wooden kitchen and compliments warm walls.
Thus, your mudroom should have surfaces that can easily be wiped down and won’t be ruined by dirt or dampness. They serve to keep coats more separate than a closet, which can reduce the time it takes to get out of the door in the morning. Concrete, tile or linoleum are the best choices for flooring.See alsoKeeping Your Kitchen Fashionable But Practicalby Cynthia Lynn PhotographyKeep Washable Rugs and Towels Handy – After stepping inside on a stormy day, your first instinct will be to wipe off your muddy shoes and dry your face and hands. Source: Zillow DigsTM Open mudroom with white storage lockers and granite countertop with beige tile backsplash. Make sure you have plenty of towels on hand, and ensure your rugs can be easily washed or hosed off outside. A homeless person thought I was taking a picture of him ( he was in the picture but it was no close-up and I must have been 50 yards away from him and the statue, and ran me down and single and then double cursed me. A small bench can be easily added into the mix here, but for people with many coats, this option can quickly become disorganized.
There are so many vagrants populating this park that it is virually impossible to take ANY picture without having three or more in the picture. Other mudroom furniture can be small chests of drawers, or any other piece that fits well in the space and in your budget. They must have a deal with the police to be able to go here but stay out of Lafayette Square, directly across from the White House.

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