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The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action. Commonly known as America’s most famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright designed many buildings in Michigan. The Dorothy Turkel House is the only known house designed by the famed architect in the city limits of Detroit. I had the pleasure of meeting Norman Silk, one of the current owners of the Turkel House, a few months ago at the home of Kim Tandy at a Transformation Detroit event put on by the Detroit Regional News Hub.
We talked about his home, what it was like to live in a Frank Lloyd Wright abode and all the attention it was receiving.
So, I was quite pleased when I drove by recently to see a wrought iron fence surrounding the property—it allows the beauty of the home to still be viewed from Seven Mile Road. I knew of two other Wright homes in Bloomfield Hills and Silk and I began talking about those.
A local businessman heard of their problems and paid to have the windows measured and installed for $500.
Silk then vaguely told me where the third Wright home was located—north of Long Lake Road on Woodward.
Affleck was a boyhood friend of Wright and after graduating from college asked him to design a home for him. The Turkel, Smith and Affleck houses are all conveniently located along the Woodward Corridor. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. One might consider Plymouth just as much a part of Detroit as Bloomfield Township and Hills. If you're interested in Frank Lloyd Wright you really owe it to yourself to check out the Ken Burns doc.

Thanks for posting on Americaa€™s most famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright!If you are looking to connect with other FLW and Moderne fans check out the Detroit Area Art Deco Society at www.daads.orgDetroit Moxie you RULE!
Sven,There are so many great stories about the houses that I just didn't have room for. The FLW houses that were supposed to be built for $5,000.00 were Prairie style homes, not Usonian. As so often, the origins of West Moors parish stem from a nearby religious house, here the Cistercian nuns who arrived at Stapehill Abbey (about three miles distant) in 1802.
His homes are found all around our state but there are three known Frank Lloyd Wright homes in metro Detroit. It is also the one that receives the most attention as it was recently purchased and painstakingly renovated.
Silk told me that they were currently installing a fence that should help with their privacy. Think about them like Legos—they could be assembled in a variety of ways to make the homes unique.
Much smaller than the Turkel House, it sits beautifully in its wooded surroundings and sculptures are placed throughout the grounds. Wright asked his clients to find property where no one else could build and I’m sure that in 1940 no one imagined the sprawl that has crept in the area. There are also a few Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Plymouth, MI and some talk of part of the interior of Wetmore’s Auto Service Station in Ferndale having been designed by Wright. This is one of those things that I had on my list to do before leaving Detroit and never did. One of them was from when Tom Monaghan owned the Turkel House and had students live in it to take care of it.
The other homes are almost sitting upon the Affleck house and I feel sorry for the close proximity of its neighbors.

A few months back I was able to tour a William Kessler home that sits on a private body of water in Bloomfield Hills.
The neighbors complained and since the area was zoned for single families only they had the students kicked out. I look forward to checking out the FLW homes in Plymouth and throughout the statea€”it just would be way too long for one post. The house was next door to the present St Anthony’s and the land for a church was purchased some years later as the congregation grew and a temporary church was erected in 1928. I've been interested in FLW since collegea€”I went to college in Wisconsina€”and have heard much of his bad side.
More land was acquired, presbytery and hall were built first and the church was opened on 8 December 1976.The altar faces southwest but for the purposes of this section all compass points assume an east-facing altar. Nave and sanctuary under one gabled roof with concrete tiles, and flat-roofed north aisle and western narthex or porch. Large rectangular window openings with tripartite window frames, wide-narrow-wide, with staggered transoms.
Although the side windows run from floor to eaves, the interior is not awash with daylight as the huge volume of the roof and the set back of the north aisle windows are such that the daylight does not penetrate. The sanctuary was refitted in the 1990s, the altar, ambo and tabernacle resting on large blocks of rough hewn stone.
Other furnishings are of the time of the church and are not of particularly artistic importance.
There is a carved wood statue of Christ with arms outstretched on the east wall above the altar.

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