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Listen to western TV theme songs while you read!Warning: this page is part of the Lazy J Ranch, and we don't cotton t' sissies, dudes, cardsharps or bushwhackers.
Premiering in 1962, The Virginian ran for nine consecutive seasons, not as long as Gunsmoke or Bonanza, but long enough to secure strong ratings and a stronger following.
If you tried pushing The Virginian, or tried out-stubborning Steve Hill, or tried playing poker with Trampas, or defied Judge Garth, or did not fall in love with Betsy, then you were just plain foolish. Chuck Connors was a pro baseball and basketball player before "The Rifleman" He played with the Brooklyn Dodgers and The Chicago Cubs, and was one of the original members of The Boston Celtics. A tip of the hat, generally with only two fingers touching the brim, opened every greeting to a female on TV westerns.
With the Sunday event canceled we headed to Franks shop to pic up surf gear for those going for the snow, skate wave three pack. I called Levitt with the snow report, and within minutes, Alan, Jordan, Katie, Graham and Tim joined us. We did get some footage of its maiden powder voyage, check out how low it rides in the snow, it almost seems like the top deck is throwing out a spray too!! I saw an epoxy stirrer like this in a manufactuers shop and wondered why they didn’t clean it.
We probably got about 4-5 inches but all of our tracks from last week were pretty much filled in.
First though was to grab the 151 and head into the back-country to meet Eric and Cole, who already had four laps in.
I think I figured that the total driving time from Sandpoint to the Ralston Cup to be around 18 hours. I guess I forgot to get pictures of all the features but I did get Brian straddling the coping.
I’m sure some people take snowskating comps seriously but most of us were just there to have fun and hang out with other riders. The tables were getting sent by a bunch of people but unfortunately Goblin wasn’t one of them thanks to a bad landing trying to transfer a huge gap between the last set. Chillerdecks donated the slalom prize, its great to have such a ripper owning one of my decks. In prime time, nobody could resist them-largely because there weren't that many choices on television-but there was another reason: they appealed to almost everyone. Cardsharp extraordinaire, with that wry James Garner sense of humor, Maverick was one of the reasons we had a television set. Every Sunday night at 9:00 pm, the NBC network gave us fine entertainment from The Cartwright family. My dad loved westerns, so did my mom and the entire family, but for me, during the 60's, there was no show as great as "The Virginian". The 90 minute time slot permitted this program to serve as basically a western movie every week. For me, Chuck was the western; he was tough, deliberate, unyielding, and usually a good guy. Chuck portrayed Jason McCord in the popular TV western "Branded" about an army officer unjustly drummed out of the army as he was falsely accused of desertion in battle. The ladies were as bountiful as the gents on these shows, and often provided the flip side to the attraction of the program for male viewers. And no, it wasn't because of Linda Evans, it was because of the hot-tempered tough guy Nick Barkley played by actor Peter Breck.
These were the ones that either took place somewhere back east with fancy dudes and almost zero action, or the endlessly tiresome "cave-in" stories.
The nights festivities included the snowskate rock band; T-bagging bandits with Clarke on the keyboards, big John on drums and Pete on the guitar along with a base player and a lead guitarist who skis.
I’m not sure how those things handle in questionable conditions but on that day at Alpental it was absolutely amazing, thanks Jordan!!!! With great events in unique locations with solid prize money it just can’t help but go up. It was a huge weekend with lots of powder and concrete and its going to take a bit of time to go through.
The area that I was most interested in was steep tight terrain and in those spots it handled great. Then after using epoxy I realized it was just a lot easier to let the excess drip off into a cup. It makes me feel productive when I see the almost ready decks but then I think back on how much time it takes and the productivity feeling kinda goes away. I feel like I’ve just about got next years product dialed in and I want to post up all that I will be offering for next season. With the warm temps and rain yesterday, things were looking a bit on the crappy side as far as powder goes. In reality it makes things more complicated as evidence of the boards we would be packing to the hill. What I like watching the most though is the footage of the board, basically from the knees down. It was a pretty heavy load but the goal was to try and ride them all, or at least most of them. We chose a fairly long run to test the boards on with both mellow and steep sections and ending with a lap through the boarder cross course. Throw in some snowmobile shuttles, hiking donner pass, goofing around and you’ve got about twice that. Boxes, rails, tables big and small and lots of hips with a mini quarter right in front of the judges. The slalom was pretty technical and required you to carry a lot of speed otherwise you crawled across the finish line. We’re hoping next year they make a division for old guys so it breaks it up a bit more.

Comps like this are really the only chance many of us get to ride with other snowskaters and its always a blast. Welcome to the Lazy J Ranch where the TV westerns of the 60's had nobility which other types of shows seemed to lack. Marshall Matt Dillon was a great character; 12 feet tall, 500 pounds, and a wicked fast draw made him a formidable lawman. Widower father Ben and his three sons-all as different as night and day-share the work and responibilities of The Ponderosa spread. In its ninth and final season, "The Virginian" switched its title to "Men from Shiloh" and lost its magnificent theme song "Lonesome Tree" by Percy Faith. One of the most interesting female characters for me was the introduction of a rancher's Mexican wife. Each western had to have a cave-in where the main characters were trapped inside a mine, a canyon pass, or a cave.
I’ve seen bluebird, monsoon and blower pow so I know that anything can happen and usually does. It was a table crushing, glass breaking, tooth busting mosh pit with the Port Angeles locals watching in horror. I slept like crap, my first night on the floor, which got me out of bed and to the coffee shop early enough to see that the snow was building up.
Like everything in snowskating its up to the riders to create their own reality and from what I can tell there are plenty willing to share the load. I promise to have it up before I take off on Thursday so I guess that means I better get it done on Wed night. The insert locations and the deck mounting with respect to the tail are the same as is the sweep of the nose and tail.  The goal was to make a sub that would handle just like the 42 but with a larger nose for off piste riding. This deck will be free to demo at Hurricane along with the 42″s so if your up there give it a try and tell me what you think. So expect something in the not to distant future and of course I will be bringing it all to Hurricane with demos to ride so you can always catch it there. But I’m not complaining, its really fun to be able to make skis to match your mid season whims. Eric and I switched decks after each run making sure that we both rode all the options.  It was really informative seeing that each deck was set up a bit differently with respect to truck height and sub dimensions. It wasn’t a race to get there so having as much fun as possible on the way down seemed like a good idea.
I guess the 42″ morning wood did a pretty good job cause I won the slalom and took home a Ralston Snowskate. People are gaping that’s for sure plus what other sport do you get to ride right alongside the best in the industry. The next morning brought blue skies so instead of heading home we headed back to Donner Pass. Its really hard to take in such a great weekend and luckily we have pics and video to remind us how much fun it was.
There were handsome leading men for the ladies and lots of roundups and gunplay for the gents.
It has been reported that this program was one of the pioneers of color television programming simply to promote the idea of buying color television sets. Actor James Drury brought this character to life in a way that I'd never seen a western tough guy ever portrayed. The new theme song was by the now-renowned Ennio Morricone, but was wrong, and very awkward for the show.
The shows title character was Lucas McCain and he was a widower raisin' up his young son Mark.
Actress Linda Cristal lit up the screen as the charmingly sustained Victoria Cannon on "The High Chapparal".
Considering how much I liked this show, it's interesting that I really didn't like most of the characters!
Landing at Starfish headquarters Thur evening to 38 degree temps and a steady downpour didn’t make the next day seem all that promising. The T-bagging bandits play the summit a lot but snowskaters have to keep it under raps so as not to get banned from their home bar, that wasn’t the case in PA. I headed back to Starfish headquarters with an extra coffee in hopes of getting someone to go out hiking with me.
A big thanks goes out to all the Port Angeles crew who put in a ton of work and to everyone who helped us on our trip, it really was a group effort.
You take a bit of the speed off which slows things down just enough to make good turns with out the feeling that your right on the edge. It feels like if I watch close enough I’ll actually be able to understand what is going on, but I never do. The fun started Friday morning when I met up with Graham, Jeff, Pidgeon and a snowmobile trailer. Westerns provided all round entertainment, with guessable plots, last-minute problem resolutions, and fast-paced action. Great characters such as Doc, Miss Kitty, and the loveably haggard Festus, were unforgettable.
The Cartwrights did enjoy the honor of being television's foremost western family, and the program managed fourteen seasons accompanied by very high ratings.
Most notable is the fact that it was the first western to feature a widowed father raising a son. But waking up and seeing 4″ on the tops of cars meant things were heading in the right direction. The weather for Hurricane Ridge is forecast to snow 4-7 on Fri which is a pretty good start. This is not intended to be a powder skate but instead a snowskate that can handle powder, and most importantly steep terrain.

We headed up to Bogus Basin to see if we couldn’t get a few laps in before the big drive to Truckee.
We opted instead to hike some new terrain so he decided to come along and maybe just take some pictures.
Towards the mid to later 60's, westerns began taking on tougher issues-social issues-with a few grown up themes.
I watched gunsmoke through the "Chester" years, and admired the characters played by Buck Taylor, Burt Reynolds and Dennis Weaver, but there was no character as wonderful as Festus Hagen.
If I were to take a guess, I'd say that Hoss was probably my favorite character on the show. With The Virginian, there were some interesting story lines, with an emphasis on characters (one episode even featured a cowhand with schizophrenia that murdered by night!) The extra minutes permitted the writers to flesh out a better story each week. He threw whiskey bottles at bad guys to get their attention; he yelled at judges in the courtroom and braced bullies in the streets or saloons with the ferocity of a half-starved Rotweiller . Victoria, the daughter of Don Sebastian Montoya, a fellow big-time cattleman, brought her brother Manolito with her to the ranch. Somehow we ended up getting to the chair before they started running and the day at Alpental was amazing, deep untracked snow from top to bottom.
It was suppose to be a two day event but with the forcast of 80 mph winds for sunday they decided to cram the whole thing into one day, which worked great. Most skiers and snowboarders never go up there cause its a little bit of a hike but the groomers pass through and its always buffed. I haven’t taken out the soft flex yet, this Saturday for sure, but I kinda have an idea of how it will handle, kinda.
We rode it today and it was a blast, unfortunately I have to send it to BARONTiERi cause it was his idea and cause he made a sweet Snowflake logo for me as well as all the work on the website and the ColorFool designs.
If you check out the Banff film festival this year you’ll see a segment of this board being ridden by the maker. The cowboy was the heart and soul of our nation; the epitome of the last man standing with honor, courage, and rugged good looks to spare. The grizzled old side-talkin' deputy was a show stealer, and offered a ton of comic relief, but was still considered someone to take seriously once he drew his pistol. The Virginian was the toughest, strongest, most fair, and most noble TV cowboy I can remember ever.
Lucas McCain carried the Winchester '73, his rifle of choice, and solved many of the show's problems with it. The ranch was run by John Cannon and his brother Buck, who, was barely one step ahead of the law, in his ways of getting things done. Heath being the underdog gave him some decent story action, and it was the stories that were really well-told and held my attention.
The first run alone made it worth the price of the ticket and all the others were just icing on the cake.
I got to do my very first board toss to the crowd, something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. Last Saturday was my first test ride and that was just on groomers which it handled great, especially steep stuff.
Jake was amazing with his taped open shinner and it was obvious that he rides on a much higher level then the rest. Gunsmoke also had the tension of an unresolved romance between Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty.
Buck was played by the great Cameron Mitchell who brought a new kind of badness to the big screen. Definitely a perk with this little obsession, you get to ride something you have speculated on.
He won the whole damm thing, slalom and slopestyle, I’m not even sure who placed below him.
To compare the amount of westerns produced for television as opposed to war dramas, or love stories, would make a very lengthy list. The first one shows before the press and the second pic is after the top deck and sub have been cut to shape. So, with that said, slap on some fancy smellum, get ready for a Saturday night in town, and let's move the herd toward those wonderful TV westerns! Adam, Paul, Tim, Graham and E2 filled out the van roster for the trip and there were three other car loads in the line up.
I’m having a hard time describing it since it falls in between a snowskate sub and a powder sub. After three great laps apiece we dropped off the snowmobile trailer and Pidgeon, who couldn’t make the trip, and headed for Truckee to spend the night. Saturday morning gave us around 6 inches of fresh snow and with the help of our good friend Brad Krommenhock we got some shuttles in on Donner Pass before heading to south lake and the Bonser Pipeline. We fashioned some homemade squeegees from cardboard and plastic bags and began the clean up. We got to Bonser‘s just before dark and just as Jommy landed a kickflip over the keg gap. The session was great except for the little kid whose board found its way to Dane and resulted in a wrist wrenching slam for him, SUCKED!!
Scott Chapelle had rigged up a tree stand about 30 ft up in the air from which you could get a birds eye view of the party and quarter pipe.
We reached Hurricane before the rope tow started and hiked for the road shot off the back side.

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