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David East takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a simple website using Designmodo’s Flat UI Pro framework.
In this video tutorial, you will learn to create a simple, single-page responsive website using components from Flat UI Pro. East takes you through the process of using the kit and customization to create a website from start to finish, from creating simple navigation to adding specific fonts, colors and images. While you do need some knowledge of coding and web design basics, this tutorial is easy to follow and can have you on the way to building a great website in a matter of minutes!
What you will learn in this tutorial: How to create a single-page website using Flat U Pro. Now that you have the tools to create a single page website, David East helps you add animation to the site using tools from Designmodo’s Flat UI Pro kit. East first shows you how to code simple text animations in CSS3 for an already-built website and explains how to write the animation code so that it views properly on different devices. East then takes you through how to create a simple hover animation effect in a matter of minutes, showing you how to stretch, spin or shake an element. The animation technique used by East in this video is simple and looks professional, making it a tool that will work for a variety of projects. While you do need some knowledge of coding and web design basics, this tutorial is easy to follow, making the addition of animation to a website easier than you might think. I just purchased the Flat Pro Bundle and was having some problems getting started with the HTML. Your pacing was great, your cuts very professional, I look forward to Part 2 with the animations. If I want to create a responsive website (mobile first) would it be better to use Bootstrap or Foundation? I would love to put a tangible demo out there, but then I’d be giving away Flat UI Pro for free.
Based on your research and what you've seen and experienced in the classroom, what are the five best practices teachers can do to help their students become better learners? Though the question asks for five best practices, I've also given readers the option to share just one or two suggestions. In addition to publishing three posts responding to the question, you can listen to a nine-minute BAM! Along with contributions by Diana and Jeff in Part One, Ted Appel and special guest John Hattie shared their thoughts.
Today's post features contributions from Roxanna Elden, Barnett Berry and Pedro Noguera, along with comments from readers. As Larry and several other contributors to this topic have pointed out, the concept of "best practices" can be problematic.
My list is definitively not inclusive - as there are large number of best practices that teachers must employ to help their students become better learners. First of all, teachers need to be well prepared to help their students learn "metacognition" -- or how to understand the way they are processing information. Second, teachers need to be strategic in building relationships with the many students they teach.
Third, teachers need to know how to analyze student knowledge and skills in relation to established standards -- like the Common Core -- and communicate clearly to those who they teach what kind of progress is being made or not.
Fourth, teachers need to communicate the extent of a student's progress to his or her parents as well. Finally, deep learning by students does not emerge solely as a result of what one teacher does in one classroom with his or her students.
I think we should be much more focused on motivating students to learn than with raising achievement. 1) How do I make this lesson, skill, concept relevant to my students by tapping into something they are interested in or familiar with already? Please feel free to leave a comment your reactions to the topic or directly to anything that has been said in this post.  I'll be publishing comments from readers in a few days. Anyone whose question is selected for weekly column can choose one free book from a number of education publishers. The opinions expressed in Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo are strictly those of the author(s) and do not reflect the opinions or endorsement of Editorial Projects in Education, or any of its publications.

April Kassman, an English-Language Arts teacher at the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering (AITE), assigned an intriguing assignment during the first quarter for her Creative Writing students to take part in. When asked about their  thoughts on this assignment, Sarah Paley, a junior at AITE said, “After we read the book Letters from a Nut, I thought that it was hilarious and I really wanted to do something like it. Asia James, a senior at AITE who had received a response back from the company that she had written to had this to say “When I found out that my letter was chosen to be sent out, I was very happy because I worked hard on it but I never thought it would be chosen to be mailed out. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. You can either make a comment at the bottom of one of the pages or add something to the What R U Reading? As an added bonus, this kit works with the Twitter Bootstrap framework, making it fully responsive.
The video is designed to help small business owners create a company website, but the tools showcased can be used to create a variety of different types of websites. This video is best viewed after the tutorial How to Make a Single Page Responsive Website with Flat UI Pro.
I think I was more focused on highlighting the data- attribute and I didn’t see the obvious native solution. It’s really a matter of preference, both are totally amazing and totally free UI frameworks. Both Bootstrap 3 and Foundation 4 are mobile first UI frameworks and will do the job just fine. However, Sublime Text has some extremely powerful features that I have not seen in any other editor. It really helps for me to debug and to study your code as I go along and build my own page too.
In this EdWeek blog, an experiment in knowledge-gathering, he will address readers' questions on classroom management, ELL instruction, lesson planning, and other issues facing teachers. Radio podcast where I interview two educators, Diana Laufenberg and Jeff Charbonneau, whose written responses appeared in Part One. Her book, See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers, is widely used as a tool for teacher training and retention. Your classroom layout can work in your favor if you think about what you'd like students to grab as they walk in, what you'd like them to see when their eyes wander toward the clock, or how they can access your classroom library without bumping into one another. If you don't want second graders pushing in line, the procedure should be, walk with your arms folded.
Through scaffolding and reciprocal teaching, students are able to practice the skills that lead to these overt acts becoming automatic. Powerful learning requires more than good content that teachers make accessible for students. We know that productive communications rest on teacher knowledge of language and culture of their students and the community context in which they live. Noguera is  Professor of Education at New York University and Executive Director of the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education. I'll be highlighting one particular publisher every two months, and it's Routledge's turn now. And,if you missed any of the highlights from the first two years of blog, you can see a categorized list of them here. You won't see posts from school year in those compilations, but you can review those new ones by clicking in the monthly archives link on blog's sidebar. I think my favorite part of the whole activity was trying to pick which company I wanted to write a letter to.
Nancy, which is the book that April Kassman had used to get the students started on the assignment, explores several different business letters that Ted L. I believe that knowing how to write business letters is a skill that students should develop before they graduate from high school. Therefore, you will need to do some research so you can have an informed viewpoint to evaluate the song's accuracy, impact, and relevance. The tutorial will help you build the site, fix any issues that pop up between screen sizes and publish. I’m reading that using Javascript is not the best approach, that a pure CSS approach is better. I’m thinking that as I drop components from the UI kit into place that at least I can see the basics of the code and have a visual way to dissect it all.

However, considering this is about web design without making it more tangible on the web is a little baffling. That way I’m not going back and forth between the paused video and my editor too much! Roxanna also speaks at events around the country, providing training and support for teachers and sharing a teacher's eye view on a variety of education issues. Hence, the temptation to stay up until we have that perfect lesson plan or final graded essay. You can also use this principal to deal with issues like participation: Have the whole class stand up, then let students sit down as they answer. If you don't want high school students using cell phones, your rule should be, keep phones silent and out of sight at all times. It requires relationships of trust between teachers and students so the latter will take the risks necessary to stretch themselves, make mistakes, and learn to apply knowledge and create their own. Kassman believes that involving skills needed in the real world within the classroom environment is a great teaching method. Sometimes, though, we forget that taking care of ourselves is an important part of the job.
Students were assigned to write humorous business letters to companies regarding their products, some of which were actually sent out to the companies with the approval of the principal, Paul L.
I have not received a  letter back in response to mine but I certainly hope I do soon or I might just have to write to them again”.
Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian who had written the introduction to Letters from a Nut says “if you should find yourself in possession of this book, one of the great joys of it is definitely reading the letters out loud.
To learn in a fun environment that offers the possibility of real world connections is an advantageous way to learn”, says April Kassman, the English Teacher pioneering this project.
Lack of sleep combined with energy drinks and fear of failure is not a recipe for good teaching. A well-rested teacher is better equipped to make in-the-moment decisions and has the emotional reserves to show compassion when kids need it. Even when you snag a system that could work for you, you have to adapt it to your teaching style and your needs. In other words, when you link to another website from your own, you are passing on some of your a€?page rank juicea€? or credibility to the website you are linking to.Why is this important? Here is how it looks like: Pros and Cons of Nofollow and Dofollow TagsYou might be thinking why would anyone allow their hard earned page rank to flow out of their website into another one that they dona€™t own?
Because a€?commentersa€? know that they can benefit from your bloga€™s page rank, they leave keyword rich comments that they think can benefit the website they link to.A  So instead of commenting to add value to the discussion, many simply comment to spread their digital footprint and benefit from the a€?page rank juice flowa€?. I will show you how I do this below.So why then would I deliberately convert from nofollow to dofollow on my blog?A  Not long ago Andrew left a comment on my blog. Well, whether or not cool is irrelevant, one should do what they need to do to meet their objectives.
To make most of your time spent on my blog, leave a comment after reading any given post and gain a dofollow link back to your website or blog.Please dona€™t spam me or I will block you forever and hunt you down with my baseball bat. This is how I do it on other blogs for example: These are comments I made in response to a guest post I had written on ProBlogger. This happens to me quite a bit because my keyword involves the word a€?moneya€?, which is often used by spammers.A  Other keywords that are highly suspect are a€?freea€? a€?sexa€? a€?viagraa€? a€?get laida€? . If you go down this path make sure you have a contact form that works and is not also protected by Akismet!
I am going through a design change and the developer has run into some glitches with the css.
I had been contemplating making my blog comments do follow but I wanted to find out the reason why everybody made them no follow first.

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