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Over the past year, I’ve detailed our adventures building a tiny 350 square foot house, from sinking the first post in the ground, to siding and framing, to insulating, and finally moving in! We kept detailed records of the cost of materials as we were building, and I’d love to share that information with you today. Beth is a skilled natural builder who used a combination of her own labor, volunteer labor, and hired labor to build her 120 square foot house on wheels. Beth’s house was built with a combination of reclaimed lumber for the framing, subfloors, and trim, and locally milled wood to frame her porch and sleeping loft. Other reclaimed materials include cabinets, all windows except one, floor tile, sink, formica countertop, tongue and groove subfloor and loft floor, trim wood, shelving in closets, and a trailer chassie.  She purchased a new table and chairs and those costs are reflected here as well. My husband Brian has years of building experience, and did most of the labor on our 348 square foot house.  We gladly accepted volunteer labor when it was offered, but did not track the hours, as much of our building was done in between planting trees, growing a garden, and chasing after two kids!
Our house’s interior is still unfinished, but we have included our estimate of the materials we need to purchase (sheetrock, plaster, low VOC floor sealant for the living room and kitchen). Unlike Beth, we did not account for items like a table and chairs, sink, counter top material, or a wood stove because we already owned those items. We did hire our neighbor Beth for several days’ work, as well as another carpenter friend for one afternoon. It depends on exactly what you are including when you declare your sticker price.  I have seen advertisements online for plans to build a tiny house with new materials, for $2,000. Interested in learning more our tiny house, and how we created an off-grid homestead on raw land (and did it without debt and with two small children)?
Our monthly newsletter is packed with log home inspiration ideas plus new product updates and specials. The above question is asked by most people before any discussion ensues about log homes in general. I’m also very fortunate to have a neighbor who also built her own tiny house, and she has generously shared her records with me as well, as comparison.
We used locally milled wood for the framing, but purchased reclaimed 100 year old barn wood for the exterior siding. Beth, who spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on insulation, literally heats her house with small sticks of wood that she gets for free at the local sawmill, or cuts by hand from the forest around her house.
My mom is planning to move out here when she retires and we’ve talked about building her a small house on our property. The above question cannot be answered unless many questions are asked of the prospective home buyer.

The windows and doors were a combination of reclaimed from the Habitat ReStore, and bargains from a materials overstock warehouse.
This 95-page downloadable eBook is packed with inspiration, practical advice, and encouragement for going off-grid.
My husband also has a lot of building experience so this shows just how cost effective it might be for him to build her a tiny house.
However, we did live in a 600 square foot cottage with four kids before we moved to the country. As an example, the above question is similar to one asked, “How much does a car cost?”A basic consideration of home cost is what part of the United States are you planning to build.
Do you insist on top-of-the-line cabinets and appliances for your designer kitchen, or will mid-range ones do?
Costs may be higher in California than in Arkansas due to the fact that living costs may be higher in California than in Arkansas. In some states, there will be greater requirements of the builder and more approvals from various state and local agencies before a permit can be granted to build the home. Some states do not have building codes or stiff building code requirements or in terms of engineering and contractor licensing and thus costs will be lower.
Building materials can also be higher in some states and in some areas of individual states than in another location. Is the lot easy to access, relatively flat and easy to dig, or is it rocky, heavily wooded and uneven? Will it be a precut package, a custom hand-crafter log home or random length logs from a local sawmill.
The price of these various components can vary greatly and thus it is a major variable in the cost of building a log home.2) Do you intend to ship logs in from another part of the country so that you can get the home and the home plan that you desire. Shipping can result in extra costs, but should not be prohibitive when one considers the total cost of the home.3) Do you plan to have a full basement, maybe completely finished, or are you going to build on a slab or crawl space. There can be a great difference in these various forms of construction.4) People must remember that the logs are just a small portion of the costs that will be entailed when building a log home. The type of roofing that is to be used such as exposed beam, conventional 2x rafters, or a truss roof can affect the cost of the home.
Do you plan to use a specialty metal roof or use regular asphalt shingles?5) The insides of the log home can run up the cost of the finished home.
For instance, a stone fire-place, with hardwood floors, custom cabinets, top of the line bathroom and kitchen fixtures, specialty lighting and electrical components, and interior wall finishing.

We trust that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our level of expertise and also our care for you as a highly valued customer. Most people have the misguided belief that once the house is shelled in, they are near completion. There is a lot of labor and materials that will go into the interior of the home before it is finished. It is at this stage that many people opt for the better cabinets, lighting fixtures, carpet, etc.
We will contact you as soon as possible.Chat to us obligation free!TRADE GUYSWhether its a renovation or repairs and maintenance, our plumbers, electricians and builders are here to assist! One a budget is determined, stick to it or you will get intos a lot of trouble with the funds you have allocated to the project.6) To get an idea if you can afford a log home, you need to check building costs in the area in which you plan to build. In the end, you will have to bring a completed blueprint to a builder and tell him exactly what you want for flooring, cabinets, roofing, etc. He will also have to look at your lot to see if it will require more or less work than normal to put in a foundation, septic system, driveway, etc. As a last reminder, if the building costs are in the $125 per square foot range, that does not mean that you can the put in a deluxe bathroom, teak floors, imported crystal lighting fixtures, etc. For instance, one package may sell for $30,000 and another of $60,000, but the less expensive package may well have fewer materials furnished.
Thus you have a range of $90,000 to 180,000 for a completed home which are both the same size. Components that go into a log home (or any home for that matter) can vary greatly in price from the low end to the high end. Which end of the building spectrum that you plan to build will make a big difference in the final cost of the home.8) To use a multiplier against the cost of the log package is like getting the price of an automobile by using a factor against the weight of the vehicle. The final, only reliable way to get a finished cost of your log home is have a builder(s) go over your prints after you have them exactly what you want in the house as to materials and components.9) Finally always have a buffer in your budget of 5 to 10% to cover price increases or unforeseen expenses. They cannot get a loan to cover such a project so they eventually went to a factory built convention home because it was “less expensive.” If they had gone to a more realistic floor plan with fewer “bells and whistles”, then they could have had a log home that would have fit their budget. What happens is that some people put in too many costly features that runs up the price of the home.

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how much does it cost to build a 100 page website

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