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You want to build this dream house that packs in everything, from a basement car park and a separate family room to terrace garden with a Jacuzzi and steam bath.
Oversized garage plans by behm design, Oversized garage plans by behm design include a large collection of garage plans designed with extra space for storage, hobbies, shop use,home business activities.. Suv garage plans by behm design - sport utility vehicle, Suv garage plans feature higher than standard ceilings and larger garage doors to accommodate the larger sport utility vehicles. I have an opposite opinion of spray foam- I had it in my last shop- around 1-2" of it- and that thing was an oven.
The 'P-Model' is an aesthetic extension of the original dome shaped Quonset's, with vertical sides and a peaked roof.
When comparing prices for either type of steel garage compared to a traditionally constructed wooden garage the real saving is in the construction labor cost.
The cost for building a 30x40 prefabricated steel garage depends in part on the design of the building and the extras that are involved. In contrast, hiring a contractor to build a traditional (stick built) wooden 30x40 garage can cost from $35 to $45 per square foot, for a total cost of $42,000 to $54,000.
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You can erect what is an essentially pre-fab metal building for considerably less than the $25,000 tinynot spent. I've known people that have recently put up what served as a barn for 3 grand all the way up to someone who put in a livestock palace for a couple hundred thousand. We recently had a 30' x 40' x 12' pole barn built, with one roll up door, one entry door, four windows, one 12 foot by 40 foot overhang, scissor trusses, and a 16 foot area with extra high ceiling framing, and a cement floor. Having livestock cattle in a fully enclosed , non insulated .non ventilated, building is an unhealthy disaster. We recently had a 30' x 40' x 12' pole barn built, with one roll up door, one entry door, four windows, one 12 foot by 40 foot overhang, scissor trusses, and a 16 foot area with extra high ceiling framing, and a cement floor. Unfortunately you have to fit all this into a 30x40 site without making it appear like a vertical expanse of space. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. Started moving some stuff into new building, nothing of great value just stuff that I wasn't too concerned about losing in the event it walked off like; empty boxes, some ladders, junk that takes up space mostly.

When the contractor quoted this job, he did not specify what opener he was using but to my surprise he installed a Liftmaster model 8500 which seems to be much advanced to my other 10yr old door opener we have on our house. Typically, a Quonset garage doesn’t require a complete concrete foundation slab, as the walls can be set on narrow concrete footings instead, such is it’s stability. Steel garages come in ‘Kit Form’ and are designed to be built by even novice Do-It-Yourselfers with only a hand full of basic tools. I call mine a shop, it is a 40x60 with 14 ft ceiling steel building and has a garage door, entry door and concrete floor, nothing fancy.
It'll cost considerably less in one state than another, shoot, it can vary widely within a state. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. A typical straight-wall (gable) style garage (see pic to right) with a peaked roof is one of the two main options, a 'P-Model' (with the P standing for peaked) Quonset Hut Garage (see pic to the left) being the other. A 30x40 steel prefab garage can easily be self-built resulting in a saving of as much as $20,000! The cost of labor may also be a factor, though in many cases you can eliminate labor costs by handing construction with a crew of friends and some basic lifting equipment. Accessories and delivery will add another $3000 to this cost for a total estimate of $13,800. Accessories and delivery are an additional $2,500, bringing the total estimated cost to roughly $11,500. Parking one of my trucks inside now too Had a neighbor come over with his kubota tractor and spread the dirt pile that was left by the cement crew. If a foundation is needed for a prefabricated steel garage, its cost will add another $4 to $8 per square foot. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. Today me and my grand daughter raked it by hand and picked up cement chunks and 2 big garbage cans full of grass roots.
It's all wood - 6x6 posts in cement, with pre-fabricated siding material that we have to paint. For, the residence that he designed on a 30x40 site has a double basement car park, three bedrooms, a formal living area and family room, with dining area overlooking a charming green patch while the terrace accommodates not just a picturesque garden but an accompanying steam bath and Jacuzzi.

By raising the basement level by another three feet, Rathi accommodates his first set of rooms, the home theatre room leading from the car park which incidentally has plenty of sunlight and greenery seeping in through the five feet that remains above ground level. We also got a good deal on the posts and lumber by buying it all at once and combining with neighbors to get an entire truckload from Tennessee. Leading from the home theatre area as well as from the road level is the lobby with a neatly tucked away utility room and a formal living space. We built the entire barn ourselves with very little outside help and the only heavy equipment we used was a rented man lift to put the siding on the upper level. Perched a few steps above the formal living area is the dining and kitchen, opening on to a small green patch to lend freshness to the interiors. We hired some locals with a bobcat to spread around 3 truckloads of gravel on the inside and around the outside edge.
A powder room and a closet too feature to address convenience.The stairway that leads the interiors to different levels incorporates a sky light, bringing in plenty of natural light and ventilation inside.
But I would say the 20,000 price is probably very close to what we spent on materials alone.
Interestingly, not only have multiple rooms been fitted into a small site, the transition between spaces has been managed in a manner where they flow freely into each other. To further accentuate the feel of space, the interiors are painted predominantly white with the colours brought in as accents in the form of soft furnishings and artefacts,” says Rathi. This was two decades ago when the availability of materials and technology was not the same as it is today.
I was then faced with the challenge of accommodating all that was promised within the smaller site without it appearing as a vertical expansion,” says Rathi with a smile. And accommodate he certainly did, the residence still standing tall not in the vertical sense but in design.

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