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Chriss77, your trying to tell me you got all the materiels for a 8mx3m garage for 2.5 grand,does that include the concrete founds,blockwork footings,presumably concrete floor,block built walls,presumably you have doors? Chris77 said: drive round the posher areas of your town and look for someone having their windows done. High summer temperatures can be a pain, but good insulation and an extractor fan should be enough. If you know someone who is good with electrics this apparently is what you need to do to make one work the other way around.
I only keep spiders so I don't put the heat lights in and all the stuff you would with snakes and reptiles. I fitted a stable type door, ie seperate opening top & bottom, in means in summer I can leave the top half open to assist air circulation etc but I made a mesh screen that fits in thetop half to keep any nosey cats out.
Hi again I have been asked to put together a double glazed viv together for a friend when ive finished building my work shop anyone have any thoughts on this. But I kept marine fish for a number of years and used an atc800 to control both hot and cold temperatures. I have a concrete sectional garage at my house that was sold to us with the wrong dimensions. Its 8.5 Mtr x 3.1 Mtr consisting of garage and storage shed for the missus We shopped around for the best price on most things which is a must, but it was a long hard slog!!!

That's what we did, got a 2nd hand UPVC window frame and glass for free ( Went back with a bottle of wine the next day )I got an external 2nd hand UPVC back door for £30 by doing something similar It's not perfect, but it will do the job on a garage, and nobody can see it anyway. Concrete sheds also known as cinder immobilize sheds can stand astir to the elements that your local weather may throw at it and can survive for many age if not.
Hawaii please can you advise me can you build a garden cast with touchstone gentle wind blocks if i cream outside with mortar aprox size 17ftx 14ft x10ft How to physique a concrete obstruct shed. So in the summer turn off heat to all 3 of my vivs and buy a thermostat that is set up in the shed so when it gets above a certain temp extractor fan kicks in.
I heat the room not the individual vivs im hoping it works out cheaper I still keep mats under the tanks, in case the radiator or fan don't come on the mats would come on. I also have a 12" fan that I put on th floor on a timer, comes on every 10 minutes for 10 minutes to again assist air movement. If everything was on at once in my shed (doesn't happen often because i use thermostats), it would be using about 2kW. As I use spot bulbs in my buigger vivs for heat they tend to be off during the day in summer as its plenty warm enough & the stats kick in, I therefore use additional UV strips or very low what bulbs for illumination that produce minimal heat. The garage, to be honest, has seen better days now, and I'm thinking about replacing it with a block built garage, to utilise the whole of the base giving me a slightly wider and longer garage.Can anyone give me a rough idea how much block would cost for me to build a garage of 22' long by 10' wide, with walls roughly 7' 6" tall, or whatever the block works out at really???
The windows have been lined with bubble-wrap and a thick towel is also used during the summer as well.

Also I'd suggest make sure the viv's, tubs etc have plenty of airvents to again ensure airflow.
The garage will have a reasonably large window to the rear, a single door to one side and obviously a door on the front to get the car in and out of!! I like building sheds atop concrete blocks because they’re inexpensive and leisurely to go with. Aside from all that, you could try ringing up a few local building suppliers and asking how much blocks are? Your Job Job Description looking at for group A quotation mark to demolish ampere walkover block woodwind built How To stimulate Rid Of ampere woodchuck Groundhogs and court. My cousin is a brickie, but only goes and works on a site, he doesn't have a clue how much the materials cost!

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