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You can read the full review of the device here, or check out some photos of the best features in the gallery below.
But the best camera mode is called Live HDR, which lets you preview your HDR photos before you shoot them. The back cover comes off so you can replace the battery, switch the SIM card, or add up to 128 GB of more storage with a microSD card. There’s a handy control panel that lets you switch on different features like Bluetooth and airplane mode. The Galaxy S5 comes with S Health, a fitness tracking app that measures your steps, calorie intake, etc. The Galaxy S5 reads your pulse when you place the tip of your finger on a sensor next to the camera flash. Ultra Power Saving Mode will give you several more hours of battery life, even if your battery is as low as 5%. The fingerprint sensor requires you to swipe your finger over the button in order to unlock the phone without a passcode. Step TwoNow you need to unscrew the rest of the screws on the base of the device a€“ if you can see a screw, unscrew it. Removing the keyboard is next, and if you've never done this before a€“ can be quite tricky. Once youa€™ve done this, try to leverage the keyboard very slightly with your finger so that the keyboard just about rises above the clip.
Well-built (or simply more expensive) laptops will also have screws on the base that go directly into the keyboard, to give a more solid feel.
Step ThreeOnce unclipped, you need to detach the keyboard from the base a€“ ita€™s connected using a strip connector that slides inside a plastic clamp. Last week when we talked about undoing the mess and putting things away, one topic we discussed in the comments was how hard it is to put things away when your home has little to no storage space.
It’s not only a problem with apartments, many houses lack good closets, and everything ends up out in the open. When most people think about adding storage, they often think of containers like baskets, boxes, and jars, but you still need a place for the containers to go. I got ours used from a local grocer and it held hundreds of pounds of food, so it’s strong.
When we moved into this 90 year old home, we bought several trunks from the previous owner–you know, the kind people used instead of suitcases way back when? Not only are they beautiful, but we can throw loads of stuff in, shut the lid, and all looks perfectly tidy! Rather than putting everything in the attic, I packed our xmas decorations in my grandmother’s trunk.
Wonderful post – I love gutter bookshelves, I really really need to find some wall space!!! My husband and I (along with our 3 dogs) live in an RV – a 33 foot travel trailer that gives us just under 350 square feet of living space.
My new trick to hide the papers on my desk so it looks clean(since there is always a bill or receipt or two sitting around, or photos I want to scan) is to slide them all into the scanner part of the printer! He is a lovely one, who will freely admit that his method of tidying equals unorganised (after I pointed this out to him, admittedly). So in my limited experience, all I did was ask my lovely husband to stop piling and he did. I have noticed that with most of our closets there is only one shelf when there really could be two.
Our basement has a small, round, stand-alone shower that’s really out of place in that big open room.
Redoing closets has been one of the number one things we have done in our 1400 sq ft house to make more space – rearranging hanging bars and adding built in shelving.
We definitely make use of underneath our bed, which hides our blow up matress and extra bedding (we host a lot of guests), gift wrapping supplies, my wedding gown, out of season shoes and our dog’s giant bed during the day.
I read so many organizing blogs and articles (including this site!) I knew where everything was going to go even before we moved! So glad you mentioned expanding the dining table, because we have one too now and it has made all the difference in helping us have friends over for dinner. I did want to mention tho, that no longer does one need to stand the bed on cinder blocks, there is such a thing usually available at stores that sell beds, that are called bed risers. I’ve seen those bed risers before-good to know they are safe because I wondered if they would be sturdy. Honestly, though, the best thing we’ve done to make the best use of our limited storage space? When we bought our new home there were several things missing; a linen closet and enough shelves to put things away in closets. We also have wall-to-wall IKEA Bonde units in the living room which have been re-arranged so often – big square doors, baskets, little drawers. I know IKEA has a reputation for mass-market blah-ness but for price, practicality and durability, they can’t be beaten (in Scotland, at least). Posted by Allison Murray on November 4, 2015 · Leave a Comment Do you love this post? So it totally went down like this… Rob and I looked very hard for a 4 bedroom house for us to live in because we really need all of those rooms. We placed those in Rob’s studio and I use the one on the right and he gets to store his paints in the one on the left. It was a total pain in the neck to do this and I did it all by myself because I got a wild hair to get it done while Rob was getting dressed for work. Now the cubes below mostly made the holes my dad and I made in strategic places of the desktop unusable BUT there was a sliver of each that was free.
Everything back in it’s place, the monitor my printer, computer and light box and this actually looks like a decent and organized place to work!

And let’s have a quick look at all of that luscious storage space, no visible cords and things tucked neatly (or not so neatly how can you tell?) away. If you’re wanting to learn a bit more about the tabletop and the creation of my old office desk you can check out my 2013 office makeover back in my old house here. My office here is still totally vanilla and it needs some decor and this time, unlike with my last office, I really am going to fancy this beauty up.
This blog is FOR PROFIT and accepts sponsorships, advertising, sponsored posts, and giveaway donation. I would always worry if you put something older up top that it would drip on the one below, nobody seems to do trays or anything for these things so you would have to stretch a tarp across or something. Jaxx, if you look at the costco link and then More Views, it looks like there is a silver insert between the black rails that would keep drips off the lower car. Shawn { just my two cents, never owned a B&S but I do own a Craftsman mower with a Honda engine.
It turns your screen grayscale and only lets you access basic functions like phone calls and texts.
You can get speeds 10 times or greater than normal this way, but it uses up your data plan. That means you can use the Galaxy S5 as a universal remote for your TV thanks to a special app that comes with the device.
Using your screwdriver, unscrew the two screws holding the panel on the bottom of the notebook in place a€“ this should uncover your system memory. Don't worry about remembering which came from where a€“ all the screws we are unscrewing are the same size, thread, shape and colour.
If you look above the Pause Key, F6 key and just to the left of the F1 key, you'll see three rather small spring-loaded clips. The Eee PC doesn't, which is why it can sometimes feel like ita€™s rattling around a little. To unclamp it, you will see a tab on either side that just needs pushing out slightly a€“ the connector should then pull out easily.
Our family lives in a small bungalow built in the 30’s which seems sooo charming until you try to store things (and we are minimalists by most standards!).
When every surface is covered with a pile, the floor seems to be a perfectly acceptable place for more piles.
Since I had lost my spare craft room, we made a library along one wall (3 Billy bookcases) and used white Ikea boxes to sort all my craft supplies.
The biggest thing that works for me is, de-cluttering stuff not needed and keeping only enough on what we need sure helps. I do not usually put anything under the bed as my kids likes to pull it out but it is a great possibility! I love our house, but it does not have a lot of storage space, so I keep getting creating on what and where I can put things.
We created a linen closet in our master closet by hanging put together cabinets we bought at Lowes and mounting them to the one wall we didn’t use often enough. Recently my dad found out the school district he works for was demolishing their chemistry labs (new school, eliminating portable buildings). When we found this house I was pretty sure it was perfect and I was pretty sure I wanted the corner bedroom with the three small front windows and one large side window. This left me with no room to store anything in my office space because the closet is tiny and we’ve got lots of paintings in it right now. All cords got shoved through while the top was pushed back enough to make them free and open. There are two power strips that everything plugs in to and my cords are all together and out of sight.
I have access to an endless supply of amazing art and I’ve decided that color makes me happy.
Please limit yourself to use of 1 or 2 images including a link that leads directly to the post you borrowed them from. Also back the Deuce in and there will probably be enough room in front of the windshield to clear the door. Having lived in a few houses that offered little to no bathroom storage, I know how hard it can be. A piece such as this billy cabinet found on IHeart Organizing, takes up little floor space while making the most of your vertical space. Hooks take up less wall space allowing you to hang up more towels or use the extra space for one of the ideas above. There should be a total of six on the base, and another two for the access panel that was unscrewed in step one. The pressure you are keeping on leveraging the keyboard should pop it up over the second clip too. The same technique as described above is used for replacing keyboards on most laptops, so now you know.
Like Zoanna mentioned, a lot of storage containers can make any house look cluttered, even when stuff is stored neatly in them.
The college dorm trick is to raise your bed on cinderblocks and add an extra-long bed skirt. Whether it’s a decorative hook, a plain nail in the wall, or a peg rail, hanging stuff on the wall helps. When we bought it, the house only had one non-bedroom closet, no pantry and no laundry room. All the kids clothes go in the dresser, which lets me use their bedroom closet for general household storage.
We have a hanging pot rack in our kitchen too, it’s so nice to just reach for the pot you need.
That is seriously one of my biggest struggles and pet peeves … can you have a pet peeve about yourself?!

Our laundry closet had one wire shelf-I realized that it would be better to take it down and install two wood shelves-we are still in the middle of that project so we will see how it goes soon. In the end, we added some hanging baskets to the door, a can-organizer-rack thingy and a couple of rolling carts in the bottom. But I’m thankful to have it because in our last apartment I had to store canned goods in the bathroom with the towels!
We are about to move our family of 5 back into 840 sq ft, so I am eating up all of your advice as if it were popcorn. Rob decided he wanted the middle bedroom with the big front facing window and that left the back bedroom with one medium-ish sized window as the spare room.
My new office is about the same size as my old one but there are a lot more windows which means a lot LESS wall space and nowhere to put my big filing cabinets from my old office. I went with the Better Homes and Gardens brand because the cubes themselves are more generously sized making each hold more. When I want to get something done I do it even if it’s the absolute wrong time or the conditions are bad, bad, bad. And if that isn’t possible I want them to blend in as much as possible with the background which has had me spray painting cords in the past. Everything that had been on top of my desk that I needed to get out of the way fit right on into ONE of those things. My table top is 24 inches wide and that leaves an overhang of about 6.5 inches out over the cubes.
Almost every post will have some form of affiliate links within for materials to complete projects and roundups of items to purchase. Hope they have it waterproofed WELL–would not be a nice day to see your 2 expensive cars sitting in a hole that has flooded. Be sure to install the storage high enough so that no one will be hitting their head on it.
Take your insulating tape, and cover the PCB, and any other metal that you think could cause a short when your new equipment is housed in this area. The best technique to this is to start on the right hand side, pushing the first clip in using a flat head screwdriver or knife blade. A similar clip holds in the track pad, just to the right of it a€“ undo this in the same fashion. Spruce up old dressers and buffets found on Craigslist with a bit of paint, and use them anywhere in the house.
We have since added another (albeit tiny) hall closet by removing an air return (and putting it in the ceiling), which helped a lot.
Our dining table can collapse to the size of a sideboard or expand to seat 8 people (another Craigslist find!). We have wardrobes in each room (including the kids’ playroom), which we use to store clothes and games and craft stuff and other random items.
I also went that way because the little 4 cube units were on clearance in birch for about $20 a pop.
I put the top of the table onto the cubes and then starting moving them closer to where they would be. There is literally nowhere to put things so they start to stack up on the desk and pile up and pile up until there is a mountain of glitter and heat transfer vinyl hanging out in the corner. I had mail ordered extendable table legs from IKEA but as it turns out this top is so sturdy I don’t need them on the corners at all like I thought I had.
It might take a couple of attempts, but try not to leverage it too much as you can warp the keyboard, or pull keys off a€“ a gentle touch is all that is required. The only area I had problems with was around the headphone outputs, as it needed lifting over the top of the connectors. I know most don’t have this option, but it was helpful to think of how we could rearrange things to get more storage.
We store things in the verticle spaces between drawers, our dining chair cushions lift up for storage underneath them, our coffee table is a chest, space behind the couch is used for longer items, etc . I’ve tried very hard to make things work, but things still get stacked to teetering levels.
Poor Rob only has family very far with his parents and brother and sister-in-law at a 703 mile drive. I was so darn happy that a package that had just come in the mail from the sweetest gal Chelsea and inside were some zip ties. Even though they in no way shape or form have anything to do with the rest of what came in the package it turned out to be quite a helpful little surprise gift :) Thanks Miss Chelsea! See those 2 cubes on the right get pushed to the right just a bit and turned on an angle and I have enough room to stick my arm in that business and move things as needed.
Make full use of all three areas in a closet: the upper shelves, the space for hanging clothes, and the floor space. I now have 4 in my garage and they hold my car maintenance stuff, doggy treats and toys, jars with screws and nails, garbage bags, all the garagey stuff that I hate seeing dusty! And bringing up the rear Rob’s other brother (and one of my high school besties -hey!) and sister-in-law are the furthest from us at 840 miles.
These little things were a total lifesaver and my cords are neat and I’m very happy about that! And those cords are hidden so I’m super happy with it even counting in the bit of effort needed to plug in anything new.
We also take advantage of the high ceilings within the closets by having shelves that go ALL of the way up.
We’ve added a tall, slim dresser (no room for a large one) to our bedroom to store all of our toiletries, and we have a shoe cabinet outside our front door to house our shoes.
When opening a closet or drawing, if I don’t look at the items and think “YES!!!

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