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He had just finished up his afternoon sniff patrol of the ferns and the Camellia trees in the backyard and as he strolled back to the house, he stopped a couple feet from the back patio step and stood still for a few moments. I got the message loud and clear and thankfully, this was one challenge that I could take care of for him! A ramp made it easy for Daley to enjoy his backyard (and keep up his sniff patrols!) despite his compromised mobility caused by Degenerative Myelopathy, a spinal cord disease. Note: Plywood is a slick surface so be sure to put down a non-slip cover before your dog uses the ramp.
This entry was posted in At-Home Care, Degenerative Myelopathy, DIY Projects, Keep it on the QL (Quality of Life), Lifestyle, Senior Status, Tips, Tools. Your story about how Daley moved back to gain some momentum to climb the step made me both sad and wondrous. It’s funny how some elderlies seem stuck until the treats appear … food motivation does rule! Welcome to DDY!I'm Chandra and the adorable Chocolate Lab pictured above is Daley, who was the sunshine of my life from 1996-2009. Since 2008, Grey Muzzle has provided more than $300,000 in grants to senior dog programs and supported nonprofit organizations in 27 states. Got the ok from the wife that I can build a halfpipe in the back yard (inside the wooded area).

I got to get this done before she finds out I will die on this thing and shuts down operation. Bathroom remodeling & custom tile projects for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire and Union County, North Carolina.
I built a grind box out of wood that was half rotted from a shower demo we did a couple weeks ago.
A concrete shed base is without a doubt the strongest and most durable form of shed foundation. With that it mind, one of the ways we tried to limit strain on his front end was to avoid stairs whenever possible.
While there were a few stairs leading up to the front door, we could instead go through the side yard gate and walk around to the back yard, where there was just one step up to a patio before entering the family room through a sliding door. One day, however, I saw very clearly that even one step could be a challenge for Daley. Then, he made a left turn, circled around to a spot further back on the walkway and approached the patio quickly before climbing the step. Soon after that day, a friend built a simple plywood ramp that sat on the walkway, up against the patio stair.
Recently, I posted a link to a column offering instructions on how to build a ramp for wooden stairs. We tried the towel sling twice on Rufus, both times when there was no other way to move him.

Here you'll find 700+ posts related to health, wellness, and lifestyle for senior dogs and their people! Since 2011, I've volunteered for Grey Muzzle and have served as Vice President and on the Board of Directors.
I covered it with a yoga mat—which provided a non-slip, weather-resistant and easy-to-clean surface—and after just a couple test runs, with a few cookies for encouragement, Daley began using his ramp. However, we started talking about this more than 2 years ago and nothing has happened, so I’m not holding my breath. If you have serious concerns regarding your senior dog’s health, visit a veterinarian immediately. A DIY ramp allows you to customize size and cut down costs considerably—while a ready-made ramp can run around $200, a DIY version can can be made for around $30.

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how to build a cement ramp for shed

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