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The post below explains that by using, and knowing how to build with, locally available natural materials such as earth, small diameter wood and straw, you can keep expenses to an absolute minimum. Raised bed gardening allows you to maintain a healthy vegetable garden with minimal weeding and a healthy yield. Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world.
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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. The following list summarizes some of the potential savings from using natural building materials and alternative construction methods.
Miscellaneous: There are many other ways to reduce the cost of the home and cut energy bills. The two largest obstacles to home ownership are expensive building materials and overly complex construction methods that require specialized skills and equipment. My understanding is that codes are to provide minimum standards for life safety, welfare and sanitation. I really think there are three routes, move to a code minimized place, challenge their legal authority knowing you will be fighting your own tax dollars, or be as nice and friendly as you can to the local authorities and try to work with them. A simple solution is to offer homeowners the option of not getting a permit for their home and small projects around the house like decks. Good, common low cost housing methods in Thailand include recycled wood, CEBs, bamboo, thatch and adobes.
Sounds like a great way to build a home, however in Indiana, USA we have to deal with building codes and permits.
Why would you believe a builder who says the cost would be the same if you use all volunteer labor?
Where to start seemed to be one problem and cost seemed to be another.  But with the computer as your library, there are many sites to check for easy to build cheap greenhouses.
Surfing and reading on the internet TheGardenLady discovered a site that said a person could build a  greenhouse using their empty discarded plastic bottles. After this plastic bottle site, TheGardenLady found numerous sites that tells what is needed for a greenhouse project.  See here, for example. West Virginia University has an excellent site on the various types of greenhouses and what materials one needs for construction.
If TheGardenLady’s readers do build their own greenhouse, please let the readers know about it by sending photos of the greenhouses and perhaps even the directions you chose to use. Kindly go ahead and quote to me the total pick up price for Green house, of that and also advice me on the forms of payment that you accept.
We came across this company while researching completely unrelated articles.  These small metal arched buildings are 14 by 20 feet and the base kit is on sale right now (until April 15, 2014) for $3,695.
Penny Tree – Oops, I meant there is a link at the end of the article that should have some interior shots. These are very cool – however if you really look at the price it would cost well over $5000 even with the discount. If you just click on the link that is supplied in the article, you can find answers to most of these questions. For more information, please click on the link at the bottom of the post to go to the manufacturer’s site. Yea if they would do what they say they would have alot of sales but rarely do you find honest people these days that do what they say they will do there is always a big sunrise. Like any other above ground structure this would not be a remotely good place to be in the event of a tornado and like any other place being hit directly by a tornado this little guy isnt going to make it. About as well as A mobile home but than again A real house will get blown half way across the county in A big tornado. Again where does it give directions on how to build these or are they kits and you have to buy and that is the only way?
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Making this wonderful addition to your yard or field will help the world be a better place. However, don’t be fooled by the expensive raised bed gardens in catalogues and on TV.
The key is to use low-cost, locally available natural materials such earth, small diameter wood and straw to keep expenses to a minimum.
Foundation: Insulated frost-protected foundations do not have to be as deep as standard foundations and therefore use fewer materials, require less excavation and backfill, less form work and less labor. Earthen floor: Earthen floors last indefinitely and eliminate the need for other floor coverings. Radiant floor heating: Radiant heating uses hot water that flows through plastic tubing in the floor (for example, inside an earthen floor). Strawbale or earthbag walls: The main benefit of straw-bale construction, in addition to the environmental aspects, is the energy efficiency of thick, super-insulated walls.
Small diameter wood: As a result of poor management, US forests are choked with small trees. Earthen plaster: Using earthen plaster on walls has proven effective for many thousands of years. Passive solar design: Solar energy is free from the sun, so it makes sense to maximize its potential. Metal roofing: Metal roofing is one of the most cost-effective, durable and practical roofing materials.
Growing up TheGardenLady read on Ripley’s Believe It or Not about a man who built his house using discarded bottles. Before one buys any books, check your local library to see if they have any books on building greenhouses. George Jeffrey is my name, and I am sending you an email regarding an order of Green house.
The base price is basically just the arched shell – the ends are extra ($500 each), the beam bracing is extra ($50 each 1 per every 2ft), and you have to build a foundation of some type. Can someone please come over to my house and move my mouse and click on the link for me so I can get more information, because the internet is sooooo haaaaaaaarrrrrrd. The real fun is incorporating all of these methods into an optimum, comfortable, affordable home.
For $1,000-$5,000 you could have a nice, small home that would outlast most conventional wood-framed houses, and be quieter, non-toxic and more comfortable. For instance, build one roundhouse and live in it until you’ve saved enough to build another. Strawbale is especially practical in cold, dry climates, and is very fast and easy to learn. Thinning this excess wood improves the health of forests, reduces risk of forest fires and provides a nearly unlimited source of wood for those who harvest it. With wide roof overhangs of 36" or so, earthen plaster will hold up very well in most climates, requiring only minor maintenance. But if you decide to get a mortgage, some lending institutions will charge a lower rate on homes with energy saving features that are rated by a recognized source such as Energy Rated Homes of Colorado (ERHC). After complaining about it for years I moved to a rural area with no codes, no harassment, no problems. If you think about it, what we have now is just a giant artificial bubble in housing prices. Future buyers would be alerted and have the choice of either not buying or hiring a home inspector to see if everything is safe.
I went to see that house and since then have seen numerous such uses of bottles in construction on HGTV.
If they don’t, ask if the library is part of the inter-library loan program where the library can borrow books from another library in the state or country. With build costs this low, it opens the doors to the possibility of many more of us being able to build our own houses. You could join the roundhouses with arched or gabled covered walkways, vine covered pergolas, enclosed passageways or additions, or just leave them free standing. The floor is always warm and comfortable and the air temperature is always uniform because hot air rises.

Earthbag is ideal for many regions, especially hot climates and areas subject to tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding. These small trees can be used in the round (which is inherently stronger than milled lumber) for pole trusses, posts, beams, etc. ERHC is a state sponsored organization whose ratings are accepted by every bank and lender.
Luckily I was able to back out of the deal due to the seller not disclosing certain things to me as the buyer, I got my money back.
With today’s bad economy building a greenhouse by recycling old plastic bottles sounds intriguing and cheap. TheGardenLady’s library has just such a program so that we can borrow the books and then decide if we want to own them. Insulation under the slab (scoria, perlite, etc.) insures that most of the heat radiates up into the home. They can also be turned into door and window bucks, studs, plates, rafters, cabinets and furniture using a portable sawmill or an inexpensive chainsaw guide.
Install additional high-efficiency windows on the south side and use fewer windows on the east, west, and north walls. Because metal roofing is fire resistant, you may be able to get a discount on your home insurance. The photo of the finished bottle greenhouse looks interesting and the plans cost either $4 or$5 dollars.
Making this type of greenhouse cost you less but is quite an undertaking in terms of labor and the time it will take.
Building a little at a time like this requires planning ahead for future doorways and other considerations, but it enables you to build debt free. Potential savings: $2,000 (more in cold climates where foundations are typically very deep), and lower energy costs. Forced air furnaces contribute to cold and allergy problems because they create dust and dry out the air. Potential savings: lower cost for DIY versus hiring contractors, and thousands of dollars over the life of the home in energy savings.
Potential savings: thousands of dollars, depending on how much you use instead of milled lumber. So save your plastic bottles from now and you can enjoy the transparent and gorgeous PET plastic construction in your own backyard, too. Flooring products such as linoleum and synthetic carpet need to be replaced regularly and usually off-gas harmful fumes. You want to block the hot summer sun but allow the lower winter sun to shine into the home. Earthen floors are well within the reach of most do-it-yourselfers, although you might want to hire a couple of semi-skilled laborers to speed the process.
You may need assistance installing the mechanical systems, but most homeowners could easily install the tubing. The main benefits of passive solar energy are lower long-term energy costs and a brighter, more pleasant living space. Additional savings can come from using white or light-colored roofs to reflect heat in hot climates.
Major savings come from not hiring a contractor and not building the floor with wood floor joists, beams, subflooring, and eliminating the need for finish flooring materials such as carpet. A properly designed and well insulated home often will not need a cooler or air conditioning system.
Potential savings: $4,000 (much more in many cases), and lower long-term replacement costs.
The estimated savings here assume you will install your own metal roofing, but would have hired a contractor to install the heavier asphalt shingles. Potential savings: $3,000 initially, plus long term energy savings and lower maintenance costs.

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