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First of all I want to thank you sincerely for being here and I hope this will be useful to you.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You have been reading ScriptCraft: Building cool things using Javascript in Minecraft, part of the personal weblog of Walter Higgins. We met quite a number of great teams and super-smart kids, and learned a lot from this experience. From Great Minds Robotics – congratulations to ALL teams who made it to VEX World 2015, and congratulations to the Champions! Great Minds Robotics team, IQ Cubed, will be participating in the 2015 VEX IQ World Championship Middle School Division event; this takes place April 15-18 in Louisville, Kentucky.
I won’t be able to attend the World event myself, however, I’ll stay on top of all updates and make sure you stay in the loop too. Once a year, Sierra Canyon’s High School students go on an exciting and educational excursion to all sorts of cool places. Programming is an integral part of robotics; at times it can require multiple programming languages to solve a challenge. SkyBase, our “giant metal robot” as called by most of our students, recently got an upgrade. As I take notes on my students’ progress after teaching a typical Enhanced Robotics class at Great Minds Learning Center, I can’t help but smile.
I am thrilled and excited beyond expression to see the recent developments in the world of robotics. Quite possibly, our students can be a significant part of projects that will place a robot into your home in the not-so-distant future.
If you are already enrolled in one of our robotics programs, please register for the upcoming workshop by October 23, 2010.

Share how Great Minds Robotics can introduce their children to object-oriented computer programming and mechanical engineering in a fun, accessible, and exciting way. However, today more and more websites make use of CSS media queries to offer visitors mobile friendly responsive layouts and it is probably going to be the industry standard. We also maintain a large set of responsive WordPress themes here at CreativeCan you should check out. He’s also writing for other blogs and he is a passionate blues musician and a family-man as well. Top robotics teams from around the world, grouped into 5 divisions, compete to win awards in various categories. It was inspiring and educational to see the various brilliant designs and innovative programming solutions, STEM Research Projects, and to exchange knowledge with team members from around the globe.
Although we did not get into finals (only 32 teams in our division, of 105, made it to the finals), we did rank #15 in Programming Skills.
Our team, “IQ Cubed”, competed in a qualifying event on January 24th and took home the top award for that competition. Students grouped into teams and competed in our custom-designed game on the VEX IQ Live Table.
Students designed, built, and programmed a sophisticated Train Control System powered by Arduino microcontrollers, using languages and technologies such as C++, C#, Web Services, wireless communication, and more. Last summer our students programmed this robot to play tic-tac-toe on the SmartBoard using RobotC and C# languages. We are able to receive a live video feed from the Parrot AR Drone and display it on screen in a student-written C# program.
FLL teams “EduTech” and “Autobots 2.0” won 1st place at their respective Qualifying Tournaments, and had a stellar performance at the Los Angeles Regional Championship Tournament. I thought of robots as highly intelligent “human helpers” – not better or smarter than humans – after all, It’s humans that engineer and program them – but certainly more suited for a particular task. I see students at our center that are likely to be a part of, if not the leaders of, amazing robotics projects in the not-so-distant future. Here at Great Minds Learning Center, kids in grades K-12 engineer and program awesome robots every day.
All students enrolled in Robotics or Enhanced Robotics classes can attend a skill-building workshop focused on mechanical engineering.
Many of you living in the area surrounding Tarzana, California have children that show interest in mechanical engineering and object-oriented programming. This eCover software makes creating 3D ebooks, software boxes, DVD's, & CD's amazingly simple and the best part is it's compatible with any graphics editor! Designing and implementing responsive websites takes, extra effort and the techniques and responsive patterns are still immature.
The team qualified to participate at the Southern California VEX IQ State Tournament on Valentine’s day and earned a Build Award. Make sure to follow up on future blog posts and our social media sites (like Facebook or Twitter) for all of our updates. The students first started with RobotC and Virtual Worlds; they then built and programmed LEGO NXT robots to solve autonomous challenges on our purpose-built practice tables. I have recently been appointed as the new GMR Blogger; after reviewing the blog I realized how much has happened since the last post! The objective of the game is to knock down the three defense towers set up around the 8’x8’ game table and land on the center landing pad before the opposing team shoots your drone down with a LEGO NXT Photon Cannon!

Team “Autobots 2.0” emerged as the Champions for Los Angeles Region, and advanced to North America Open Tournament in LEGOLAND, California, which takes place mid-May 2015. They find original solutions to various challenges they encounter while building and programming their creations. Therefore, you will notice that the quality of responsive websites vary a lot and some may look a bit broken on a few view port sizes. We’ll do better next year – our team is already hard at work, engineering the robot for the new challenge.
IQ Cubed is currently ranked in the top 10 teams in California for both the Robot Skills and Programming Skills categories (VEX IQ Middle School Division). With the guide of our knowledgeable instructors, the students added remote controls and Bluetooth communications to their RobotC programs.
The students wrote a few simple programs in C#, after which we demonstrated a number of more advanced projects that use RobotC, C#, and C++. So, we built an Arduino sensor that allowed us to move this robot with an Xbox 360 controller.
Throughout the game you can see live updates on the SmartBoard, which receives real-time info from the sensors in the defense towers and on the landing pad, each connected to an EV3 microcontroller.
They noticed some “bugs” in mechanics and programming of their robots, and came up with amazing improvements. Commander Data, an android from Star Trek, or the ever-helpful, super resourceful R2-D2 from Star Wars. It’s such an amazing, high-energy, one-of-a-kind experience, that no blog post (that I can write, at least) can do it justice.
We are also adding two more VEX IQ teams, and they’ll be working away on their robot designs very shortly as well. They got to see a working demo of our SkyBase (our “giant” as mentioned in the previous blog) play tic-tac-toe!
Team “IQ Cubed” took home the top award at that event and advanced to the Southern California VEX IQ State Tournament.
You simply provide an article (it can be PLR or an original) and it will create unique versions instantly! We liked the outcome so much, we plan to do more cool stuff using Arduino and Xbox 360 controllers with our Skybase this upcoming 2015 RoboSynergy summer camp. I started learning computer programming at age 11, and given my fascination with robots, it was simply natural for me to get involved in robotics. Make sure to educate yourself on VEX IQ and VEX Robotics Challenge rules to really enjoy the experience.
Our guests also got an intro course to Arduino (our favorite Open Source electronics board), wired up a few RGB LEDs, and programmed their boards in C++. Yet, there is something far beyond playing with these awesome toys… I reminisced my own childhood, my commencement into the world robotics.

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