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In 2011, Foster Huntington left his job and life as a designer for Ralph Lauren in NYC to move into a VW Synchro camper van, and travel around the States. In 2013, Huntington successfully crowd-funded a photo-book project documenting the most interesting vans and campers he’s seen during his travels, including a few corresponding stories when applicable. In the summer of 2014—after three years of travel—Huntington established a permanent residence along the Columbia River Gorge, a swell of green mountain range about 20 minutes up-river from Portland, Oregon. Huntington still abides by a minimalist code, with bunk-beds on the inside of his roughly 200-square-foot treehouse.
It took Huntington and his friends about a year to turn the property into the fully-functional, hipster haven it is today.

In many schools where small kids are to be trained, they always cry for home and their mothers.
Huntington has since driven 100,000 miles, camping, surfing and hiking across the western edge of the North American continent, and documenting the entire thing on his blog, A Restless Transplant. He insists that this sort of project can be done by virtually anyone, and that those inspired by the work should not be in the slightest intimidated to follow in his footsteps. They not only make the kid happy, but also make them learn so much from their surroundings. Huntington’s mom is also an expert carpenter with a timber framer boyfriend, both pitching in to the construction of the property.

The most impotent thing to engage them is that, they are involved in the key elements of their childhood. More interesting element of a kids tree house designs is that it is not so high that the kids fail to reach it; it is made up of wood and painted in so many different colors. In Europe you may find so many kids tree house designs, and they are not only creative, but are very expensive and unique part of the school.

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how to build a epic treehouse in minecraft pe

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