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To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. Mine would be used for storing normal household items - plastic bins of baby clothes, toys, holiday decorations and maybe some power equipment like a pressure washer that only get used 2 or 3 times a year. Does anyone see a problem with the safety of the construction of this loft (pictures below)? You could build another loft on the rear wall of the garage where you wouldn't have that problem. You're saying that the garage door and rails are in the way of the header in the front of the garage? I can't build in the back of the garage (closest to the house) because there is a bump down in the ceiling (maybe it's called a sofet?) that makes the ceiling much lower (sorry, no pictures of that with me).
I know I'm stretching here a little, just trying to find out if I can do this or not, but I think you're telling me "Don't do this", right? By the way, the 2x6 near the attic access hole on the right side does go through the drywall and tie into something in the attic (but I don't know what). So, I *CAN* do this without tying into a header, I just need to be concerned about how much weight it'll support - that's making me feel better! It would just be nice knowing I'm not adding too much additional weight to structure above. I've built 5 or 6 such storage areas over the years, both in the front and rear of garages.
It's relatively easy to construct a storage space that doesn't require any support from below (none of mine needed it), as the inconvenience of having a column in the way just isn't worth it to me. If you're not comfortable doing your own design, you might contact an engineer in your area for assistance in coming up with the best fit for your application.
Also, you mention that the vertical support members don't appear to have adequate structural connections. In response to your request for pix, I was about to say that the nearest one (La Plata County, Colorado) is 1300 miles away from where we currently live. I built my shop unit to be totally free-standing, but instead of a front carrier beam, I used interior framed braces, using diagonal 2 x 6s underneath the main storage area, tied into top and bottom continuous 2 x 4 ledgers attached to the wall with high-strength ledger bolts. A few concerns I had with the unit in your pictures are what looks like a very light-gage metal L-bracket at the wall, and some of the vertical 2 x 4s appears to be not near any attic framing (but one attached instead to a lonely flat stub 2 x 4 on the ceiling, which itself doesn't appear to be attached to a joist or truss).
The overall response in America to the present financial catastrophe has been to attempt to get again to enterprise as typical ASAP. Not only does remodeling your bathroom increase the value and function of your own home, but you can also donate your old fixtures to Habitat to Humanity in the process and help someone in your community. I am very interested in this new siding product called LP Smart Siding and Trim.  This company backs this siding product with a 50 year warranty and comes in more color than you can shake a stick at. Of course Craftsman Direct Siding Contractor can install this for you your next home improvement project. Craftsman Direct can build a hallway organizer that can be stained or painted to match a formal or casual environment.
If you are thinking of adding ceramic tile to your home, there are many important reasons to hire a professional installer. The desk has two pedestals, one with drawers for personal storage the other has a document hanging drawer for current projects. The PC is mounted on a PC slide to allow easy access to the rear and keep it out of the way of the hover.

Finish:The desk and shelve are finishes in a cream hardwearing lacquer with oak worktops and skirting. The Brief: Multi-purpose space to be used as an occasional office, A day room and guest bedroom.
Solution: Recessed wall storage for books that includes the desk space keeping its intrusion to the living space to a minimum.
900mm x 1200mm chest of drawers with heavy duty drawer runners and drawer fronts finished with a cot bead. Finish: All finished in a mixture of solid oak and veneers with cast handles and solid oak skirting and cornicing. I was thinking of building a storage loft in my garage - the type that the hood of your car can fit under at the far wall. The way to build it is easy, essentially you are building a same structure as an outside deck with a beam and joists.
Considering I'm just off crutches from the effects of my last DIY project, I'd figure I'd plan this one out first. I attached a 2x6 vertically on each end to the existing 2x4 in the wall, through the drywall. I was thinking that perhaps I could use those metal brackets and put them into the existing vertical studs that the drywall is in, and simply make a rectangle and fill it in -but not sure if that's the best way to go from a weight-bearing perspective.
Span is across the width of my garage which is just under 10ft and it'll be no more than 3ft deep.
I guess the main difference between ourselves is that I don't pretend to be an expert on everything.
This configuration provides an amazing amount of storage considering how little space it occupies.
A word or two on drawer construction: they are crafted entirely of solid hardwood using English Dovetail joints, which provides a long lasting, superior connection between the drawer fronts and sides. The loft bed itself is also made of solid birch hardwood -- the fact that speaks well for its durability. As is the case with all Maxtrix's kids loft beds, this one too comes as part of their adaptable bed building system. I'm starting to research this project and I'm just not sure it's completely safe, or within building code to do something like this. Your Craftsman Direct contractor in Durham and Chapel Hill can arrange this for you once your remodel is underway and your old fixtures are ready to be picked up.
But before jumping to choosing the latest tile or bathtub design, there are some less exciting things to consider so your project turns out just the way you dream it. Craftsman Direct specializes in converting decks and porches into screened porches or climate-controlled sunrooms. Craftsman Direct offers a full two year labor warranty on all original construction projects. Also, flooring workers may scuff walls or baseboards or the polyurethane coating might splatter. However, if you are adding cabinetry, or a new vanity in the bathroom for example, you may have to work around the installation schedule. Two 2.25M high bookcases with lower cupboards and adjustable book shelving stand either side of the fire place, and have been made to sit snugly in the recesses. The boxes can be finished in a variety of colours and be engraved to personalise these lovely finished toy boxes.
I'd love to be able to clear some floor space, but I'm not sure how it should go together structurally.

It really depends on the span and how much load is going on it and how many in tension or compression supports it has along it's length..
The smooth-running, ball bearing, self-closing drawer glides are mounted underneath the drawers -- this way they allow for a much higher weight-bearing capacity with less shimmer.
In addition, Maxtrix offers a 5 year limited warranty for factory related defects (materials and workmanship). There is no support from the ground to the loft and all the weight is held by ledger boards bolted into the studs in the garage walls and hanging from the attic structure.
Part of it is tied into floor joists from the room above and the other half is tied into attic joists. One uses a metal L bracket, one goes through the drywall ceiling and ties into the attic structure somehow and the middle one ties into a gigantic glulam beam. Because renovating a bathroom can be overwhelming, time-consuming and costly, we have prepared a simple checklist to make sure your project stays on track and the renovation runs smoothly. Craftsman Direct has had an A+ rating with the Eastern North Carolina Better Business Bureau for six years, has been a Super Service Award Winner five straight years, and is a member of NARI, National Association of Remodeling Industry.
Grout is a porous material that is susceptible to damage and needs to be sealed twice a year. The storage units are designed to fit under the low loft perfectly, creating a seamless and stylish look. It also doesn't get in the way when cleaning takes place and kids won't trip over it when running around. Thanks to the innovative ROCK LOCK™ leg extensions, a regular bed can be converted into a Low, Mid, High Loft or Bunk Bed. You can gather Garage Plans With Living Space guide and look the latest Finding The Best Garage House Plans in here. Do you want a new or updated vanity and other accessories such as a towel bars, and clothes hooks? Well, perhaps not entirely seamless; the 3-drawer dresser does protrude some 3 or 4 inches outside the edge of the bed, but but you probably won't take that in bad part considering how much additional storage space it provides. The angled ladder, on the other hand, offers a more comfortable and easier climb to the top bed, but at a cost of taking up more space. Bed conversions are easy and safe as Maxtrix's system compresses the leg extensions onto the bed legs, via a steel bolt, and includes set screws that wedge themselves into the bolt opening -- the result should be a rock solid connection. There are some great grout products on the market today and Craftsman Direct can help you choose the right grout for your tile project.
In addition, it comes with a sturdy metal handrail which is a rather unique extra safety measure.
It is altogether a somewhat fancier option, so it's not a surprise that it also costs a bit more.
Note that both types of ladders feature extra wide grooved steps for a safe and comfortable access to the loft bed, and can be mounted on either side of the structure.
We can help you answer all these questions and help you plan a stress free bath remodel if you give yourself time to plan in advance.

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