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If you review the New Home Construction Page you will find the process you follow as an owner builder to build you pole barn will be very similar. The contractor used a post hole digger to dig the holes for the corner posts and then the posts were put in the holes and the framing integrated with the posts.
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We also do garage slabs, decorative concrete, and resurfacing.  Contact us through this site or give us a call. Unless you build a house yourself, and know your specific needs, you will most likely have things that need to be changed around your home to suit your lifestyle.  We recently poured an aggregate driveway extension just south of Nashville in Thompson Station, TN that is a perfect example. The homeowner has a nice pull behind camper, and although he has a nice sized pea gravel turnaround leading into his garage, the turnaround became very small and cramped when he parked his camper there.  The homeowner decided to simply extend his concrete turnaround to create the much needed room for the family camper. For even more strength we poured the overall slab five inches thick and reinforced it with wire and with rebar in the front, which is a weak area and prone to cracking.

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how to build a pole barn with concrete floor kitchen

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