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We customized this residence with reclaimed floors and cabinets, granite countertops, pine covered ceilings, and all-wood interior doors. Cupolas, Widow's Peaks, and Dormers add traditional styling and appeal to any building, from a garden cottage to a large arena complex. Here at CHA Construction, we provide quality and service to people looking for an attractive, long-lasting pole building. This 60' x 48' barn near South Park features 4 horse stalls, a 12 'x 24' tack room, 12' x 48' garage and workshop, a 12' x 48' covered paddock area, and a 1700 sq.

Because we utilize post-frame construction methods, you get the flexibility you want and need in a building. CHA can construct your pole barn, horse barn, garage, storage building, commercial building, farm storage building, or even a or home.
If you do decide to use accessories not designed by Uncle Howard’s, please give us the specifications for your special components to ensure compatibility. From simple to complex projects, we have the experience to make your building dreams come true.

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how to build a pole horse barn yourself

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