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So with the weather still snowy and cold over the weekend, and no ability to work on the chicken coop or recycled greenhouse project – it was time to cure the winter blahs with a building project! Since this was built for a king sized bed – we built it as two separate door frames and then attached them together once in the bedroom. We cut all of our pieces to length to start, including the cured cuts for the top of the doors. I applied glue to all of the joints and clamped them together while nailing on the backing boards. Next, we flipped it around, and added a couple of 2 x 4″ trim boards on each side as well as the top to trim it out and give a little depth. I just placed them under the edge of the mirror so it wouldn’t bend, then screwed straight into them. Jana, I tightened the mirror clips too much and as I was screwing in the last one it shattered the mirror. I also hate the new version of the screw, the head that lets you use a square or phillips head bit.

Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License. And yes, as the garage became a temporary workshop, sadly Mary’s vehicle was once again the victim and banished to the driveway.
Scrap wood is actually a great choice, even if it is nicked up – adding a rustic feel to the finished piece. When we moved into our current home, there was a plain old mirror hung on the wall with mirror clips. It’s important to dryfit just in case your frame is too large or small, or you have any wonky corners. I took it inside to show it off to the hubs, and about 30 seconds after his admiring gaze, it split right down the middle. The mirror needed to be slightly larger than the opening, so I measured my two side pieces 1″ shorter than the mirror.
Ours is a combination of both, along with some salvaged barn hardware saved when we deconstructed two old barns.

But, you can easily use this tutorial to build a mirror frame with new wood a few simple methods. Turns out I tightened the clips too tightly over the cedar board which was slightly thinner than the walnut. My dad had given me a gorgeous board of walnut, but I didn’t have enough to do the entire mirror without ripping it down.
Then I slid them half an inch over the sides of the mirror and measured that distance from end to end, which was about 48″.
Instead of ruining the lovely grain and texture, I grabbed a piece of rustic cedar he’d also sent home with us for the top. So, one quick trip onto Facebook to check out the Beg Buy Barter Sell Brazoria County page later, I drove to the next town over and picked up a giant mirror for $15.

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how to build a rustic treehouse

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