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This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged concrete block shed building plans, concrete block shed plans uk. Really awesome video -I will be building ashed here in the future so your video will come in handy thanks for the video. Hi Gary, thanks well it kind of looks like the foundation is on a slant but it is acutely level and just built on a bit of a hill side. I aslo saw that you lined the base with plastic before putting on the floor… I would assume that’s for moisture purposes?
Hi Jen, yes the plastic is a vapor barrier and sure you could put an 8×10 building on a 10 x 12 base.
Or is there a better way to anchor the 4×4 to the concrete rather than setting them into the concrete bases.
2" x 4" treated yellow pine joists, 16" OC, are laid on top of three 4" x 4" treated yellow pine skids which are placed on top of cement blocks. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! She's just waiting for the perfect moment to terminate Mike and Lisa, so she can take over.
Your updates are very informative and your story telling is superb but please, please don't work Nikki so hard next time, OK? With using the tractor and the jack we got it as level as possible without calling in for big machinery. We are going to use cement blocks on the ground, then add 4x4 pressure treated posts, and then build the deck for the new shed on top.
Mike climbs up the tractor arm so he can start pulling the trusses onto the top of the building. Not all woods are suited for building a deck, so you can’t just go to a home improvement store and pick the one with the color or texture you like best.
The chart below offers information based on the assumption that the posts are spaced by six feet or less and that the beams are spaced by 12 feet or less.

Always check your local building codes for specifications on the height and construction of your deck railings, as this will affect the lumber you need to buy. Any more pieces you need to build your deck besides those outlined in this article will vary with your specific design, so use your own judgment and the expertise of your local home improvement store professional to make the best possible choices.
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How would you recommend I keep them in place while drying so that I can attached the frame to the 4X4’s later? I completely understand the steps, but does the base have to be the exact same size of the shed? Very good on details and really liked the leveling part – my backyard has a double slope (down and to the left). It not only adds a great outdoor space to any backyard, but it will add value to your home as well. Because of their rot-resistant properties, some of the best choices for decking lumber are pressure-treated lumber, cedar, or redwood. The length of the planks that you buy obviously will vary based on your needs, but you should aim to buy pieces that can span most of your deck length. You can save a little money here and get a good, solid substructure by choosing pressure-treated lumber over redwood or cedar since the joists will not be visible.
A deck about ground level will mean dealing with creating a structure that with require posts and beams to elevate the joists.
Your balusters can either be pre-purchased in a specific design and height, although you will have to be careful to match these to your decking, or you can cut and shape them yourself from additional 2x4s.
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I also love the idea of filling the underside with all the broken masonry because I have a huge woodchuck population causing trouble in my buildings. I just wanted to stop and say thank you for being so thorough and explaining every little step.
While you may have a design and plan already figured out and think you’re ready to start, stop and take a moment to learn more about how you should go about choosing your lumber.
Pressure-treated lumber is generally more cost-effective than the other choices, but the quality of the pieces can vary quite a bit more. They will come in sizes of either 1.25x6-inch or the standard 2x4-inch, and the number of joists you need will determine the size you choose. The fewer cuts you have to make to cover the entire decking surface, the better you will be.
If the deck is within six feet of the ground, then the support beams should be spaced by no more than one foot. The balusters must also be larger than ¾-inch to prevent small children from squeezing through and getting injured. Some of the steps may seem obvious to other woodworkers, but I appreciate that you left nothing out! The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product. Cedar and redwood are both long lasting options that look nicer than pressure-treated, but you may reconsider this option if you anticipate a lot of abuse to your deck.
More water absorbs in the joints where boards meet, which can lead to quicker deterioration down the line if you aren't vigilant with sealing treatments. No formulation permit compulsory as a strew is distant from a residence most appropriate to hit your councill to find Ian Stephen Arnold Douglas built his molt out of petrify blocks with a joist roof tiles structure.

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how to build a shed floor on deck blocks australia

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