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I had a reader share the above photo with me on facebook and it really got my wheels turning!
For cutting the sidewall of the tire, a very sharp utility knife will work as I have done it in the past. The materials used in the kits are 100 percent natural, untreated wood that is FSC certified. The cabins’ interesting details include wide overhangs, decks and porches, tongue and groove Norway spruce walls and opportunity for insulation.
This concept of the tongue & groove planed logs has been around for awhile, maybe Scandanavian in origin?
You should be able to do your own version out of tongue and groove lumber once you figure out the interlocking section but if the boards are warped there will be problems. I respectfully disagree with the person in this thread who said this is nothing more than an advertisement for one company. When choosing the location for your pond, there are both practical and esthetic points to consider.
It’s best to avoid locations directly under trees as falling leaves create debris that can clog the pump therefore upsetting the pond’s biological balance.
Special thanks to Melodie Elliott with Sunwest Communications, a Dallas public relations firm, and TotalPond for providing us with this DIY above ground pond project.
If you liked this project, or would like more how-to posts like this, please leave us a comment below on what types of stone projects you would like to see. Cindy, that would depend on the kind of plastic you use in the base and the pump inside of it.

Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. On the really extreme side, it would be amazing to build a small pond that i could actually take a soak in… perhaps from cinder blocks and then buried to the brim so that half is above ground and half is below ground which would save a lot of digging.
I have wanted a water feature for so long and I think this one actually sparked my husbands interest. It works great but when the blades get hot it is harder to cut so you have to let it cool down.
The Chicago-based company’s kits can be used for various purposes including small cabins, garden sheds, garages, greenhouses and guesthouses. In fact, for every purchase, Solid Build plants five more trees in participation with the Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees campaign. Solid Build’s website not only has a wide range of photos of finished buildings,  but some nice videos from customers that show completed kits in various sizes.
And the eBay seller of the cabin kits in the weblinks SHIPS kits for FREE to locations in the continental U.S.!
VERY NICE kitchen plan (I assume the loo is just off the galley kitchen) and the living area is roomier than expected.
The R value of the solid wood is good enough year round where I live but might only be good for 3 season use in a colder climate. The lip of the Pavestone Windsor Stone® Wall Block serves as a guide and interlock when stacking the wall pieces on top of each other. When you start Drill a hold big enough for your blade you don’t want to try to cut through the bead its the hardest part.

To get the cut started I used a sharpe knife and made repeated cuts in one location till I got through the side wall. Solid Build offers four small cabin kits that range in size from 195 square feet to 560 square feet and are priced between $8,495 and $26,225.
Each cabin is checked and monitored throughout production so that each part of the kit, including the windows and doors, will easily interconnect.
However, even some of their less expensive sheds are nice and solid enough for a tiny house.
But 1st see if the company will explain why they are charging sky-high prices for essentially the same kits many other companies also sell. If you are going to use a sawzall, you will need to use a stream of water for lubricante as well as for cooling. Why should these vendors, who’ve marked up inexpensive kits by incredible amounts, get free publicity for their efforts? You could use all sorts of containers – plastic food grade containers, metal watering troughs etc.

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how to build a small garden tool shed

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