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If you have never used scheduling software, please download and test one of the new house construction schedule file samples provided in the yellow section of this page BEFORE making a purchase. Microsoft Project: The new custom home building scheduling template offered on this page has been tested to work with versions of Microsoft Project through Project 2013.
This template is known to work with some free Open Source software, such as the following – but please check using current versions to be sure.
SureTrack Project Manager (which was acquired by Oracle in 2009) and TurboProject® are two out of production programs that also read the templates on this page. In response to requests from professional home builders interested in purchasing a copy of the Microsoft Project® file used to create the sample custom home Construction Schedule, we are offering a free, limited field, sample version for testing and review. You may use the links on the right to check current prices for popular scheduling software or check the Microsoft Office Project Web page to see if they are still offering a free, limited trial period, demo version of Microsoft Project Professional. The sample schedules provided below are complete through 6 top level tasks, ending with foundation waterproofing and drain tile installation. Choose the file format that matches the specific version of the scheduling software you are using.
In other words, we are allowing you to download this file, at your own risk, and try it for free so that you may determine if it works in the scheduling software you are using and suites your project management needs. Please be sure to include your email address in your correspondence so that the file may be sent to you over the Internet. Template design gallery - datemplate., We have collected so many awesome template images for you in case you need new ideas about what you do right now.
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I'm lucky enough to have been published in five countries (soon to be six), and you'll find my work on all the major book-selling sites.
My dad made me one of these when I was about five years old, and left it in the hallway outside my bedroom late at night. To Launch hold your throwing hand out palm down with fingers together & extended, then raise your middle finger and lower your index & ring fingers slightly.
The router I bought was the Trend T4 for cutting all the body holes and shaping the headstock.
Our friends at Original Appalachian Artworks (OAA), the makers of Cabbage Patch Kids, were doing a promotion for their new doll line. BBP worked with Courtney Vee of Goldifox to design the skin for their 3DCart ecommerce site. I’m looking forward to enrolling my daughter into a class so she can prepare an evening meal once in a while. They needed the ability to make copy and minor images updates to their website without working through a developer. All of these changes resulted in a far higher ranking on the targeted keywords in google providing the site with better traffic as well as higher volumes of recruit submissions.
BashBang built Access-Strategy a quick and dirty WordPress site with an off the shelf style. BashBang also took care of the server setup and config and post launch was responsible for server monitoring and maintenance. On Saturday October 2, 2010 Brandi Chastain will be hosting a testimonial soccer game honoring her career and raising funds for her new Reach uP!
Lady Treble and the Seven Notes is a children’s book written to teach kids about music. BashBang also redesigned the systems architecture to remove all single points of failure while simultaneously reducing the hosting costs by 300%. SD Entertainment was looking for a more modern looking corporate website to exhibit the work they’ve done on several well known animation projects (such as Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder, Care Bears, Winnie the Pooh, Bratz Babyz, Finster and Mulan II).

Laurie Schacht was looking for a team to help take her vision of a website where moms could gather to share information about the latest toys. BashBang built the site starting by customizing WordPress and the wp-ecommerce plugin to fit Laurie’s custom requirements. Max On Snax® speaks to 3-5 year olds by getting them excited about good nutrition and teaching them simple recipes that they are empowered to create themselves. We used Word Press as a base for developing the site and skinned it to meet Kathylee’s requirements. The Moving Pictures Collective, a club in New York required a community-based website for their club members.  BashBang used the latest version of  vBulletin as a base then created several plugins to extend the functionality to address the clients special needs.
Kiks, a Canadian children’s shoe and accessory distributor, wanted to have a web presence to show off their product lines to retailers. Sticky Chews is a children’s shoes and accessories retail store that came to us looking for a website that was fun for the kids, and informative for the parents.
As a fan of Battlestar Galactica in general, and a fan of Leah Cairns specifically, BashBang staff decided to make a fan site.  Yes, we know we’re geeks!
BashBang worked with The Jim Henson Company’s design team leader to create their AJAX powered corporate website. TC Digital Entertainment’s corporate website was produced by BashBang and included a CMS for content management. This game is an online dress-up game that allows the users to place different outfits on a character model. Yes, it’s true, we built our own corporate site several years after we started business.
BashBang created branding and a logo for a New York-based actor’s letterhead and business cards. This Frogger-style game was branded for the Zula property and the code modified to make it easier for their younger audience. This simple site was developed for Leanne Taylor, a nationally recognized makeup artist, to display a portfolio of her work.
This is a Bratz branded Bejeweled clone game that was reskinned by us during a healthy eating promotion. While Microsoft states that Project 2016 will open Project 2007 files, we have not yet tested that ourselves. Click the image on the left to view screen shots of the sample file in use and follow the directions further down this page to download free sample files or to purchase the complete template. It has been updated to work with all subsequent versions of Microsoft Project, up to and including Microsoft Office Project 2013.
The full working template being offered for sale contains 36 top level tasks incorporating 196 individual line items, each of which is assigned a duration in days, predecessors, starting date, finish date, and resource names. If you purchase the template you will be sent two (2) MPP files so that you can match file formats with the scheduling software you are using. This software is offered as is, with no warranties, and the user assumes all liability for its use. By so doing, you are agreeing to the stated terms and conditions and accepting full responsibility for your own actions. When you complete the online payment process you will receive an email containing a link for immediate download. They will work with Microsoft Project versions 4.x through Project 2013 and they might work with specific versions of other scheduling software. When I discovered it in the morning I didn't have any throwing instructions, so I developed my own method which was NOTHING like that described in the original book this plane came from.
Now put the nose of the paper plane into the gap and grip firmly by bringing your fingers back together again.
We also added our moderation tools to phpMotion to allow O2 staff to preview content before it was released to the site users.

TMTI produced the interface, design and animations and BashBang took care of programming the Flash AS3 code.
This application allows Cupcakes’ staff to streamline customer orders and reduce communication errors. With continued updates to the artwork we find new and innovative ways to keep the application fun for the users.
The Portal to Perim section gives detailed descriptions of each of the cards used in the Chaotic card and online game. The main page is a Flash movie nested inside a page wrap to allow users with a higher resolution to see something more engaging than a blank white screen. BashBang was responsible for all the Javascript, Flash and PHP programming including the building of several back-end admin tools that allows Henson administrative staff to easily update the site content. These frames were created for trading cards and to allow users to send gift coupons to parents and friends. The games and activities available on the Zula site were re-skinned to reflect the Zula property as well it was simplified to appeal to a younger audience. It involves capturing a whole host of cloned pixies (miniature fairies) within magical bubbles. This engine was branded for the Winx Club property and could be re-branded for other properties. It is a Flash-based avatar engine that allows message board users to customize their online identity.
Please download and test the Project 2007 sample file (linked to the left) before making a purchase.
It is the result of many years of actual use by a professional homebuilder who used it to manage large, luxury custom home building projects in Maryland.
However, they are intended primarily for use by professional contractors and project managers who already own a copy of Microsoft Project. They talk about gently launching the glider by its tail, where I held it by the nose and used the whip-like motion of my arm & wrist to flick the thing at the sky. Not owning a band saw, all templates where made with a router, using some straight pieces of scrap wood as guides. Simple content including a menu, specials sign, contact info and a photo gallery are all easily accessed from the single page. The site has seen four redesigns over the last six years and we have been involved with many of the updates to the site.
Users have ten different changeable areas (pants, shirt, hair, eyes, background, etc) with dozens, if not hundreds of options in each category.
It can only be opened using a project management or scheduling program that is able to read MPX or MPP files.
Among other tasks, the template will allow you to use common scheduling software to produce Gantt charts, task lists, critical path time-lines, monthly calendars, and construction progress reports.
When folded & thrown correctly it usually performs a huge loop-the-loop, then describes a huge circle (flying upside-down) before returning to the launching point like an obedient boomerang. I set about learning how to use it and build some templates (for each finished one, there are ~2 dead ones).
BashBang Productions manages the pre-moderated message board to screen out child unfriendly content and personal information as well as provide email support to the users.
Users are also able to choose different colors for each item to allow for an even greater ability to achieve a unique avatar.

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