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Tin is one of the few metals that has been used and traded by humans for more than 5000 years. You might have heard of tin soldiers and tin whistles, but today the biggest use of tin is to make cans for packaging food, which keep important things in your kitchen cupboard, such as Baked Beans for you or Pal for your dog, fresh for long periods of time. The word tin is Anglo-Saxon in origin, but the symbol for tin, Sn, comes from the Roman word Stannum. About 50% of tin is used as tinplate for canned foods and drinks, where steel cans are coated with tin to make them rust-resistant, more attractive, and more easily shaped and soldered. About 30% of tin is used as a tin-lead solder in electronic parts, plumbing, machinery, and cars.
An alloy of copper and tin - used for statues, bearings in car engines and heavy machinery, and musical instruments such as bells, cymbals and gongs.
Tin oxide is used as a white glaze on pottery (including tiles) or glassware, and can be coloured with other metal oxides. Plate glass is made by floating molten glass on a bath of molten tin while it solidifies, giving the glass a very flat and polished surface.
In biocides (such as wood preservatives and disinfectants), making dyes, plating baths, making perfumes and soaps, making plastics, strengthening glass bottles, in toothpaste, in veterinary medicines, church organ pipes (lead-tin alloy), cast iron, fire retardants, pewter (mostly tin, with antimony, copper and lead, and used for beer tankards, candlesticks, salt and pepper shakers etc), dental fillings and tinsel (60-40 tin-lead alloy). Australia does not produce large quantities of tin by world standards, but we do mine deposits of tin ore in Tasmania and, to a lesser extent, Western Australia (in Greenbushes). Tin ore is mined either underground or by bucket-line dredging, depending on the location of the ore. About 300 BC, the Chinese developed a crossbow made from bronze, enabling them to defeat the Mongolians who were using ordinary long bows with less range and penetrating power. In 618 AD, tin was exchanged by Britain for corn from Alexandria, to help relieve a famine. During the 18th century, pewter figurines were very popular to own, such as 'tin soldiers'. In the late 18th century in China, tin was first beaten into thin sheets and used to line tea chests. In 1795, Napoleon Bonaparte offered a prize for anyone who could find a way of keeping food fresh for longer (for his soldiers). Church bells are made of bronze, with a high tin content, giving them a wonderful resonating sound. Tin and Tantalum, Minerals of Western Australia Series #7, The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of WA Inc.
This Build-A-Bear All-Star Bears Mini Tin New makes a great collectible gift for yourself or someone you know! This listing includes free shipping to USA by USPS First Class Mail with delivery confirmation. I had some materials left over after building my solar tracking heliostat for lighting and heating my home, so I decided to make a miniature version for cooking hot dogs.
In order to focus parallel rays of incident light like those from the sun on a fixed point you need a parabolic mirror. Draw a grid with 1″ spacing on one of the 2 sheets of plywood to be used for the sides.
Every 6″ or so, put another screw through the backing into each side until you have attached the backing to the sides along the entire length of the sides (bend the backing to match the shape of the sides as you go).

On a sunny day, lean your parabolic cooker up against a fence or deck or whatever you have available (or you can design in an adjustable stand).
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Submit your email address below to be notified when I post new projects (typically less than once a year). Tin ore was first discovered in Australia in the 1880s, and in fact the Renison Bell mine in Tasmania (named after George Renison Bell, the prospector and explorer who first staked a claim in the area) is one of the largest underground tin mines in the world. The tin ore is separated from waste rock by gravity methods such as shaking tables and spirals, as it is relatively heavy. The Chinese were thus able to open up trade routes with Western Asia and Europe, ending 3000 years of Chinese isolation. They also used tin to make pewter items (like cups, plates and ornaments) made from 70% tin and 30% lead, which was dangerous given that lead is poisonous!
So a Frenchman called Nicholas Appert discovered that food boiled in glass bottles, then immediately sealed, would keep for several months. Famous bells include those in Westminster Abbey, the 'Oranges and Lemons' bells of St Clements, and the largest bell in the world in Moscow which weighs about 130 tonnes (Big Ben only weighs about 15 tonnes). Order any size up toA  12' X 32' with larger SLEEPING quarters, or more STORAGE and climb up to the second floor SHOOTER to hunt in style. This is fairly simple project (it only took me a couple hours to build after working out the proper dimensions) and it works great. There are a few different ways to generate a parabolic curve, but the easiest to understand (though not necessarily the easiest in practice) is simply doing the math.
Y is the same whether X is positive or negative, so I’ve only shown Y values for X values from 0 to 24 here). Screw these pieces to the center of each side so they stick out a little over 6″ to hold the skewer. Note the much larger tracking mirror array in the background reflecting sunlight onto the sliding glass doors to the right. 90% of the comments I received were simply to say how awesome the project was, but here are a few that offer some additional information. My version is designed for space heating in the winter, where the absorber is only 1×4 foot copper plate with one copper pipe, and acrylic front panel, that increases the efficiency and water temperature considerably even during 0-15 degrees F periods. I really like your projects, but i have to say that it would be alot easier to understand all the steps in this guide with a bit more photos. Unfortunately I built this long before I had any intention of posting instructions for its assembly. I’ve gotten away from buying commercially-processed foods and use mostly locally-grown produce. Tin was therefore an important metal in our history and development, taking us from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age.
To obtain pure tin, the ore is then heated with carbon in a smelting process, then further refined by heating.
Therefore, you need a way of holding your skewer 6″ away from the top edge of each side. The easiest way to tell when it is aimed correctly is to look at the shadows cast by the two skewer mounts.

At noon on a clear day, the tracking mirror array puts about 2 kW of free heat into the house, and lights up the room just as if it was a south facing window.
Solar cooking (on a cooker this size) does not progress very quickly, but it does progress faster than it appears to be. We made solar cookers for a project, and the smallest box cooked a hotdog to a black crisp on a clear day but only 50 degrees.
I have to do this for one of my classes and thisi makes sense until you say some crap about a formula!!!! My kidney disease has improved dramatically in the past 4 years and I no have to face dialysis. Bronze could be sharpened and used in tools and weapons, and people started to go in search of tin, venturing into other lands to trade goods.
In 1825, a ship carrying tinned foods (pea soup and beef) to the Arctic sank, yet nearly 100 years later some of the containers were recovered and the contents were still fresh enough to eat!
You can repeat the process on the second sheet or use the first sheet as a template to trace the curve onto the second (or if you are a brave enough, you can attempt to cut them both at the same time… clamp them together well first). When you can see a shadow cast on the inside surface of each side, then the cooker is aimed in the right direction. I find it takes about 6 minutes to cook ordinary weiners, and 8-10 minutes to cook the large smokies you see in these images.
BUT…be very careful, since it does not take much to damage your eyes with this kind of brightness at the focal point!
I’m building a cheap greenhouse against the wall of my house to have my own vegetables (and melons!) all year round. When both shadows pass through the origin of your parabola then the cooker is tilted to the right height. I eat most of my food raw because it’s much healthier, but of course it saves energy, too. You will have to adjust the cooker from time to time as the sun moves (or rather as the Earth rotates).
The design could be improved by mounting a smaller flat mirror (maybe 3″ wide) opposite the hot dogs from the parabolic mirror, thus cooking from both sides at the same time. I still buy imported sugar and spices, some chocolate and tea, but I’m going to grow my own tea too.
The particular hot dogs I’m cooking have built-in cheese which drips pretty badly, thus the improvised drip tray hanging from the skewer. I eat a no-kill diet – eggs, only rennetfree (usually homemade) cheese, nuts, vegs and fruit.
This cabin meets all of our needs for extra guests, huntingA blind, ATV storage and workshop area. We will deliver your cabin to your property, if we become stuck on your property; it is your responsibility to have a 4X4 tractor or Dozer on standby to assist us if needed and to ensure we can drive to your site and return back to the roadway.

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