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Our experienced technicians will build, design, and develop your modern and professional website. Our techs have more than 18+ years of experience developing and designing simple one-page websites for small and large organizations. All social media services added at the fastest rate possible while maintaining the safest standards. The answer to all these questions can be summed up easily in one sentence: Building, designing, managing, and collecting payments from customers can be done easily and straightforward, given the right tools I am about to show you. A method to collect payment from customers, such as a bank account, a PayPal account, or Google Wallet.
The other cool thing is that setting up your store is -so easy- to do, there is a full themes page which showcases both free and paid themes. WooCommerce is a alternative and a very popular E-Commerce platform that runs alongside WordPress. WooCommerce is a solid, albeit initially confusing e-commerce platform to sell products online.
If this helped you at all, I’d really appreciate it if you shared this article with someone who could also benefit too! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. So you want to build a website or have a website makeover but are not sure what's involved.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. In this guide, I’m going to go through the process of how to build a website from scratch without knowing any code! For more information on choosing a domain name, I wrote up a short guide on choosing a domain name which you can read through here. In order to build all my websites, from scratch, I use a program called WordPress (it’s free!). In order to install WordPress on you website, you have to login to your control panel (cpanel) with hostgator, and install the WordPress script on your domain. Plus, with free hosting companies, you just won’t get the support you need when you have questions or problems with your website.
This step is a little bit out of the realm of this tutorial, but basically, you would use WordPress to setup and publish all the content on your website. If you have any questions about this tutorial on how to build a website from scratch, please feel free to ask away in the comment section below!
To learn more about me and my procrastination and online marketing efforts, check out my about page.
It will be built in the most popular theme standard of WordPress so it will be easy to use and expand.
Your name, website hosting (for one year) and initial site build are all included in the above price. Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, it is completely worth your time and money to invest in an e-commerce website so you have a online presence to service potential customers.

The domain name is what your customers will type into Google in order to find your products online. The hosting provider, explained in as non-technical terminology as possible, makes it possible for people to access your website. This means all of your business websites don’t need their own hosting account, you can use one hosting account with BlueHost for -all- of the domains. Most of the themes can be custom designed inside of the settings page to change the color, layout, and other details incredibly easily. They do not take a commission off of your sales (although you can bet PayPal, Stripe, and the other payment plugins will!). Below, under which platform you’ve chosen, select the topic you want to know more about and we will get into specifics of each one. I had the idea because I wanted to help people with E-Commerce and websites, and it has expanded to what you see today.
This shows a typical website makeover project that your vendor would take you through. Having defined scope, process flows and deliverables are important for both parties.
You don’t have to be a programmer to build your own website, in fact, building a website from scratch is easier than ever.
You may be able to save a couple bucks on your domain, but if you are a beginner, you might want to skip the hassle of transferring the domain and just buy the domain with your hosting plan. First, I have been using hostgator for over 2 years with about a dozen other websites I own, and I have never had a problem with them. The company who hosts the site has all the power, even the power to take your site down at any time! I go into detail about using WordPress to create a website in another article I wrote: How To Build a Website With WordPress. This is the reason why many people are very interested in putting up their personal website without a deep knowledge and understanding about how websites work. I can’t express to you how much this has helped me in my own personal business endeavors to have a website up and running to direct customers to, so that they can buy products and easily obtain information about my brand and company right from their smartphone or computer. The great thing about Shopify is that they give you a free 14-day trial to test out everything, so if you totally hate it (I doubt you will, but you never know) by the end of the 14 days, just cancel and forget about it.
With that said, there is a bit of a learning curve to get used to WooCommerce and WordPress as a whole.
There are both free and paid options available, with WooCommerce-specific themes usually costing a bit more than the standard WordPress theme. There is no telephone, chat, or email support for WooCommerce (although you could try and post your question in the WooCommerce Forums to see if someone more knowledgeable could lend you a hand).
I hope you learn something worthwhile, and if you have any questions I'd love to hear from you.
After going through this tutorial, you will see that you can have your very own website up and running within 30 minutes! So you need to figure out what the name of your site will be, and you have to make sure that the domain you want is available. That’s what hosting does for you, it stores all the files of your website on a big server.

Also, when I first started building websites from scratch, I had a lot of questions and their customer service was just plain awesome! When I first started creating websites about 4 years ago I had a friend create a website with a free hosting company and they took down his site without notice – all of his content GONE OVERNIGHT.
It’s definitely worth spending a few extra bucks a month to get the proper hosting that your website needs (no matter what type of website you are creating). It is really important to have at least the knowledge about the components of a website for you to avoid wasting your time in creating your own website.
Followers, views, likes, subscribers, and all other promotions are done at the client’s own risk. There are over 80 different ways to accept payments, so you can integrate PayPal, Stripe, Google Payments, and even Shopify’s own payment processor.
There is a plugin for nearly everything, from shipping products to communicating to customers, to keeping stock of inventory.
If you have no prior experience with WordPress, it might be worth it to watch an introductory guide on YouTube or read a how-to for the basics. If you’re looking to go this route and need some advice on WordPress themes, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about choosing a good theme. If you get stuck, you’ll stay stuck until you work around the issue or get someone to help you out. Also, creating a website also needs a little knowledge on search engine optimization or SEO if you want other people to visit and interact with the information you have provided in your website. Contact us for upgrades or additional pages. Website name chosen must be available at a standard rate.
Mohr Publicity is not responsible for lost followers, subscribers, likes, views or any other administrative changes and decisions made by the targeted social media site. Do I need to hire a professional website designer for $100, $1000, or $10,000 to build the website and make it look presentable? Because when I made my first e-commerce website, I didn’t know a single thing about website design, web hosting, or all the other issues business owners run into when trying to sell products online. Installing a plugin is easy, there is a custom plugin section in your Shopify admin section that makes it easy to control the settings of each one. You would have folders for different types of files which are either stored on your hard drive or on a external drive.
Mohr Publicity and Mohr Productions are not affiliated with the social media sites promoted. If you want to hear the in-depth explanation of why this is, I summed it up quite nicely in this blog post. One downside is that customizing anything beyond what the theme allows you customize (like inserting custom icons or text in certain places that your theme doesn’t support) requires you to dive into some code.

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