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We’ll start with the homepage, on this one we will place basic but important information such as your logo, contact information, social network contacts and clientele opinions. Open the App Store on the Shelf at the bottom of the editor by clicking on the Apps tab, look for the Navigation App, drag and drop it on a new section above the one we were using before, from here you can add links, we will style this by clicking on each entry, deleting it's content and writing the pages we are gonna sue, if you are not sure about this leave them just like that, you can always return and edit them, this will be our main navigation tool between pages. This is how it will look like once you have added your entries, try different fonts and play with the dots to get the proper look. We've split the section where our Navigation app is on two and added a Logo of our own using the Image App. Use the plus sign or character at the bottom of your block to add one, this will be used to place more content on a different block. Install a text app on the column for the section of the new block, we are gonna use this to add info about or customers opinions. Install the Carousel App from our App Store on a new column on the same section that we were using before.
Once entries have been added and styled, hover over the app to show the App Toolbar, click on the Wrench Icon to pen the settings and make it show only one entry. Create a new block on the the one that we were using before, this will be our footer on every page. Scroll down trough the settings and you will see URL fields for some social networks, placing your url there will make an icon show and removing it will make it disappear. On this page we will be adding the things that you like and inspire you to become the seller who you want to be. Once a new page has been created from the previous one, duplicate the main text app and replace it's text with the proper one, change the background also. Split section into three columns and place our text in the middle one, use resizer lines, show with white arrows on the picture, to center the text app. Open the Dot found on the upper left corner of the app itself and add borders to it, white arrow points to the dot being used and red arrows shows fields that can be modified as thickness and type of border.
On the next block we are gonna remove previous sections that we had before and create two new ones. Split the newly created section into three columns, install a video on the first one, replace it and then duplicate it twice so you have three videos with same size and style, drag and drop each one of them to each column and replace them with your own urls. We are gonna add two more sections, one split into two columns and one using just one column. Create a new section under the other ones, install an Embed App from the shelf and click on the Pencil Icon to Edit its content. A page slide will open and here's where you can change the app code, erase current content and place yours, once yu are done editing hit the save button on the right upper corner and watch how the app has changed. If you are not able to center your app with the use of code, simply split the section into three columns and place your app in the middle one.
As we have done before we have to replace the background for the proper one for this page using the dot on the left upper corner, also, duplicate the text app that we had before and change the text on the new one, remove the old one and style using dots. Duplicate the text apps in the next block and replace the text on the new ones with proper text, remove the old ones, remove also the image app that was related and replace with a Slideshow App from our App Store, style in a similar way to the one in the picture, Arrows point to each app, a text app for the title, another one for the slideshow description and another one for the slideshow itself. Duplicate the text for the quote and replace it with the proper one, remember to delete the original app so it does not get modified in the previous page. As in previous pages, change background by clicking on the dot and use the Custom Image button after clicking on the Edit button. For the next two sections remove also all apps but the one with the title, duplicate this one and replace text, remove the original one. Replace the entries with proper images as we did with the Slideshow App, now, as you can see one of the red arrows points to the corner of one of the entries. Resizing an entry generates feedback wiich you can see as a blue overlay showing you the actual size once click is dropped. Once the entries have been replace and resized, create a second section for the next gallery, simply duplicate each one of the elements that we had before and replace them with the proper ones, check video for full process.
Add links to the credit section that redirect to a newpage with information about who participated on your store or anything that you like. Selec the part of the text that you want to make a link, click on the Lin Icon at the toolbar (you can see the mouse hovering over it on the picture) and choose the page where you want the page to go to. Once the link its added, click on the color box on the toolbar at the top, this time you have two options, one for the regular color, and one for the roll over one.
As you see is quite easy to create your own site, if by any chance you find yourself stuck in any step or don’t know how some of the steps were performed just take a look at our video. In this article you will learn some tricks you can do to stay on top of your apps organization. It is penetrating more and more of the population every day, with over 400 million monthly active users.
It plays on the visual obsession of our minds, and taps into the short attention spans of a generation. Now is the best time to get started with Instagram – it’s popular, fun, growing, and has huge engagement levels. Whether you’re creating your personal profile or managing your company’s account, the following tactics will help you build an Instagram following from scratch. You want to build a community that engages each other to create positive change; you want to drive followers to your website and convert them into paying customers. Having a group of brand enthusiasts will spread your message large and wide and sell your products for you.
You can directly access your bio through this link and search for characters and symbols here.
Also, you can encourage followers to share images relevant to your business using your own hashtag.
Adding a link to your Bio is easy and helps to put your followers down the path to purchase.
Once you set your goals, create an editorial calendar to automate your input and make sure your goals become inevitable. Only share images that best illustrate the story your brand is trying to tell, and trigger emotions that make people feel part of your story. Big brands like Oreo are using reactive storytelling successfully to create viral content that generates buzz and immediate response from their followers. If you’re starting from scratch, prepare 10 images and spread them throughout the next three days. Aside from growing your audience, you can reach out to influencers in your niche and build all sorts of partnerships, like Free offers for Shares or Paid Shoutouts. Just like Snapchat, Instagram Direct allows you to send photos and videos to others (privately) like a private message on Facebook. Now that all the elements are put into place, you need to keep an eye on your feed, followers and niche. This tool lets you see how many photos you’ve shared, the total number of likes and comments you’ve got, how many accounts you’re following. The amazing interest in visual content is only going to go up in the future, so there’s no better time to get started with Instagram than today. But Instagram’s real value consists of seeing how people interact with your brand and how they’re spreading your message.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Instagram and see how it’s working for your business, so share your experience in the comments below. Nice post, I know i should be using instagram, I have an instagram account, I have content I could repurpose from twitter and pinterest but it seems a hell of a grind to post content to instagram compared to everywhere else.
I have to get the content from my blog, or create it on my desktop onto my phone then upload it. Build A Lamborghini Countach Body From Scratch, Build Any Kit Car Body Using Our Simple System. I know the feeling of excitement when you finally make the decision to invest your hard earned money in to your dream project of building a kitcar. Then you have to consider the shipping costs and when the body kit arrives the body parts never fit together properly straight out of the box.
I thought the whole point of building a kitcar was to add your own individual touch to the project not fix OTHER PEOPLES MISTAKES!!!!!
After many months of concept design work and many more in construction I completed the body, I must say I was very impressed with the result.
On the weekends my friends would come over for a beer just to hang out in the garage and talk about the Lamborghini. One of my friends asked me if I could teach him the process as he wanted to build one as well.
So I decided to create the online video guide a€?Kitcar Plans Systema€? so anyone can build any sports car body they chose at home with no prior experience using just basic tools, in their own garage.
It's a unique video based instructional system with lots of resources and files that teaches you how to build any car body from scratch.
The access to the system is for life with the one payment you can access the members area at any time as long as you want.
This depends on how much time your willing to put in at the same time and how many formers you decide to use for the body. The entire system will be immediately available for you to access via the members area so you can get started right away after ordering.
I am 100% confident that this is the best approach to building a car body in a way that dramatically save you heaps of money and time. Remember, this offer can end at ANYTIME and if you wait, you may be out of luck to receive this system at such a low one-time investment of only $49 with all the FREE bonuses total valued at $387 I have had many emails from customers telling me this price is too low.
Exe files are blocked in gmail for security reasons and even if it is compressed using a software such as winzip or winrar they get detected.
The contemporary virtual commerce zone offers enormous possibilities for businesses with their own domains online and business blogs plays a vital role here. Hello all!It has not been a long time since we celebrated Pi day this year, and today I am going to be making a Pi themed loader screen.
When you migrate from one country to another, you may like to have a Payapl account for the local currency, but having two emails just makes life more complicated.
Loading time of your website or blog is one of the critical factors influencing search engine optimization, which whilst is too sluggish could take the reader far from your internet site and pass onto the following, as a consequence circuitously affecting your web page ranking as nicely.
One of the most important steps in publishing a blog on Wordpress is to optimize the blog for search engines using a tool such as Yoast.
A blog is a regularly updated website or webpage usually run by an individual, that is written in an informal style.
Its basically an experiment by Google called Chrome Music Lab for music lovers and others to learn music. This is a way to screw around with the internet, It is not permanent so nothing gets ruined. Ad blocking extensions are great for individual browsers but leave out other devices and applications.
In this Instructable, I'm going to show you how to use the address bar at the top of your browser to find information much quicker. As a creative entrepreneur in the early stages of establishing your online presence, you have realized that having a website is fundamental to success.
Here is a simple method using which you can easily download music from YouTube :)Do it at your own risk. What's common between Instructables, Google, Facebook and most other websites on the internet?
Today the need for a Email address is booming in most websites or job applications it requires an email to sign up or receive newsletters and now more than ever you need an email.
Today, I am going to show you a very free of charge way to enlarge your Google Account especially for Google Drive, Gmail, and any of Google Services. These 8 Twittering Thingamajigs allow you to control your projects through Twitter, Tweet Data from your Projects and even analyse Tweets to suit your own needs. This is a super quick and simple instructable that explains how i read my instructable pages easier.
Responsive Web Design, sometimes just called RWD, is definitely one of the most important aspects of web design today. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
Now I know that anyone can go to freewebs (ahem, webs) and get a free website, but that requires no skill. Making simple websites like those are really easy but the end produce would be just a rather simple website. Today we will be showing you how to to do a simple boutique style website design in a few steps. Under this text you’ll find a link with images and text documents of the elements used on this page, you can use them or use your own since this is just a tutorial and you can start creating your site right away.
Once that done insert a text app into that section and write the name of your store, you can change it size using the Edit In Place bar that comes at the top, use letter spacing and line height to give it a proper look. Hover over the section and click on the dot to alter spacing options to align the Nav App to the logo. Ass you see on the Edit In Place Toolbar at the top of the editor you can change text style really easy. This icons will function as buttons, once clicked a page will pop up with the profile for the service you selected. Use this to add spacing between sections, columns and blocks and to differentiate places from others. No reasons needed for the content of this page, with Breezi you can always be sure there are no limits.
We can create a simple but dynamic page by using the sliding gallery to save space and add motility to your site. We will be using a section for the title and a two columned section for the content, similar to the previous one just in a mirrored way. This is where you can showcase with pictures and information what your store is actually about. On the section under this one merge all columns and install an Image Gallery from our App Store, this is how the sections need to look now. A tooltip will come up telling you the scale of the image that's being resized relative to the one you uploaded.

Instagram is about capturing real moments, so you need to talk to your audience in their language: be positive, be inspiring, be authentic. You can use up to 200 characters to create your bio and tell people why they should follow you and what’s in it for them. The anatomy of a successful Instagram post is beautiful imagery, compelling overlaying text, post descriptions, mentions, hashtags and emojis. Sharing beautiful images is a great way to communicate complex messages to your audience and make them feel certain ways: curios, excited, happy, proud, nostalgic, hopeful, etc. They focus on a powerful storytelling approach that includes their logo and feelings associated with their product. This method lets you leverage an everlasting truth, a timely event or idea to build an instant connection with your audience. In terms of engagement, a Track Maven report shows that big brands get an average of 37 likes and comments for every 1k followers.
Iconosquare is a very easy to use tool that lets you view and browse Instagram from within their interface and offers a lot of data (e.g.
You can also see followers based on their location, your follower growth rate, new and dropped followers and more.
It’s the best platform to share your authentic brand message and develop a unique voice in your community. Last but not least, make sure you integrate Instagram with other social outlets to increase your influence and reach to as many people as possible. On her blog Wingman Magazine she helps people to discover their true potential, have better relationships, boost careers and feel great in their own skin. You look around for the ultimate dream kitcar body and you realize that these kits are really expensive.
But frustrating searches on the Internet only turned up dodgy companies selling expensive body kits, or finished cars that just break the BANK.
They where really fascinated about the process, how I could have made such a perfect job knowing I had no experience in building a car body from scratch. All cars built using our system end up looking exactly as the real car as we use 3D models of the real vehicles and the measurements are the same. We recommend you buy OEM glass which is after market and its much cheaper then the original. In the event that you dona€™t think this is for you in this time period, just send me an email and you will receive all your money back, period. Unauthorized duplication or publication of any materials from this site is expressly prohibited. Then I thought others might benefit.If your custom Facebook page needs regular updates and management, granting privileges to others will help you share the burden. I have the answer and solution for you right here….Start your own website here!Hi there! All those aspiring for a dominant presence across the business zone online, a business blog is the most imperative. By adding Facebook friends' birthday calendars to Google calendar, we can sync it to our mobile phones and get reminders promptly. This video shows you as to how you can create multiple paypal accounts with just one Gmail Id. Basically, we're turning the address bar into a command line for the web.Why?A few keystrokes will cut down on repetitive tasks. Whether your goal is to provide freelance work, catch the eye of a future employer, or even open your own shop, a website can get you there. But, in fact, internet is a computer that works as a server which will save our file or data. In this Instructable, I'll show you how to create your own login interface using Adobe Dreamweaver. This collection contains some of the best Twitter powered IoT Instructables to help you get started in the field of Social Media & IoT.
It simply takes advantage of the fact that every instructable has TWO websites, rather than one. If you have any questions about how the site was built take a look at our video to see our process. This is how your inspiration page can look like, add anything that you feel attracted to in your work! The boldest one functions as a title for our text in the right, both of them contained in the same section and the bottom one contains an inspirational quote, change style, color, font and size to create hierarchy and importance, note how text at the bottom is lighter and clearer to show an important but slightly imperceptible effect. Only use this ap if you know at least a little bit of HTML codes or know what you're doing, with this app you have no limits but keep in mind improper code can break your site. We're done with this page, continue to the next one and if you have any questions check the video tutorial and use dots to style your site.
This is how the sliding gallery will look like, keep in mind actual images are moving so be sure to check the live site we have included at the begginign of this tutorial. If more entries are needed click on the Add Entry icon on the left side of the app toolbar. Under this paragraph you’ll see how our Work page looks like, check the live site and use arrows at the sides of our pictures to browse trough the gallery. Built from scratch in the 1930s, England, using only hand tools, John’s father made this little sports car. This means that if you’ve got 100 followers, you should expect to get 3.7 interactions (likes and comments) per post. Instagram is a mobile-based platform, so any URLs you share should lead people to mobile-friendly pages. If you have any other operating system you will need to run WINE compatible windows OS loader.
The more formers you use to form the body the more accurate the shape will look and you will not need to smooth out the contours as much. You can log in at any time and access the content as our team constantly reviews and adds bonus material. Well, a glance at the latest trends and online behaviors reveals quite an up-close camaraderie between these two. This tutorial will work fairly well for all versions of Dreamweaver, but I'm using the CC edition.
And yes, when i found this out i, like you, was made to think that i have been living my life a lie. The Kitcar Plans System will show you how to build your own kitcar body from scratch ( this is the same method kitcar manufacturers build theirs) .

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