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A header, it could be a slideshow – if you want a cool header that can be built fast you can try the Image Show Pro Dreamweaver extension.
If want to use round corners CSS panels and you’re not that great with the coding part you should take a look at a Dreamweaver extension: Flexi Panels CSS. Ok, we have our blueprint for the layout and the right programs to start building it, so let’s begin.
Inside the logo container we need to define two containers, one for the image and one for the text. I’ve also created some rules for the links inside the logo container so that we don’t get blue underline text for the links.
Now we need to define the CSS rule for the main container that will hold those CSS Panels with round corner.
Ok, now we have a nice webpage with round CSS corners that we have to fill it with information. If you want to have a nice slideshow, you can create it with a Dreamweaver extension: Image Show Pro . You’ll need pictures for the slideshow, so browse for the pictures that you want to have into the slideshow. First we need to modify the z-index for the Creative DW Menu so that the header will stay on top of the main content. Ok, this kinda wrap things up on building this cool site with CSS round corners panels and a dynamic news nugget.
Extend Studio develops a suite of Dreamweaver extensions and Flash components that ease up designers and web developers work. The Extend Studio team is present at the Smashing Conference organized by Smashing Magazine. Parallax scrolling is a fantastic new trend in web design that, if used properly, will make your website stand out beautifully.
In this article, we gathered 20 parallax scrolling tutorials that every designer must read. Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs.
Line25 was built in March 2009 as a place to share web design ideas and inspiration through articles, tutorials and examples of stunning site designs. But what we could do more than just that and make it have rounded corners, flashy unlimited levels menu and a flash dynamic news feed on the right panel? First of all is the layout of the website,  so let me explain all the elements from my layout. You can choose a standard color or a gradient between two or more colors, the option is yours.
There are many programs that can help you create easily a logo, or if you are a more of a designer you can create your own logo. You can use a template from the web or you can create one from scratch, the choice is yours. It doesn’t matter if you choose vertical or a horizontal menu, just find the right menu that you like.

We have set the body background, meaning the webpage will use the background image that we have created. We need to place the logo at the top, so the position will become absolute with 0 pixels for the top. The other parts meaning the main content and the footer should go smoother after the header.
Find the header div for our main CSS Panel, and where it said “Title” we should place our header slideshow.
If you don’t have the Image Show Pro installed please do so, so we can proceed with our tutorial. To save time we can build very fast a menu with the Creative DW Menus Pack Dreamweaver extension.
We need to create a container for the left content and a div container for the right panel. Our tools extend the functionality of Flash (8, CS3, CS4) and Dreamweaver (8, CS3, CS4) bringing new features, optimizing the development and increasing the productivity for both beginners and advanced users. Parallax scrolling refers to the effect created by having the background move at a slower pace than the foreground as you’re scrolling down a webpage. The trick is using this effect sparingly, in order to result in a subtle, 3D visual narrative that will capture the user’s full attention.
For one, it helps hold on to the viewer’s interest a it encourages them to continue exploring the webpage. We found these websites super helpful in explaining how to best use the parallax effect, as they offer great examples of what a successful parallax scrolling website looks like. We think that these tutorials will inspire you to use this effect in your own web designs as they will aid you in creating parallax scrolling websites using jQuery and CSS. Every subscriber gets a free pack of 100 HD Blurred Backgrounds + bonus 10 realistic web shadows. Check out Iggy's design tutorials and articles at his Web Design Blog or follow his daily findings on Twitter. Be the first to see new posts by subscribing by RSS, have new content delivered by Email, or join Line25 on Twitter. Something like this web 2.0 template with nice round CSS corners and a right panel with a flash dynamic news feed.
And if you want to create fast and easy a drop-down menu, or a vertical menu you should take a look at Creative DW Menus Pack. The repeat-x means that we only want the image to be duplicated on the horizontal axis and the top means that we set the image to be align to the top.
And finally we need a div container for those round corner CSS boxes that we will be using.
We don’t want the logo to stick with the top left corner so we will add 50 pixels for left.
Also an absolute positioning and we need to set it apart from the top, because it will interfere with the logo and the media icons.
Set the width of the slideshow to 1000px and the height accordingly to your design, mine is 289px. Once you have the new nugget created you need to copy the swf file into the folder where your design is.

In order to add two CSS Panels into one div we have to create a container div for each CSS Panel. This effect creates an illusion of depth that draws the viewer in as they are navigating through a website.
When used properly, parallax scrolling can create a beautiful story that unfolds clearly and neatly as one scrolls down. Second, it gives the designers control over the course of the viewer’s attention, allowing for more opportunities to enthrall the visitor and communicate a message more clearly. Also if you want to implement those media icons (twitter, facebook) then we need another div for those media icons.
Go to Dreamweaver, in the Insert panel there will be “CSS Panels for DW” and press “Insert Panel”. It’s quite lovely and it will make your website infinitely more interesting and easy to navigate! This gives designers unlimited control over the flow of user experience as it makes webpages infinitely more interactive and engaging, not to mention memorable. Moreover, it allows designers to store all the information on one page (turning your website into a one-page website, which is a very popular trend at the moment), while making it extra easy for users to navigate.
We also need to define a width dimension for the logo container in order to use the float rule.  I’ve added a border to the sample code below to show the surrounding edges for the logo container. The interface for the CSS Panel will pop up and you can choose one the many themes from there.
We don’t want it to be pinned to the left margin so we set a 25px for the left margin and a top margin of 5px. Moreover, another possible disadvantage of using this effect could be load times and mobile use. Parallax scrolling will turn your website into a sort of a storybook that will help the visitor better understand what it is that you’re trying to sell or advertise.
Or if have made you own design,  press “Create your own design” and the Flexi Slicer AIR application should open. Parallax websites take slightly longer to load as they pack loads of information into just one page.
Also choose one of the many themes that you like and customize it in order to fit the layout. The container for the image and the text will have a width of 630px because we set a left padding of 20px.
Just remember when you set a margin or padding to not exceed the width of the upper container.

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how to build a website with css in dreamweaver

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