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WordPress is one of the most popular applications in the web design community not only for its ease of use as a blogging platform, but for its versatility in any kind of content managed website.
This thorough 11 part tutorial series takes you through every detail of creating your own WordPress theme from scratch. Sam Parkinson takes us through the process of building this custom blog theme in his tutorial on Nettuts+ and describes the use of each template file along with code samples. Another tutorial that I remember being really useful was Chris Coyier’s video screencast series. Oneextrapixel hosts a more up to date WordPress theme tutorial that explains some of the newer features and functionality such as custom post thumbnails and the revised method of calling the whole comments list and comment form from WordPress 3.0 and beyond.
Chapter two of the complete WordPress theme guide on Web Designer Wall focuses on the building of a custom theme. Dan Walker’s tutorial on Wptuts+ not only covers the basic how-to of building WordPress themes, but also includes tips on creating public themes. The complete code samples in this tutorial from Developer Drive makes it easy to see how WordPress template tags are combined with HTML to provide that dynamic functionality, as well as being easy to copy and paste straight into your working files. Just in case you’re new around here, I also have a bunch of WordPress theme tutorials.
One of my more popular WordPress theme tutorials here on Line25 was my guide to creating a basic portfolio theme. Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Hello, I'm contacting you because we are looking for website developers, web designers and graphic artist. We are now doing partnerships with web designers that would include a kickback for every client brought to us. Awesome suggestions.Nothing like some work along tutorials and hands on action to learn faster.
Now, if this post actually went into some detail about which one was the best to read and why, it would be worthwhile.. Excellent, we are in process of renewing our theme for a custom theme in WP and this info will be helpful, of course.
Line25 was built in March 2009 as a place to share web design ideas and inspiration through articles, tutorials and examples of stunning site designs.
When people in the automotive and car business decide to create website, they know this site should feature special kind of layouts and certain options necessary for their company to function properly online.
I’ve prepared a collection of 17 automotive and car WordPress themes aimed at various businesses related to the niche. Adding listings to your directory is very easy with the VIN Decoder, all you need to do is add your vehicle VIN number and all the data will pre-fill the listing information right away. Another theme called Automotive, this one is created by Templatic makes a fine choice for anyone who wants to start a car portal.
Your car classifieds website can be up and running in no time and you can even use it as a proper web store because it is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. The Automotive Ace theme is a responsive car dealership theme featured at Mojo-Themes with many animations, page and post transitions, sliders and carousels. The Autos Pro theme features an attractive homepage and many custom page templates suitable for a wide range of uses.
Vehicle search is also included and it is fully customizable so you can add or remove fields easily. The AutoTrader theme from Themefuse is a gorgeous WordPress theme and one of the best automotive themes we’ve came across, suitable for online car marketplaces, automotive magazines and blogs.
The theme is packed with all the crucial features needed for such a website, such as suitable pages and options, splendid search fields and many filters you can setup to have your website function better than you’ve even imagined. The Car Dealer theme from Gorilla Themes is aimed at dealerships with Craigslist integration. You can add videos to your listings, and with a blog module included you can post as much as you want.
BizzThemes’ Car Hire theme has an integrated booking system created for rent-a-car agencies. Your customers will automatically be emailed and informed about their booking and you don’t have to worry about double bookings because a booked car doesn’t appear as available on already booked dates. You can feature various reviews, recent posts and latest posts on the homepage as well and all of your content can be placed in a wide range of categories for easy navigation.
Driving School is a WordPress automotive theme aimed at small businesses and it features all the necessary options. Separate sections are included for testimonials, service boxes, tabs and FAQ, pricing tables and a member section is also featured. Navigation comes with a featured listings slider, featured listings grid, a custom made search form and you can even add a map where you can mark each listing by address and location.
Many parameters are included for the search form and you can easily include or exclude each one of them.
Radial features a car listing design with multiple page support and a table reservation system. You can feature your hottest deals in a huge slider, and beside that you can also present many offers of your choosing on the homepage, right under this slider.
SpotFinder is created for location-based listings with front-end custom submissions included and PayPal integration. An easy drag & drop interface is featured, as well as customizable search fields, user notifications, a custom built review system and all of this is going to look great on every device thanks to the responsive design of this theme.
The Tucana featured at Themeforest comes with two homepage options, a clean and elegant design and powerful admin theme options.
It features custom post type for slideshows, custom page templates and portfolio page templates with categories and lightbox support for images and videos.
Custom built list mapping is included and 17 custom widgets such as: Asspace, Agend info, Agent other listings, Broker info, etc. With a child theme creator included, you can create a child theme in no time and a QR code is included for quick checking out via mobile devices. Start off your website as a professional, choose only the best for your business and you will be rewarded with new customers.
You will not be spammed and we will *not* share your address with *anyone*, your email address will be kept completely confidential. Check out this new deal from InkyDeals, the place where creative professionals can get quality design products!
The expression of community has changed considerably since the emergence of social media technologies, but its basic foundation — the notion of individuals exchanging information, ideas, and opinions — remains firmly intact.
Breadcrumb NavXT, the successor to Breadcrumb Navigation XT, improves your site's navigation by building this kind of virtual breadcrumb trail for your users to follow. You don’t need to be a PHP whizz to be able to put together your very own custom WordPress theme. Before getting stuck in, it’s useful to spend a few moments familiarising yourself with how WordPress themes work.
It makes sense to work from the top downwards, so I always start with the header.php template file.
Starting at the top, the title is firstly switched out for a couple of template tags that will insert a WordPress generated title for each page of the site. The standard HTML in the static mockup can then be switched out for dynamic tags, which WordPress will use to insert the relevant information about each post.
The archive template file acts in a similar way to the index, in that it’s used to display a list of all the recent posts. The sidebar.php template file contains all the sidebar content, so that it can be easily called from any of the other template files.
The sidebar.php template for this particular theme starts with a link to the built in RSS feed. You have the option of including all kinds of template tags in the footer, such as displaying the list of categories, a list of tags, or using it to show an archives list. I'm going to start using WordPress, mainly because of the good comments integration, so this will help me no ends.

WP knowledge is definitely a must-have skill, I think, for designers and this tutorial helps LOADS!
My friend was just thinking of starting WordPress theme development, and since I am not that good of a teacher, I just sent him this link and teach him based on this. Hi Chris, well this is nice for start with WP, but I can not stand not to mention your Sticky theme from your blog. Been looking for something like this for a while, as a new client has wanted their website in WordPress, which i said I would do, but don't know how yet! Awesome Tuts, The first thing I`ll do when I get the chance i folow this tut and build my first WordPress Theme. Excellent read Chris, I've only started building wordpress themes for clients, and appreciate the quick tips. Building custom themes for WordPress is pretty straight forward, making it one of the easiest templating systems to master.
The series begins with a look at the structure of a WordPress theme before taking a close look at each of the various template files. I remember reading this WPDesigner post back in 2007 and using it myself to get the hang of building WordPress themes.
This three part tutorial takes a live look at building a WordPress theme, which gives that extra insight you just don’t get from a written guide. The initial overview of features alone is useful for anyone creating a generic theme to sell or give away. This recent tutorial takes you through the process I used to create my Typo WordPress theme. This tutorial covers the usual template tags, but also explains how custom page templates can be used to tailor the blogging platform into more of a content management system.
Every subscriber gets a free pack of 100 HD Blurred Backgrounds + bonus 10 realistic web shadows.
Check out Iggy's design tutorials and articles at his Web Design Blog or follow his daily findings on Twitter.
Also, we work with several clients looking to have websites built, so we would be referring clients to you. The best part of this CMS is that they have number of plugins inbuild in the which makes the management of entire website as an ease.
As it provides the same tools as wordpress, it is just easier to set up and manage on a day to day basis. Be the first to see new posts by subscribing by RSS, have new content delivered by Email, or join Line25 on Twitter. Recognizing the right theme for your website is crucial, because the right theme has all the important qualities wrapped up and packed into a perfect product for your needs. This includes not only car dealers, but also automotive magazines, vehicle marketplaces, blogs, car rentals, etc.
It features a responsive layout, Craigslist integration, batch XML and CSV importing of vehicle listings, VIN Decoder and many more handy options. A full blog module is integrated and you can allow your customers to add their own vehicles for appraisal, which you can integrate in the inventory, approve or delete it as you please.
A front end submission form is included so you can choose whether you want the directory to be user driven or you want to manage it all by yourself. With tons of shortcodes, a powerful admin panel, quick setup time and numerous variations for creating a unique website, Automotive Ace justifies the “Ace” in its name. You can showcase your vehicle collection in a showroom and allow your visitors to choose views (grid or list). WordPress’s custom menus are supported with a possibility of adding and editing many areas. This theme fits the automotive businesses all the way, as it comes with 6 different color schemes, 3 different sliders, animated backgrounds, tabs on the front-page, lightbox mouse-over effects for photos and videos, Cufon headlines, many unique custom jQuery plugins, and much more.
You can also choose whether you want your visitors to add their own vehicles to your website or you can choose it to be run by you (the admin) only.
A slideshow for the hottest info is added to the top of the homepage, and the sidebars are reserved for the top 10 cars of your choice as well as various featured articles and posts. There is an application form included on the homepage and the whole theme is responsive so it is suitable for all kinds of devices, including smartphones and tablets. It is perfect for car dealers as it allows you to display unlimited attributes for each listing like location, color, fuel type, all of them being user generated so you can choose which to create and add to private listings. It can be used for real estate as well, as you get to choose which one of these two theme options you want to use. Listings can be browsed by desired values, such as manufacturer, body type, model year, engine size, etc. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated, so do not use a spammy keyword or a domain as your name, or it will be deleted.
If you think that WordPress is only meant for creating blogs then you are absolutely wrong.
Her company, Nette Media develops social media technologies for women and multicultural communities, and she blogs at Technicultr. Today, one of the most widely-used tools in developing these types of exchanges online is WordPress, the popular blogging and publishing platform. Featured Content Gallery - If you're not an expert in programming or design, Featured Content Gallery makes it easy to highlight images, posts, or pages anywhere on your site.
Popularity Contest - Your users will want to know what's popular and interesting to their peers in the community and the Popularity Contest Plugin can help. Viper's Video Quicktags - Including video in your community is easy using Viper's Video Quicktags.
WPtouch - Part of keeping the community vibrant means letting your users take it with them. Disqus Comment System - Nothing stops a potential commenter in their tracks faster than having to set up a user ID and password in order to leave a message on your site. Customize Your Community - Customize Your Community (CYC) provides some useful options for those building communities in WordPress.
Clicky - While Google Analytics provides you with a long-term perspective on your site metrics, Clicky gives you instantaneous feedback. Breadcrumb NavXT - Your users aren't exactly Hansel and Gretel, but they still may occasionally need help navigating your site, particularly if it's content-heavy. Advertising Manager - If you were previously using the Adsense Manager plugin, you've probably noticed that it hasn't been updated in a while. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. WordPress themes are made up of multiple files, and each one is either called from the index, or is used when viewing a particular page on the website, such as a post view or an archive. Within this folder copy across the images, Javascript and CSS files that are used in your static mockup.
Paste in the HTML from your static mockup ranging from the doctype right down to where the main content is due to start. Then, the URL to the stylesheet can be swapped for a special template tag that is reserved specifically for this job. This is followed by the WordPress loop, which essentially checks for new posts and displays them accordingly. The archive template file is used when a user views a category archive, an archive by date, or any other archive view, such as by author or tag.
By using if (is_category()), WordPress will check whether the user is browsing the category archives, or the date archives and display a title accordingly.
This uses the same code to generate a list of posts, and just like the archive template file a title can be inserted at the top to give a visual clue for the user. The two parameters setup the size of the gravatar, and render only comments – no trackbacks. The footer for this particular theme is pretty simple, it just includes a couple of links and a back to top anchor. I have a project where I could use WordPress as the backend CMS and I'm definitely going to give it a go now.

I have a project where I could use WordPress as the CMS and I'm definitely going to give it a go now. This post rounds up 15 of the best WordPress theme tutorials, each taking you through the process of building your own WP theme from scratch.
A lot of features have been included in WordPress since 2007, but the core process of building themes remains the same. With these themes, creating and maintaining your website comes down to simple installations, allowing you to run your business properly even if you aren’t a skilled coder.
VIN number decoder is included, the easiest possible way of adding listings to your directory. Managing multiple office locations is also possible, as well as easily categorizing cars and creating groups of different car types. With VIN detail output included (optional), you can have your listings auto filled quickly and easily. The theme design and all its elements are perfect for car related businesses, and as for the listings themselves, they are easily manageable.
Besides WordPress she loves to read, shop, play tennis and indulge her passion for dark chocolate. Indeed, it is a great online Content Management System with a lot of customization, plug-ins and themes. Part of its appeal is the ease with which users can build advanced functionality into their sites with plugins. It comes with a sleek and contemporary design that is fully customizable through the WordPress dashboard, so that you can integrate your highlighted content seamlessly with the rest of your site. It keeps track of the most popular posts and pages on your site and acts as a leaderboard that directs users to the most active content in your community. Just enter the URL of the video in the prompt box and see a preview of the video right on your screen.
You can go mobile with your community using WPtouch and avoid building a mobile website or the costs of developing an iPhone application.
At the same time, most of us would like some sort of authentication process we can use to identify and correspond with other users as we develop our communities. The dashboard includes traditional site metrics, but also offers cool features, like "Spy", which pinpoints the location of current visitors on a map. This plugin may require customization, depending on your theme; check out the Advanced Options section of the plugin's homepage for additional instructions. That's because it has been succeeded by Advertising Manager, which is recommended unless you are using WordPress version 2.5 or earlier.
WP125 allows you to do everything from arranging the ad display so that it fits your site design to setting timelines for ads (they can be removed automatically or manually at expiration). Now, let’s take the static code and inject some simple PHP template tags to give that dynamic functionality of a WordPress theme. You’ll also want to create a number of empty PHP files to correspond with the template files listed above. Then you can go through the code and replace elements with the special PHP template tags that allow WordPress to take control. The index displays all the recent posts, and also calls the header, sidebar and footer files to render a complete page.
In the single.php file, the comments template is also loaded, which will display the comments section below the post content, but before the sidebar and footer are loaded. Next up, a list of pages are rendered in list format, just like the categories list in the header. Just like in the header, there’s a special tag used to reserve a space for any additional code that might be inserted by WordPress plugins etc. 361 various icons are featured for loading images and many different homepage designs you can choose from.
Vehicle details and specifications with a financing calculator and contact form are featured and they can be activated on any page. It is possible to create many different WordPress sites quite easily and the look and feel, functionality and usability is typically very good compared to other solutions.
Our client retention rate is approaching 98% (you can't make everybody happy right?) For 'serious about growing' business owners we offer our trademarked NO BS assessment of your marketing and customer facing technology. Want more buyers? Better integrate with your core sales and customer systems.  Software costs and integrations issues hindering your business plan? Yes WordPress can.For serious about growing business owners we offer our trademarked NO BS assessment of your marketing and customer facing technology. You can customize the point values assigned to user actions on the site, such as comments or views, and display the results easily in a widgetized-sidebar. Then specify the dimensions and other customizations you'd like to add and see your final product before saving it into your post.
You can control the mobile user interface by allowing the browser to automatically route users to the interface of your choosing — your site or the WPtouch interface, which looks similar to an iPhone app. The Disqus Comment System allows users to engage with your site using their Twitter, Disqus, Facebook, OpenID or selected other accounts.
In addition to giving your community a standardized look and feel, CYC helps with a long-standing navigational issue in WordPress: it automatically directs "subscribers" to their profiles and bypasses the WP backend entirely.
It's an easy way to get a snapshot of your site's current activity and, in conjunction with Google Analytics, gives you a comprehensive overview of your site's activity.
The renamed version supports a broader group of ad networks in addition to Google AdSense, such as Adify, AdBrite, and several others. It also provides a placeholder for empty ad space, which you can switch to your own customized version. Having a copy of the Default WordPress theme to hand is useful in order to copy across tags, otherwise the WordPress Codex is like your very own instruction manual for each and every template tag available. If your theme makes use of multiple authors or shows tags publicly, you could also insert snippets to display titles for these scenarios.
The comments template is then finished off with a form, allowing users to submit a comment. You can follow her on Twitter or if you're on Google+ then you can add Renee Klein to your circle. Few experienced WordPress users know its real power and they are coming up with more & more innovative ideas to create WordPress sites.
You can also show or hide post excerpts and customize the icons and general appearance of your mobile site.
This tag tells WordPress where to insert any additional code from plugins etc, that need to sit inside the document head. Bonus: the Reactions feature allows you to include the social component of user feedback into your comments.
Because WordPress is free and know to be one of the most powerful and yet easy to use publishing applications available.
So why not benefit from the cool features that turned WordPress into the most loved blogging platform even if you are not a blogger?
In this article I give you some insight into the multi-faceted and multi-functional CMS – WordPress. You will find plenty of ideas and examples to get you started building websites using WordPress.
You can also use one or more of these simple WordPress themes as they will be great for building user friendly wordpress sites. Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service.

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