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There are several methods out there from just using a permeable porous concrete type mix if you prefer a solid looking surface, to a brick style where water can run through the cracks, a basic gravel, or just go all the way and create a green live driveway of grass, turf or native plants.  The really easy (and somewhat common) way to create a green driveway is to plant an area and provide a solid surface (such as bricks or concrete strips) for the tires only.
To make it even better, you can make it a green driveway by adding grass or some type of low growing hearty foliage to help with the absorption of runoff and automobile leaks.
If you own or know of companies with green driveways, please leave a comment below for our readers. From what I have heard, they do great in colder, snowy climates since the roots are protected within the honeycomb structure below ground. For a sleek finish driveway, try resin based surfacing that is porous so allows water to soak through, reducing the risk of flooding, and it can be made from recycled materials such as crushed CD’s.
I have only one concern with this, especially since these versions are so much pretty than traditional concrete or asphalt.
Actually, that is the great thing about these types of driveways, instead of oil dripping onto concrete and then washing off into stormdrains, it is filtered through the soil. Unless you are directly ontop of an aquafir or ground well, it is more beneficial to have these tiny amounts of oil broken down and filtered through the soil and plants.
The question how to Build an Inexpensive Rabbit Hutch has been asked 967 times by our users.
If the door to your rabbit hutch is fairly high, it a good idea build ramp make easier for rabbits go inside hutch.
This inexpensive DIY rabbit hutch is easy to build and will provide your rabbits with a comfortable sturdy house live in.

6) 4 Stalls Rabbit Hutch(video tutorial) This is a rabbit hutch with length of 8 ft which 2 x frames.
Jul 18, 2012 · With the start of blog, this seemed like perfect time to build a bunny condo.
Back1 of 8Next No need to just recycle those wine bottles, it’s wasting their precious material!
While we build a wide variety of custom fence styles, we understand that many different fencing applications only require the bare bones, cheapest fence available. They allow for absorption of runoff, recharging aquifers, and naturally filters the water before it reaches ocean, lake and river outfalls, improving water quality. This is such an easy, affordable tool that can help make our world a little bit more green. We live in central NY (very snowy and cold) and I am concerned about how well the plastic grating will stand up to our climate. Professionals are out there  who can help you plan and execute your eco friendly driveway, or you can just do it yourself (DIY). Most living driveways incorporate several layers, starting with a compacted sandy surface to maintain grade, followed by a sandy loam filled support structure (commonly a plastic honeycomb grid) to support the root system and maintain the solid surface to drive on. The fiberglass or plastic honeycomb works great for shovels or light impact snow clearing devices. Lets start with the variations on what is available in the way of environmentally friendly driveways.

Porous pavement can mimic traditional asphalt or concrete but is manufactured without the fine, dense materials and incorporates hollow spaces that allow for water infiltration.
If it will contact or bang up against the driveway, you may want to use the concrete systems to prevent wear. This is not the greenest option, but is a great alternative to a traditional concrete or asphalt driveway. I would consult one of the green driveway contractors for their recommendations- they would be the best to know. By doing this we’re able to customize your fence to the inclinations and declinations in your land, no extra charge! Because of many homeowner association rules and aesthetic considerations, this may be the best option for you. Furthermore, we set each post in heigh strength concrete and build these fences with the newer, more natural looking ACQ pressure treated pine lumber from YellaWood®. For our basic chain link fences, we use high strength, domestic chain link materials that we purchase in bulk and warehouse ourselves.
So if you’re looking to purchase a cheap wood, chain link, wire, vinyl, metal, steel or aluminum fence in Atlanta Georgia, look no further than Fence Workshop™!

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