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Configure IIS handler mapping for PHP by using either IIS Manager user interface or a command line tool. To determine what user account is used as an anonymous identity in IIS 7 use the following command. Configure IIS FastCGI settings for recycling of PHP processes by using the commands shown below. Increase the timeout settings for FastCGI if it is expected to have long running PHP scripts. I want to share the solution to a problem I wasted a couple of hours on:I have some scripts that run for several minutes, they calculate lots of things. Excellent notes the last comment about adding the environment variables works as previously stated for both examples. For setting the time out above it took me forever to figure out the right combination for double and single quotes (and no quotes) given I had spaces in the absolute path to my php-cgi.exe file. IIS 7.0 is a commonly used internet web server and is included with Windows Vista, however, when you first install Vista the IIS 7 Web Server is not installed or turned on by default.

Installing IIS 7.0 creates a Web site server to which users can connect via HTTP or HTTPS protocols. Expand the Web Management Tools area, double click IIS 6 Management Compatibility, and then select the IIS 6 Metabase and IIS 6 Configuration Compatibility check box. Right-click Default Web Site to display a list of options available, and then click Start to enable your default Web site if it is already not. Cherokee is an innovative, feature rich, lightning fast and easy to configure open source web server designed for the next generation of highly concurrent secured web applications with user friendly interface called cherokee-admin GUI interface. By default Cherokee project offering automatic installer for all other distribution whichever not having repository. You can use the Windows Vista Web Server to develop and modify your websites and web applications development and web design.
For Ubuntu you need to enable PPA and PPA is available upto Ubuntu 13.10, for latest Ubuntu version you need to install from source or auto installation method. Every time it will generate the one time password for admin interface authentication when you are hitting the below command due to security reason.

Unfortunately I have the German version, I guess the setting translates to "activity timeout" and "request timeout".
Now, HTTP pipelines, handlers, modules, XML files and more are all natively built into the server platform. If you want to access the cherokee admin to specific IP address you can do by adding -b option, if you didn’t mention the IP address, it will bind to all interfaces. When I was about to give up, I found that link where the official Microsoft installer made it stupidly easy.Use it, save your time and get back to work faster. So normal users would have to wait MINUTES just because a kind of admin-user is running the long script. It may sound obvious, but coming from an old ISAPI-installation, those problems where rather new to me.

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how to build and configure a web server or database

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