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The yellow door is a recycled sliding garage door destined for the tip and the 1950a€™s timber window had the same fate.A  With enough exterior cedar weather board for two sides, and the remainder completed in left over hardiflex. As the materials were gathered and building commenced it became apparent it was far too nice to put the lawn mower in so it became a sleep out. Learn how to build an earthbag house, install a rain catchment system, expand our solar electric system, make a Rocket Stove with cob, and establish an Aquaponics system to grow vegetables and fish. We are Jim and Mindy Phypers, directors of SolarHaven2 in Veracruz, Mexico (and earlier of Solar Haven in Arizona).
Choice of properties in the Yucatan peninsula is not finalized but we will have approximately five hectares of natural, undeveloped land in the forest.
We must clear enough land to build an A-frame bunk-house and kitchen with native bamboo harvested nearby (with tin sheets for the roof to collect the rain-water) before we build our individual houses. Volunteers in Veracruz helping us pack up and install a solar electric system will sleep in our Airstream travel trailer. We can make either a simple Rocket Stove from ceramic blocks (left) or if we get inspired a Rocket Stove with some real personality constructed with cob (right). While there are no costs for lodging, everybody must pitch in to help prepare meals and wash dishes and share in the food costs.
Our electricity will be provided by a small solar electrical system (500 watts) installed on the roof and inside our Airstream travel trailer -- four solar panels and four batteries. We have four dogs (plus three cats), all rescued from the streets where they were starting to die.
From the images spread around the world of drug-gang violence in many Mexican cities the answer would have to be no, at least not in the bigger cities. Please help make our new Eco-community become a reality as well as help SolarHaven2 continue its work through outreach to the local community and volunteers and Interns who will learn by direct experience working with us to build a real Eco-community. We need to relocate our program to promote living simply and sustainably due to increased safety issues in our village and surrounding area.

The Yucatan is considered the safest place to live in Mexico and has highly suitable tracks of undeveloped forest land for sale with proper documentation. Earthbag houses are less expensive to build, use primarily natural, non-manufactured materials that consume much energy to produce, can be built by non-professionals, are more sturdy and better insulated than conventional houses, and are better able to withstand extreme weather events and earthquakes.
Volunteers in the Yucatan will be camping out till our A-frame bunk-house and kitchen building is completed.
While the speed and throughput of our service are not great, the system is sufficient for everybody to send e-mail and keep in touch with family and friends.. They are large, well-trained dogs now but a few are a bit overly friendly and may want to sleep with you or at least nap on your bunk.
Most likely, however, you will have traveled a fair distance to help us and want to stay for at least a month or three to make your trip worthwhile. The two felows at the far right are close friends who will be permanent members of the community. We have also not been able to purchase suitable land here to establish an Eco-community as all land in the country is owned jointly by the people (Eijido).
We hope to interest the local people in what we are doing and to hire a few strong hombres at times when labor tasks are intense. When we first settled on our land out in the desert in Arizona, there were only squirrels and a husband lurking in the bushes with a camera to worry about. There is much to learn here such as all the phases of building an earthbag house and sooner than later other projects that are planned. While a camera and perhaps a laptop computer are mighty nice to have, keep in mind that such items are highly desirable items to steal, too, and must be watched carefully.
We also will need to buy local produce on a daily basis until our basic solar electric system is increased in size to run a refigerator. There will be four bunks and a big kitchen area with a wood-burning Rocket Stove and a two-burner propane stove.

By approximately the beginning of the summer of 2014 we will get underway building our first earthbag house and other projects mentioned below.
These include expansion of our solar electric system, building a lap pool and natural filtering pond, planting a garden, and outreach efforts to help the local people learn more about living sustainability. Both Jim and Mindy are chemically sensitive, and volunteers are asked to bring only natural toiletries that do not have perfume in them. An alcove in the bunkhouse will have a lap-top computer for everyone to use which has Internet access.
This would include composting organic materials instead of burning them, companion planting, and building their own homes with earth instead of concrete blocks. These are actually hard to find these days, and you may prefer to just use the natural soap, shampoo, and deodorant that we will provide you. The local folks know little about even basic environmental issues such as biodegradability let alone global issues like climate change. Through regular contact and slowly building trusting friendships with the local people, we hope to be able to help our neighbors begin to understand these things. The longer you stay the richer your experience will become and the more you can accomplish. We envision and hope that some volunteers will want to stay for a long time and perhaps even become part of the community and build their own house.

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how to build eco shed insulation

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