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Telovation provides news reporting on everything new, cool, and interesting in the world of technology, design, gadgets, inventions, and innovation. The Dolls' House The scale of this 23-room house is one inch to one foot, accommodating the miniatures that Faith Bradford (1880–1970) played with as a girl and collected as an adult.
A garden is a planned space, usually outdoors, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. In the summer of 2009, the Chicago Architecture Foundation unveiled a new scale model of downtown Chicago. The model was created to honor the centennial of Daniel Burnham's 1909 Plan of Chicago, one of the first comprehensive attempts at city planning.
The 1000 miniature buildings for the model were created in resin using stereo lithographic 3D printing, rather than the traditional wood or plastic.
This is no mistake of scale: many next-door buildings in Chicago are built to jarringly different proportions, making a haphazard skyline. Though the model is impressive in size and detail, at only 320 square feet it does not compare to many larger city models around the world.
Though the models represent actual buildings, they are 'abridged' versions, cut short and rearranged to fit the space considerations of the layout.
A different kind of stylized miniature Chicago architecture can be found at the Lego Store on north Michigan Ave. At Christmastime, the Chicago Botanic Gardens features a charming display of model trains running between miniature architectural landmarks made from bark, twigs, and nuts.
Other humorous model buildings around town include a miniature replica of Wrigley Field made from gum wrappers on display at ESPN Zone, and the Par King miniature golf course in suburban Lincolnshire which features chunky versions of the Prudential Building and John Hancock Center as hazards on the golf course.
Engaging Story – This might seem like a no brainer, but too many DMs put too little emphasis on the story. My own technique for handling overly long or boring combat encounters is to stop them or change them drastically. I truly hope that this is not the direction that D&D is going to continue to move towards in the years to come.
In my opinion though, it’s up to the group to ramp it up, but the DM can certainly provide incentives.
I should be clear and state I haven’t had a bad experience role playing with 4e, simply that I find more often than not it is taking the back seat to allow for one more combat to be completed.
With 4E giving a cooler name for powers, which some use as a descriptor, and even throwing in some descriptor text, I think some folks just take the easy way out. Some groups like lots of in-depth backgrounds and intense role-playing while others enjoy non-stop action and combat, testing their characters against difficult foes. I do agree that at Cons and Encounters, role playing takes a back seat largely due to time constraints but also to newbies who are spending a lot of time just figuring out the game mechanics and their character sheets.
But I play in a campaign after Encounters every week that our FLGS is generous enough to host and we have spent two of the last four sessions (about 2 hours each) just role playing, exploring, asking questions and coordinating 6 different characters with slightly different agendas as they seek answers. When the DM creates a compelling enough story and has the right players at the table, role playing in 4e is no different than role playing in any other version. Another way to drive home RP is to make sure that entering combat is not like entering an encounter in a video game.

Yes, the lack of RP and storytelling sometimes – if you let it get to that point – to balance out combat bothers the hell out of me in 4e!
You have to fight a little more for the non-combat elements to have a strong presence because combat is so tactically rich. The truth is, a rich and classic D&D experience is just not complete without a fine balance of RP, storytelling and combat elements! Whenever I go back and look at material I have from previous editions I cannot imagine ever playing earlier rules sets again. Playing with a group like this makes the DnD encounters program a much more enjoyable experience. Enter your email address to subscribe to Dungeon's Master and receive notifications of new posts by email. To give your home a very cool environment, you can have this beautiful waterfall design in your garden. Like the Panorama of the City of New York model, and the large planning models in Shanghai, Beijing and many cities in China, scale models are useful tools for urban planning efforts. But perhaps its just that the older skyscrapers have more surface detail than the plain Miesian boxes of Illinois Center in the foreground of the photo above.
The Chicago Architecture Foundation has promised that it will continue adding to the model in the future.
At the Museum of Science and Industry, The Great Train Story is a large model railroad layout in HO scale (1:87). Another way of looking at it is, there are good role playing opportunities presented with combat encounters that just seem tacked on providing an excuse for combat. I find this happening to the extent that 4e could almost be classified as a tactical combat game rather than a role playing game. If your story is just an excuse to cobble some interesting combat encounters together your players are going to realize this and react accordingly. The site is only a few weeks old, but is already getting lots of contributions from the community.
In the latter, there is definitely less role playing going on, though I have seen some exceptions. It should be the players not the game that determines the amount of role playing or combat that occurs at the game table. I always enjoy it when readers share their ideas on the game and on how to make the game better. These people put a lot of thought into their character backgrounds, and roleplay a great deal– which says a lot, given that these characters are only valid for 10-20 weeks of play.
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The designer has given a very natural view to the garden such as cool waterfall with natural stone material and the natural landscape arrangement. The scope of the model allows viewers to gain perspective on larger patterns of the city landscape, and also allows planning officials to spotlight proposed changes to the landscape to win public support for large or costly projects. Columbian Model and Exhibit Works gathered existing CAD data for some of the buildings, but most of the buildings were created as Google Sketchup models, which were printed in batches, then sanded and finished with gray paint before assembling into city blocks.
Hopefully they will continue this level of detail right to the city limits, which would create an impressive city model 230 feet by 189 feet, if every far-flung corner of the city were included.
A long loop winding through the model simulates the sights along a train journey on the Empire Builder between Chicago and Seattle.
While this is great for creating wonderful, tactical combat that requires a great deal of teamwork from your player it is not good at allowing for deep role playing to flourish.

Peter Doll, their ten children, two visiting grandparents, five servants, and twenty pets.Bradford’s miniature furnishing collection exhibited at her home, 1930.
On a tiny model, even the most drastic civic engineering schemes can seem like a simple project for a home hobbyist.
The completed model will be a useful educational tool for reimagining a city of balkanized neighborhoods as a unified whole. If you are looking to ensure that more role playing occur at your table and not sacrifice the fun that 4e tactical combat brings consider the points below.
However, the players always had the sense that this particular NPC was holding something back, that they were never being told the complete picture.
When a combat can take two hours to complete and players really hoping for two combat encounters in a session there is no room from role playing. Outside of combat or in the middle of combat, it’s the players descriptions of their actions, their verbal assaults at enemies, and their commanding shouts to allies which make for good role play.
I try to role play as much as possible but I find there is alot of metagaming and silliness in the Encounters group I play with. The shelf-like arrangement of the collection conformed to the way that Bradford modeled the “house” as a childBradford’s fascination with miniature furnishings began at age seven when she inherited her older sister’s collection and four-room dollhouse. You don’t need to go somewhere else to enjoy the landscape view, now you can have it in your own garden!
In the Chicago Model City exhibit, large urban planning projects of Chicago's past and future are explained on displays around the perimeter of the room. You need to focus on story first and provide your players with a compelling reason to meet you half way. The trick is to create combat encounters that are challenging, but don’t stretch the clock in duration. In fact several players we have write their own descriptor text for their powers and they describe the action they are taking as such.
While the DM is excellent, I think he finds it hard and tiring always trying to corral these players.
It caused the players to ask questions they might not have otherwise and forced them to explore the motivations of their own characters. This can be a two way street, if your players are slow on their turn there isn’t much you can do to change things other than punish them. The DM’s usually describe kill shots, bloodied shots, and large hits with some sort of flavor text to give a mental image of the battle. I am there for the fun and to learn (I’d like to DM my own group soon) so I can make it a rewarding experience for all.
Bradford had access to photographers throughout her adult life who documented the development of her models.In 1932, Bradford created a shelf-like model to display her “house” at a charity toy fair in Alexandria, Virginia. As things turned out the players had a reason to be suspicious as this NPC also turned out to be the primary villain of that campaign arc. The same figures, fixtures, and furnishings inhabit the model (above) that Bradford created and presented as a gift to the U.S. Ergo players try to earn the tokens which they can use at a later time to add a +1 to any roll.

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