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Rotterdam studio Kraaijvanger has designed a modular kitchen and bathroom unit that can be inserted into an empty building to turn it into a residence (+ slideshow). Residents were invited to plan the layouts of these 43 new homes in Manchester, England, as part of a pioneering housing project by property developer Urban Splash and architecture office ShedKM (+ slideshow). The THeMIS (Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System) is not to be confused with the weenis, which is the loose flap of skin over an elbow.
Robot with gunOther options, advertised in a colorful pinwheel of options, list it as a drone launcher, an anti-tank missile launcher, a firefighting tool, a stretcher carrier for medevac, and a communication relay, among others. This showroom for a real estate developer in Guangzhou, China, is a prototype for a modular building system designed by Open Architecture to be easily moved or adapted (+ slideshow).
Chicago Architecture Biennial 2015: New York-based studio MOS Architects has created an installation that explores the possibility of building homes using only corridor and hallway-like spaces (+ slideshow). A modular residential tower designed by nArchitects that is meant to offer a solution to New York's affordable housing shortage is nearing completion (+ slideshow). Architecture studio Penda has unveiled new CGI renderings detailing its vision for a city of 200,000 people that would be creating using an innovative modular bamboo structure.
Chicago Architecture Biennial 2015: Tatiana Bilbao presents a flexible building prototype that offers a solution to Mexico's social housing shortage during the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial (+ slideshow). Architecture studio Penda has created a rope-bound bamboo pavilion as a mock up of a modular housing system developed to provide sustainable housing schemes for populations of up to 200,000 (+ slideshow). Architectural designer James Furzer has a developed a modular homeless shelter that would hang off the sides of existing buildings, and launched a campaign on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to finance a prototype.
Penda has devised a modular facade system for a high-rise block in Vijayawada, India, that will allow residents to customise the appearance of the building with hanging gardens and balcony details (+ slideshow).
An Australian offshoot of the One Laptop Per Child project is developing a new device for children that will convert from a tablet into a laptop and can be upgraded through hardware modules. Check out this ambitious modular laptop–tablet hybrid for kids originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2015. Estonian design firm Architect 11 has unveiled a new prototype modular housing unit, dubbed Passion House M1.
Buying furniture usually means you're stuck with it for many years, until it either needs replacing or you can justify the cost of updating it with something newer.
A tragedy of modern times is the millions of refugees displaced by poverty, oppression, war and natural disaster. Prefabricated houses are made up of separate pre-assembled modules that are joined to one another on-site – those modules, in turn, are made up of various wooden components that are typically nailed (or sometimes stapled) together in a factory. Empty office space is a sheet anchor on a city’s economy and Midtown Manhattan has been dragged down particularly hard, so the Copenhagen-based group Pink Cloud has come up with a new way to make vacant New York office buildings pay by turning them into temporary hotels. The treehouse-inspired Tower House by New York based architectural studio GLUCK+ is a unique weekend property, which takes the idea of living in the trees to an entirely new level. SEED Collaborative has teamed up with Method Homes for the construction of what it hopes will become the first modular building to pass the Living Building Challenge.
Playtime is one of the most important parts of a child's development, giving them room to express their creativity, make meaningful discoveries and explore whole new facets of their imagination.

Short lived, but surely inspired, James May took a childhood dream and a BBC challenge and turned it into a multi-level home built from 3.3 million LEGO blocks. Bring out the inner child in even the most serious design snob with this fun modular, customizable lego furniture! Taking 259,450 LEGO blocks, artist Sean Kinney has given a new face to endangered wildlife. Designed by Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti, the Munchausen Lego Kitchen takes a plain IKEA island and outfits it with more than 20,000 LEGO pieces. ABGC Architecture and Design may just have come up with the ultimate way to keep execs attentive and awake at those pesky board meetings.
OLLA Kidsfurniture Fits Together Like Giant LEGO Blocks to Create Multiple Furniture Pieces! Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. After the success that they had with the Aoutside festival, they have decided to continue working with the pallets to create the plans for this interesting modular furniture system, connectables and built with pallets they can be very helpful to arrange occasional events or public areas. Estonian company Milrem’s new ground robot has no gleaming silver skull, no pointy battledroid face, and no blinking Cylon eyes. An unmanned ground vehicle, it can be remotely piloted, has “follow mode” where it travels behind a specific person, or be somewhat autonomous.
Intended to be the first (and smallest) in a series of forthcoming similar structures, Passion House M1 can be assembled within a couple of days, and is billed as a suitable home for Nordic regions. One simple way of changing things up is to buy modular furniture that can configured in a number of different ways. Most end up living in canvas tents of a basic design that are hot in summer, cold in winter, and only last about six months in constant use despite some refugees living in such tents for up to 12 years.
The wood used in the frames of the modules must be reasonably thick, in order not to split when the nails are driven in. Located in upstate New York, the single-family home stretches over four levels and takes on the appearance of a small urban skyscraper.
Our home and workspaces are beginning to change and adjust just as we vary our uses for them. Time and time again, LEGO blocks have ranked as one of the best toys to bring all of that mental fortune to fruition.
While the completed structure drew quite a bit of attention, once it was set on the market for sale, the colorful abode failed to attract any buyers and was eventually demolished. There’s no need to tediously stack thousands of Lego bricks together to construct these awesome lego masterpieces, because these giant Lego-like Lunasoft LunaBlocks can be turned into chairs, tables, and even sofas, using just a few blocks. In a captivating and curious exhibit called “Creatures of Habitat,” this timely exhibit features a number of kid faves such as polar bears, penguins, monkeys and turtles.
In a process that took more than a week to complete, the final results proved to be well worth the effort. Built brick-by-brick for Dublin-based advertising agency Boys and Girls, this masterful centerpiece places 22,742 lego bricks in some enterprising adult hands to create a four foot by nine foot table top free of glue, but full of imagination.
Instead, Mirem’s Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System (or THeMIS), which debuted at this year’s Singapore Air Show, is a simple green platform on tracks.

If chosen well this kind of purchase can last not only the ravages of time but also adapt to an individual's changing tastes and style.
The slick structure is almost out of place amidst its natural forest landscape, however its glass facade does offer its occupants a great advantage point from which to enjoy treetop living. Evolved from off-the-cuff, colorful childhood stacks to real-world, full-scale structures, we’ve rounded up 5 amazing life-sized projects that have taken this tiny little block from the kid’s playhouse to the zoo to as far up as the boardroom!
Thankfully, the massive pile of plastic blocks was donated to charity for continued kid-play. Made from 100% recycled materials, these colorful interlocking bricks are lightweight, earthquake resistant, and can be used to build practically any structure you can think of. Made of expanded polypropylene, they’re specially designed to be easily stackable, allowing DIYers to build (and reconfigure) an endless array of furniture options. The display currently on show at the Philadephia Zoo until October 2010 underscores the importance of protecting the Earth’s biodiversity, and even offers some kid-friendly tips on more eco-conscious living. This eye-catching mosaic is sure tickle the inner-child of even the most contemptuous adult.
Now, however, German scientists have developed an alternative to those nails: electrically-activated adhesive tape.
The versatility and sturdiness of each block presents an excellent building material for developing nations or emergency housing applications. Though they suggest using wooden boards to build with, the connectors can be used with any material, provided it has a thickness between 1.5cm to 2cm.
It can run on just electrical power, or it can use gas and battery for up to 8 hours straight.
It’s also modular, so the same robot body can carry cargo, use a robot explosive ordnance disposal arm, or just carry a big freaking gun. Additionally, with easy use in mind, Playwood products can be assembled using almost any tools.In terms of their strength and durability, the Playwood connectors are 3D printed from polyamide, a strong and versatile thermoplastic, comparable to that of snowboard bindings. The developers at Playwood have also tested their own structures and have found the connectors to be very resistant. Playwood explain of their choice of material, “Because of its excellent balance of strength, ductility, and heat resistance, nylon is an outstanding candidate for metal replacement applications.”Interesting as well, is the conceptual drive behind Playwood’s products. Their focus in designing the connectors and producing them by means of 3D printing has been on remaining as eco-friendly as possible.
By designing products that can be manufactured in your own home rather than shipped across oceans, and that are modular and recyclable, Playwood are encouraging a sustainable lifestyle for their clients.
Most of working spaces were designed according to industrial models for business that have evolved into different directions.
We believe in modularity and creative freedom.”The makers at Playwood have been developing the connectors project for over two years, and recently, on September 10th, 2015, launched their online store.

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