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The internet is filled with DIY projects that involve the use of cheap materials, like plastic bottles. First thing you need to know about building a greenhouse out of PET bottles is you ought to enjoy working with plastic. Paying a 25 cents deposit for every bottle is one of the good ways to get back to a healthier planet. But, we only have a 10 cent deposit on carbonated drinks like soda pop and carbonated water.
NY has a 5 cent deposit (I used to own a Redemption Center) and they now include the water bottles (finally). Redemption Centers give people jobs that don’t need a high school diploma and it keeps the state cleaner. Check the ocean there is a as land floating the size of Texas out there…go get it and start there. If only the greenhouse walls were where the plants were going, then you might have had a point. Why can’t any of the links you provide actually show close ups of the cutting of the bottles and exactly where they are cut and a close up of them as they go together on the stingers?
It does look like there are gaps between the vertical stacks of bottles, I imagine a chilly winter breeze would make this design impractical. While I applaud reusing and recycling items as much as possible, if one is serious about lessening one’s footprint it would seem that simply using less would be the best response. Lot a questions about this project… First of all, i would be worried about the weather and how long it will last. So rather than recycle , you think that sticking the bottles together with toxic silicone and creating more waste with the silicone tubes is environmentally better ?? If you wanted something a little more sturdy you could find a way to form all of this in and pour the earth itself into the gaps between the bottles. Think outside of the box… take your bottle, cut the cylinder of the bottle off (remove top and ottom). Plastic bottles release dioxin, BPA Bisphenol A, especially when heated by the sun and all of these chemicals has been associated with a whole host of health issues including birth defects, change in hormones, heart problems and cancer.
DisclaimerAll images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. There are situations when the attribution (or the copyright) information for the picture is not known, such as the case with images received through anonymous mailing lists and various mail contributors, the break of the copyright is unintentional and non-commercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof. Anyway I started doing some research regarding the uses of plastic bottles and was amazed to find them used in many versatile ways. Currently, millions of Filipinos live without any kind of light source at all, but a band of resourceful MIT students have begun changing that.

Too bad the video of the floating bottle island was removed, I really wanted to check that out.
Nigeria's first house built from discarded plastic bottles is proving a tourist attraction in the village of Yelwa. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC.
As drinking from bottled water is turning to be a popular lifestyle today, it consequently increases the pile of plastic wastes at the landfill.
Collect your Plastic Bottles with our Lightweight Fiber Drums; These drums come in various sizes with a removable top and lever lock to store and categorize your bottles.
Build-it-yourself greenhouse plans are usually for structures with wood or metal pipe frames. FREE GREENHOUSE PLANS and some totally new products for building greenhouses, row covers and other structures with PVC pipe including 3-way and 4-way corner fittings. Greenhouse plans, victorian conservatory and greenhouse links The web's most complete listing! Building a greenhouse that is attractive, affordable and will grow anything in any conditions. Make a GREENHOUSE, Pastured Poultry Pen, Cold Frame, Quad ATV Golfcart Carport, Banner Holder, and more out of PVC pipe. People have come a great length in the struggle for a healthier planet, in the last 20 years. The trick is you actually build each `wall` at a time, although in total it seems you’re dealing with some kind of a castle, involving almost a thousand bottles in order to raise-up a 2 by 2 by 2 meters structure. The structures wouldn’t last a strong storm and they would end up in pieces causing more environmental damage .
Instead of trying to do something positive, you have pointed out that no matter what we do, we are stupid & doomed.
The bottles, packed with sand, are placed on their side, one on top of the other and bound together with mud. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. A money saver and at the same time you will be able to recyycle the empty bottle and use it on many ways.
Especially since I live in an area of MI that doesn’t have a recycling center anywhere near close by. Though the grass roof one looks to be a warm climate and I imagine it was built to live inside of, So possibly little greenhouse effect at all, though maybe the grass roof changes the effect.
And the aesthetics would fade as the clear bottles become cloudy from exposure to the elements.

I am in the part of the world were buying a green house is very expensive and ideas like these are helpful. We will find a cave to live in til Andy comes up with a PERFECT answer to all of our problems with his massive intellect. They are warmer inside, even in the wind, though they don’t keep it all out, but they also let the rain in which is great for watering! The good news is that with the bottles being cylindrical, the entire house ends up being corrugated. With plastic one can do numerous things as casting your walls using clay Adobe style mortar, baked by sunlight until hard like brick with plastic bottles firmly cast in place.
Andy & Tina will be available to Pee on any ideas you might come up with so that we know how Superior their collective smarts are. Can you imagine what happens to us if recycling plastic bottles is not improved within a few years – or in that case, what happens if there are more of us who use bottled water in the next 10 years? If there is however any miscalculations, you could easily cut some of the height of the bottles. Use the tops of the bottles if you can get creative enough to engineer a rain water collection device on the roof as well. Then it’s all about cutting and gluing the bottles between them and to the wood frame. The bottles do eventually cloud, but a bigger issue is that threading them on bamboo means water runs through them and then they get algae in them.
That’s why we should try to REDUCE using and drinking from bottled water and with the existing piles of plastic wastes we should try to REUSE them. How to build a greenhouse, outdoor projects and woodworking plans including free greenhouse plans. The better design in my opinion is to create a structure with a sturdy frame of wide planks, then create a tight zig zag of wire on to hold the bottles in on each side of that frame. If you think the latter sounds impossible, check out some cool creative ways of reusing plastic bottles around the world.
Freestanding wood frame greenhouse kits designed to withstand hail, high winds and heavy snowloads.
Make sure you have a couple of pieces of wood positioned underneath the frame; this way, the bottles will be centered to the middle of the frame and not bulking in any other way. This allows you to slot the bottles into each other to make a column of bottomless bottles with the top bottle retaining it’s lid topping a bottom one with the top cut off but retaining the base.

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