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Paul Teutul Sr And His Patented Do-It-Yourself Steel Garage Kit Provided by Excel Metal Buildings Systems Inc. Excel Metal Building Systems Inc Patented Do-It-Yourself Steel Garage Building Kits And Do-It-Yourself Steel Workshop Building Kits. Excel Metal Building Systems Inc offers a wide range of Steel Building Kits and Metal Building Systems. A brake, or Sheet Metal Bending Brake is a piece of shop equipment that facilitates bending angles on sheet metal. A sheet metal bending brake like I would like to own develops massive forces, as in thousands of pounds of pressure, to bend steel and aluminum. The metal was rusty and pitted and needed a good cleaning and initial prime coat of paint to keep it from re-rusting while I spent weeks working on the project. The grinder worked well, but the wire brush deteriorated too fast, and the flying wire bristles are no fun when they stick into your arm or Jabo’s paw. I recently purchased a 30-ton hydraulic jack, so I figure I can build a small press brake in the rectangular space between the bottom cross I-beam and the top I-beam.
The next part of the project is to make arrangements to lock the Down Clamp firmly in place. This entry was posted in diy sheet metal brake, Shipping Container House and tagged building with shipping containers, diy bending brake, DIY press brake, diy sheet metal brake, homemade brake, homemade press brake, homemade sheet metal brake, Living in Panama, shipping container house panama by Fred at Shipping Container House in Panama. The misconception has been around for many years that steel is way more expensive than wood. Not understanding how strong steel is, they built their homes the same way they would with wood. Over the years, the cost of lumber has grown greatly while the quality of lumber has reduced significantly.
The result is that construction prices are closer to the price of steel offering consumers a viable choice for the type framing to use in their homes. For anyone with vision, a few building skills and a great set of tools, several of these portable buildings by Dix Enterprises in Wichita, Kansas can become a personalized tiny house.
The Lofted Porch comes in 11 sizes from 8X16 to 14X40 and starts at $2,625 up to almost $10,000. Each Better Built building will be custom built to your specifications, allowing you to specify such things as overall building size, door and window sizes and locations, and shingle colors that blend with existing structures. I suppose the thing you can do is, if you have a place to live and the time to do it already, is to take the plywood splice plates out and put in better quality ones before you finish out the houses.
I’ve seen this type of construction for gambrel roofs in a lot of shed and cabins, basically they will not pass code in most areas for a dwelling. We have a builder in our area who builds a portable cabin, or even a utility building as though he was building a home, and at prices that compare favorably with his lower quality competition. On the roof rafters, a few well placed Simpson connectors would go a long way to make them more structurally sound. Here in AZ I have heard that WeatherKing.US has similar buildings that may have been approved by local communities (Navajo, Hopi Reservations) for habitation as a home. When shopping for a propane regulator and fittings, make sure to get a tank connection that looks like the one attached to the regulator in the picture. The forge itself is basically a box made of refractory material and the steel needed to contain and support it. All of our buildings are custom designed and engineered to meet your building needs and your local building code requirements. I knew my DIY brake would have to be VERY BEEFY or the tool would bend out of shape and simply not perform.
We needed them to support the crane in the mud as the containers were placed on the support columns. I measured and pondered, even going so far as to bringing a 5-gallon bucket into the container to use as a chair while I pondered.
When the tool is completed, the angle iron will lift a bit so I can slide the sheet metal between the two. Also, I need to attach another angle iron that will serve as the piece that swings up and bends the sheet metal. Your summation, regarding the things that you will have to guard against (no bend, no stretch, no slop). A Delta Homecraft model, it is still going strong although I need to find a new drive belt.
Our goal here is too illustrate the many container projects both big and small that are taking place around the world. Due to both the dwindling resource of first growth large trees used for quality wood studs and the environmental movement, which is limiting the availability of forests to timber, wood prices skyrocket while the quality of wood dwindles. On the Wildflower II, the steel is $435 more and the weight for the steel is 579 pounds less than the wood frame would have been. Steel is a great conductor of hot and cold, so it will conduct the cold from a cold outside climate into a house, and also allow heat to be conducted. Better Built Portable Storage Buildings by Dix are outdoor storage sheds, barns, garages, cabins and offices that are built onsite in Kansas and then delivered by truck.
I took your link and looked at the barn cabin which is the lofted style and it has the same 2×4 roof joists and particle board braces.

These are a great step in the right direction, a much more affordable idea and they can be customized. 32 X 12 lofted cabin with give room for bed above door, 12 x 14 living area, 12 x 12 kitchen and small dining area, a 6 by 6 bathroom, and 6 x 6 storage closet. Bald Eagle uses all 2x4s instead of 2x6s in the loft and floor, they use OSB for the floor, and OSB on the outside, instead of T-111. When I first saw his work I was a little surprised that he could afford to stay in business.
I did some interwebs research and came upon a few Web sites on which people documented their own forge builds. There is an awful lot of forge related and other information on Ron Reil's page, including the details of just how and why his propane burner works so well. Using an idea I stole years ago from someone else's forge page (I cannot remember exactly where or I would cite it), I used a MIG welding tip as the propane gas jet instead of a #60 drill hole.
This will require four holes to be drilled and tapped so that the clamps can be bolted to the back of the reducer.
There are many refinements that could be made (the idle circuit some people use would be a great improvement), but you have at least enough of a burner to begin forging. The new-style connection, pictured sitting next to the regulator, has a safety feature built in that shuts down the propane flow if it thinks you have a massive gas leak. In my forge, I used refractory brick purchased from a friend with a ceramics supply and kiln repair business. I wasn't sure how much forging I actually planned to do, and I didn't want to go overboard.
Choose a central location for the burners and determine how they will attach to the frame of the forge.
The fire brick is so soft that I was able to easily use a hole saw by hand to make this hole.
If you find that it captures your attention, you can learn more about the art in many places. But beyond that I had no clear vision as to what I would do with all this steel of varying lengths from 2-feet to almost 9-feet long.
Yes, I determined by rule of thumb, the beams were big enough, perhaps even massive overkill.
To accomplish a sharp bend in a piece of sheet metal, it is important that the Down Clamp and the long I-beam mate perfectly together. I found that spending $10 will get a good drill bit that can make it through many holes in steel if I keep it lubricated while I drill.
Given these two reasons, one can see where the misconception arose that steel frame homes are more expensive than wood . Since wood prices fluctuate often, while steel prices remain consistent, an actual price difference is difficult to determine. The steel industry is working hard for a solution, and that is why you always see steel framed structures with foam as sheathing. Windows provide natural lighting, and a traditional style metal door provides security and convenience. The end of the cottage features a larger door for adult access making it a very versatile storage shed. I doubt that it would take much of a wind load to turn it into an expensive pile of kindling. My experience with this kind of building allows customers to ask for special features, like windows that match their home, to have the interior left unfinished on the inside so elctrical outlets and switches, etc, can be placed where needed, and I’m sure other features could be requested. As far as customizing is concerned,it is often hard to correct the basic structural flaws this building would pose to be used as a dwelling. They need reenforcing to walls and roof structure to handle the high winds of Northern AZ, and the snow load has to be improved. Blacksmiths throughout history have (and continue to) forge steel to create things ranging from practical to beautiful and everywhere in between.
Almost all of them used a burner design called the "Reil Burner," which has the distinct DIY advantage of being constructed almost entirely from plumbing parts. If you want to cut to the chase, as I'm going to do here, then start with this set of plans for the Reil Burner. In the simplest implementation of this design, a #60 wire size hole in the pipe nipple is sufficient (really small drills are given numerical sizes called wire sizes. You can either improvise with an oxy-acetylene torch and a rosebud tip, use someone else's forge, or wait until yours is set up to make this last piece. This is good for BBQ grills, but unfortunately for us, this burner behaves a lot like a massive gas leak.
This size was adequate for everything I did, even though a larger forge would have been convenient at times. Buy a bit more material than your forge design will actually require on the assumption that you will destroy some of it. Then design an outer support of steel that will keep that refractory material in place once assembled. The stuff sat on the floor of my shop until I could make shelves in the little alcove next to the front door.

In the next photo you can see that the angle iron for the Down Clamp has a high corner where it contacts the I-beam.
Also, the hinges have to be perfectly welded in place so that no slop is introduced during bending of the metal. They helped me make a small metal toolbox that I still have to this day, although it is a little worse for the wear. Second, wood framers who attempted to build steel frame homes with no knowledge as to the structural strength of light gauge steel used an enormous amount of steel in their homes that was unnecessary. When you consider that for $435 you get a stronger, straighter, more durable structure that weighs less, is sustainable with less maintenance, green, and weighs less.
Dix claims all of their portable barns, sheds, cabins and garages are built to hold up under heavy use and provide a lifetime of service.
I think there is a place for several different levels when it comes to value, but it is rare to run across something that good. Ive also hear that the windows need to be sealed better, may leak around openings – damaging interior finishes. Industrial processes often involve forging not only for the efficiency with which it forms metal, but also for the way in which it strengthens the part by aligning the grains in the steel along the lines of its shape. If you have access to a drill press or a drill and a very steady hand, you can build this burner. One of the things that I find most fascinating about blacksmiths is that they traditionally build all the rest of their tooling starting with those three simple items, and in so doing, learn their trade.
I also recommend reading at least some of the supporting documentation on the site, such as this page about the EZ-Burner. You will probably have to order this drill if you do not already have one, unless you have a great local hardware store).
Were I to do it again, I would build a forge that was longer, with two burners to keep it uniformly heated, and wider as well. Keep in mind that, while we've shown you have to build a forge here, no information has been provided as to how to forge. A small press brake can easily bend one-quarter-inch steel, so if I had one, I could make all kinds of brackets and do-dads. Given the performance and quality of a steel frame home, it is a better LONG TERM VALUE for the consumers money than purchasing an inferior lower quality wood frame structure. However, I have had several clients say that their downsizing more than offsets the increase energy to heat a steel framed tiny house.
Most of the buildings are for storage, livestock and gardening, but three of their designs may make a great tiny house: the Lofted Porch, the Portable Casita and the Mini Cottage.
Not everyone has the time or skills to build something like this but they can tackle simple jobs like extra strapping on the trusses, etc, if they felt they were necessary.
I decided to make my life a bit more complicated - probably needlessly so - and drilled and tapped this pipe nipple to accept a MIG-welding-gun tip. After the cone has cooled, you'll need a way to attach it to the business end of the burner. As you can see in my design, I went with a very simple arrangement of the bricks that is held in by a minimal frame of angle. Every Excel Metal Building is designed to meet snow, wind and seismic requirements that your city or county may require. That and the rest of the construction of Fred’s Pretty Big Sheet Metal Bending And Steel Plate Press Brake will have to wait until Part 2. We all worked with large industrial equipment, although it was overkill for all the picture frames I knocked out in my shop for guys to put pictures of their gals in. A wider design would call for either different refractory material, or an arch-like arrangement of the bricks to span the distance.
Keep in mind that this forge burns propane and produces waste gasses including Carbon Monoxide.
Our engineers are licensed in all 50 states providing stamped drawings and design calculations when needed. The inside of the building is still open with exterior stud walls that can be left unfinished, or you can finish the interior any way you want. Ron Reil's EZ-Burner page gives instructions for positioning this cone on the burner to give a properly tuned flame.
Also, while I left the back of my forge open to accommodate longer work pieces, I would close all but a window in the back of a larger forge. When you purchase an Excel Metal Building Kit we will provide you with construction drawings, material list, installation manuals and trim details.
I address this partly by piling extra refractory bricks in front of and behind the forge when I am working.

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