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Using a variety of Server Side and Client Side technologies, we can build online tools that interact with your users and your data to create dynamic content and functionality. To understand dynamic website programming, let's use an example that we are all familiar with.
Now that we've identified a user, we can customize and personalize content, and create functionality that enables the user to interact with the data. PHP and MySQL are free open-source programs that are used to create dynamic internet websites.
PHP is the scripting language that is used to access the data in the database, format it and output it as html.
If you want to learn how to create interactive dynamic websites, you must learn PHP and MySQL. When Apple released Final Cut Pro nonlinear editing software, it revolutionized the movie industry.

I had receive a tutorial request from one of my blog follower to make or demonstrate User Registration with Email Verification using PHP and Mysql. The first thing you have to do is to create your database and table where the records can be stored. I am skipping the client side validation with javascript, it is there in the demo and the download scripts.
Cache PHP Pages Zdr is a free PHP script that can be used to speed up your web site, decrease CPU load on your web hosting account. We'll use a form to collect the data, and some nifty programming to check it for errors, insert the information into a database, and send the user a confirmation email. A successful login identifies the user to the website, and retrieves information about the user from the database.
So the flow is quite simple, user registers to a site, and email is sent to their email address for verification.

When you are sending email to the user, add the user ID that you recieve when you insert the record in the database. User then click a link in the email message which redirect him back to the site where it’s account gets approved. First we check if any existing email id is present in the database, if yes we don’t proceed further, if no then we insert the values in the database and send an email to the user. I have used php-mailer library so you can send mail via your google account from your local server itself. If your web hosting provider limits your web hosting account (the web sites usually use shared hosting, where limitations are applied) by high CPU load, MySQL connections per hour or the execution time of your PHP scripts is too long, you could resolve this problems and improve the productivity of your PHP scripts using this highly effective PHP accelerator - "Cache PHP Pages Zdr" script.

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how to create a dynamic website using php mysql in windows

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