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If you’ve ever planned an RV trip, you know just how precious each square foot can be – when going on a longer trip it seems that you need to bring so much that in the end there’s not much room to even turn around. One of the best methods to seemingly create space out of nothing is to utilize space that is otherwise wasted – that means any stairs, walls or empty spaces can become places to install slide-out surfaces and drawers. Another great way to save space, especially in the kitchen, is using under cabinet racks to give yourself more places to store things – you can place wine bottles, wine glasses or even plates, saving more space in the drawers and cabinets themselves. You can even use them in other places as well – wherever there are high surfaces, you can install the racks and store basically anything. An often forgotten way to simply add space is to get the most out of your walls, and it often doesn’t even have to be space-consuming. It can sometimes seem impossible to fit everything you need into the very limited space of an RV, but when you take the time to plan out your space and use every bit of storage, it often turns out that you had more space than you needed. Author Bio – Jeremy is a content strategist at RV Pages , a part of Intermedia Group, one of the most comprehensive custom publishing companies in Australia. Samsung Galaxy is available in three storage variants.It is now possible to expand the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300), courtesy a tweak from XDA developer mattiadj. One of things I enjoy most about a new organizing project is the opportunity to uncover a hidden treasure of storage space. In a walk-in closet, every square foot of empty wall is an opportunity to gain storage space.  For example, with the addition of some simple hooks, this area behind the closet door is now able to house collection of baseball caps, as well as some bulky bathrobes that were taking up valuable space on the clothing rod.

And let us not forget the most obvious way to add vertical storage…shelving!  In my own home office redesign, we installed shelving to take advantage of the 9 feet of vertical wall space that was not being utilized (we spent the first few years in our home stacking items on the floor of this alcove). So now that you’ve got your wheels spinning, what solutions will you use to bring storage nirvana to your home? The space under the sink, at least for me, quickly becomes a catch-all for anything in the kitchen that doesn't have a designated place. So if you want to take all the essential things you need and still feel comfortable in the living room and kitchen area, there’s only one possible solution – you have to plan out each section of the vehicle perfectly to make use of all the space available. You can add slide-out drawers under the coffee table, a slide-out surface under the bed, or use any other empty space to make a lot of extra storage room. One of the most under-used spaces in RVs’ is the vertical space, so if you utilize it properly, there’s a lot of potential to increase storage potential. By simply installing hooks to your walls or shelves, you can hang most of your clothes, bags, or kitchen utensils either temporarily or permanently.
Obviously, this would be the most convenient in the kitchen, where you can put most of the knives and some of the other utensils where they will always be at arms’ length. By employing vertical space, ceilings and cabinets, walls, and installing slide-out surfaces and drawers you can end up with an efficiently laid out home on wheels that has everything you could require, always at your fingertips.
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Trash bags, sponges and scrub brushes, dish detergent and at least a dozen different types of cleaners fill and clutter the cabinet space.
Now this might seem self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t make use of tremendous amounts of potential storage space and then cram everything into already over-stacked places. You can also install a sliding out cutting board that can make cooking a lot more convenient – the space in the kitchen is often limited, so adding another surface can make a huge difference. Another great way to use the hooks is to hang shoe organizers on them – this way you actually get a full selection of different small drawers that can be used to store almost anything in the bathroom, kitchen or living room areas. I also share my love for decorating, productivity, and tech tools here, with the occasional DIY project thrown in just for fun.

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