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To ensure minimal boot space was taken up Lithium Ion batteries were installed beneath the floor.
Enerdrive’s Lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) is the safest of the mainstream li-ion battery types. Multiple outlets were installed including auxiliary sockets, dual USB, and a 50Amp Anderson. To allow for charging when on a powered site or to boost the batteries from a Generator a 40A Enerdrive ePOWER battery charger was chosen. Laptop, Camera and phone charging were the only requirements for 240V so a small Victron 350W inverter was installed. A Chargeline down to the rear of the vehicle was provided to charge the batteries in the van whilst driving along with a 12 pin plug for connection to the electrics on the caravan. To complete the Dual battery system and provide a solar controller for the installed panels the latest technology in DC to DC chargers was chosen. In California, the power company administers the rebate program and approves you for interconnection. PG&E made a huge fuss about access to my system in case they might need to shut it off. I know you will learn something from my future videos, be alerted when my valuable and informative videos come available.
Perhaps you've purchased your first solar panel, and you don't want to pay a pricey contractor to install it for you. Before you go off putting up solar panels willy-nilly, make sure to check with your local zoning board.
Installing solar panels on your home just makes sense; they turn empty space into green power.
According to SolarCity spokesperson Jonathan Bass, that’s the largest investment in a fund such as this in the history of solar power.
As of the end of 2014, Elon Musk’s solar venture had about 190,000 customers and one gigawatt of deployed production–so Google’s investment is huge for SolarCity and its mission to spread the solar vibe. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Well with Googles seal of approval on it, finally I can say there is a third party solar provider to be trusted. 2015 Update: Solar costs have dropped significantly since this article was first published.
The cost of solar panels can vary dramatically depending on your location, and the type and size of the system you purchase. This article discusses the cost considerations involved with residential solar power, including recent cost stats, to give you an introduction before investigating the specifics for your location.
Current data about the cost of solar power have some inconsistency for a variety of reasons. These reasons include a lack of standardized reporting due to the relative infancy of the solar industry, geographical differences in sun exposure, geographical differences in costs of equipment and solar panel installation, and different government policies. 2011 was a majorly turbulent year for the solar industry, with early indications showing average solar panel prices dropped by 50%. A useful figure to use when looking at solar is cost per kWh, as this can be directly compared to your current power bill. Solar costs per kWh hour are calculated by dividing the total expected cost of a system (modules, inverters, installation etc) by the expected total energy output. The capital cost of solar panels must be considered within the context of government grants, subsidies, and loans.
Feed-in-tariffs are a government incentive used to mitigate the high capital cost of solar energy. Many countries already have, or are currently developing policies to encourage renewable energy. Many U.S residents are eligible for additional federal and local government subsidies on top of the ITC. Feed in tariffs are designed to encourage alternative energy production by guaranteeing a fixed per watt hour price – often above the current market rate. Money saved on electricity through smaller or eliminated electricity bills should be factored into your cost of solar panels calculation.
Freedom from the fluctuations of electricity prices and from the international politics of fossil fuels is an enormous future cost-benefit of solar energy.  As fossil-fuel energy prices continue to rise, solar power users will remain unaffected. Lack of grid parity is a major roadblock in clean energy becoming mainstream – it’s not financially cost effective compared to the model we’re currently using. Data from 58,000 Californian installations shows the installed cost of solar panels dropping.
However, grid parity is expected in the next few years in places like California and Hawaii [1], followed by other locations as the technology rapidly develops and economies of scale see cost decreases.
Solar power is in relative infancy, and over the past few years the technology and cost developments have accelerated dramatically. While it’s too early for broad global assertions, 2011 was a turbulent year for the photovoltaic manufacturing industry, with average solar panel prices dropping around 50% [5][8]. Major contributing factors include oversupply and the growth of extremely competitive Chinese manufacturers being able to leverage cheap labour and cost-efficient manufacturing processes (materials, factories, economies of scale etc) [7]. 2011 also saw record numbers of photovoltaic installations in the US, the insolvency of major US manufacturers Evergreen Solar and Solyndra (with a reported $1 billion of sales contracts) [6], and a backpeddling on government tarrifs in European countries. This highlights the rapid cost reduction developments taking place in the industry, the power of economies of scale, and the sometimes fickle nature of young and rapidly expanding markets. If you live in such a location, get plenty of quotes and investigate all options – such as using a commercial installer, buying a kitset and getting a solar-experienced builder to do the installation, looking for a syndicate of others to do a bulk import, and finding out what government programmes or incentives are available. A majorly problematic area in terms of bringing down costs of solar is the balance of system costs. While solar panels are constantly becoming more competitive, there has been little movement on the price of peripherals.

Furthermore, net metering (selling power back to the grid) is an exciting potential of solar which has had its own challenges. These are important kinks or obstructive forces that need to be addressed if solar is to continue its momentum in becoming a legitimate and accepted piece of the energy puzzle [9].
Alternative energy production methods are commonly criticized as being idealistic but not cost-effective. This highlights how subsidy support in the early years can result in better, more cost effective, and more socially beneficial technology in the future. I am trying to reference your article in a paper I am writing, however I cannot find a publishing date. Solar water heaters have come a long way, yet many from the 1970s are still in operation and most have some of the same basic parts in common. Solar water heating systems can provide half or more of the hot water needed for your home and save you money by reducing water heating cost.
If you’re considering buying, installing, or even building a solar water heater, it is helpful to understand the vocabulary behind solar water heater options.
Also called a T & P relief valve, the temperature and pressure valve is often used as a safety measure in case water gets too hot. Active solar water heaters use a pump to move the heat and will have a controller for turning the pump on and off. Passive solar water heating systems do not have a pump and instead use natural convection, conduction, or even radiation to transfer the heat.
An open solar water heater is when the water circulating through the system is the very water that will be used in the shower later.
A closed solar water heather system, on the other hand, separates the heated water into a loop with a heat exchanger.
A closed system obviously has added parts, so why would some choose a closed system?  One answer is freezing, which has been one of the challenges in the history of solar water heating systems.
Many solar water heater users have learned that in a condition called night sky radiation, water in an open collector can freeze, even when the ambient air temperature is up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. While these are the basic types and components of solar water heaters, look for more articles to come on seven different specific types of solar water heaters.  Have you ever used a solar water heating system?  Are you interested in one? About Lisa CareyLisa Carey is a mom to four children ages college to kindergarten, a freelance writer, social media maven and blogger.
I have been looking at the possibility of using night sky radiation for cooling during the day.
Solar PV Install Forkhill in a domestic House Located near Forkhill Co.Armagh Northern Ireland. The client was also able to take advantage of a domestic solar photovoltaic (PV) grant, via support from the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Program (NISEP) and power NI.
For Solar PV installations up to 50kWpk, 4 Renewable Obligation Certificates (4 NIRoCs) are issued to generators for each megawatt hour (MWh) produced. Guarantees Your equipment is guaranteed by its manufacturer but you should contact us in the first instance if anything appears to be wrong.
NuTech Renewables Ltd  is MCS & RECC Certified and quotes provided are  based on the standard MCS criteria.
This was the new Enerdrive DC2DC 30A multistage charger complete with Lithium charging settings and MPPT solar controller.
The best advice is to plan ahead and research every step, including checking out your vendors. Since their meter readers and repair personnel have had no problem accessing my home (there is a security gate at the main road that they have a code to open) in the decade I have lived here, I figured they already had sufficient access, but they tried to claim that they needed extraordinary access and couldn’t rely on “normal” means to get in. I had a scaffold that I built for painting the house which helped a lot, but am told that it’s okay to edge-carry panels for a short period of time, such as when ascending a ladder. Solar panels are somewhat costly to buy, but once you've purchased the panels and installed them, the money you will save in the long run will become exponentially greater as energy prices increase. You're a handyperson, capable with a tool belt, well-versed with the hammer, nail, screwdriver and drill. One thing stopping some from taking the plunge could be the cost of installing a system, but Google can help.
The investment will mean about 25,000 new homes with solar power capability and roughly 500 megawatts of new solar-generated energy.
No electrician or welding is required, and most installations can be completed easily in two to three hours. These include subsidies, rebates, and tax credits for the capital cost of installing solar panels.
These relate to money paid for putting solar-generated energy back into the electricity grid.
Current capital costs mean solar power is often more expensive to produce than conventional power (grid disparity), so governments top-up market rates to make solar production viable. Have a look at your last few electricity bills and calculate your expected energy reduction – factor the $30, $50, or $100 expected monthly saving into your solar cost analysis.
As we struggle with the burgeoning climate change crisis, countries are imposing their own per kg carbon taxes and emissions trading schemes to curb pollution.
Reaching grid-parity means it costs the same dollar amount to produce a KWh of solar power as it costs to produce a KWh of traditional electricity, e.g coal produced. Beyond the obvious fact that some locations get more sun exposure, location has a big impact on the cost of solar panels due to importing costs and lack of competition in some areas.
This is a major concern and needs to be addressed if solar is going to achieve true market competitiveness [9]. Particularly in the US, it has been reported that while power companies may have the ability offer net metering, the required two-way-meters aren’t necessarily being installed in homes – meaning some private owners may not be getting paid for the power they put back into the grid [9]. These are where customers are charged a monthly fee for being grid connected, regardless of whether or not they use any grid power – cutting away at savings made through solar panels [9].
If the system builds up too much pressure, the valve will open to release water or pressure to safe levels.

When water freezes, the collector or tubes can burst, disabling your solar water heater and making a mess just like a busted water pipe elsewhere would.  This is important to factor in even if you live in an area with milder weather.
You may be paying a reduced rate of electricity, depending on your payment terms and supplier. The client was able to claim ?600 per kWp up to a maximum of ?3,000 or 20% of relevant eligible costs, whichever is less.
This workmanship warranty will be transferable to the new legal owner of the property if it is sold during the warranty period. They offer savings of up to 70% in volume and weight compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. It is designed to quickly and accurately recharge your batteries using algorithms that help maximise service life.
I had one vendor in Southern California who never shipped the items I ordered, and I had to send my credit card company after him. I had even gone in and mapped the rafter system in my house – which is irregular due to the house being built in stages and added on over its lifetime. Since I had nobody else present to rush me to the hospital in case I should fall, I played it safe.
The search engine giant recently announced big plans to help make solar much more affordable by increasing its investment in SolarCity’s residential solar power model by $300 million.
If a resident’s solar panels produce more energy than is required, it can be connected to the grid and sold to electricity companies.
These taxes will increasingly make fossil fuel generated electricity more expensive, thus make the comparative cost of solar cheaper. We’ve been getting a few people asking this question though so will look at getting some resources together.
This is important as some DIY solar water heater makers have learned that the water in a well-working solar heater can become scalding in a very short amount of time. Lithium Ion batteries offer ultra-fast charging and discharging, high efficiency and three times as many charging cycles (2000 full cycles) compared to traditional lead acid batteries.
Multistage smart charging technology enables the charger to be connected to your battery banks permanently.
I didn’t lose money, but did waste almost eight weeks while he sent me nothing but excuses and lies. Ultimately, they gave in and let me interconnect, but I am still waiting for the rebate check to show up, which the public utilities commission allows them 60 days to process. I planned where each stanchion would be placed so as to distribute the weight better across all the rafters, and I followed my plans. I didn’t bother to point out that the inverters I use are approved by the power company itself and include anti-islanding technology, not to mention the whole point that at 3:00am, solar generators don’t tend to produce any electricity. There wasn’t anything truly difficult about the installation, and once I had worked all the details out in my head, it really went very smoothly. The move will create a new fund worth a total of $750 million that will help install distributed solar power on homes across the nation. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted. I can provide the name of the company that tried to rip me off, but I have already reported him to the BBB so he has at least one mark against him that people can research. We’re coming up on 30 days without any communication following the acknowledgement of receipt of the rebate request form.
In designing the system, I planned for expansion and “built in” some of the things I would need for expansion, like including extra lengths of ground wire that will eventually be connected to the panels and inverters in the next phase of the project, and leaving enough racking extending past the existing panels to extend it without disrupting the existing panels. The solar photovoltaic panels were split into a 3kWp Array and a 2kWp Array on the front and side of the house. This was to ensure that the solar photovoltaic panels were not overshadowed by trees, and to ensure sun was not obstructed by any other structure. Determine Charging (Power) Options for the Gate OpenerThe automatic gate opener is a low-voltage battery operated system. If your gate is more than 1000' from an AC power source, you must use a solar panel charging kit(s) to maintain the battery's charge. In addition, keep these gate tips in mind for your installation: Repair or replace all worn or damaged hardware.
Fasten the closed position stop plate (horizontally) to the end of the gate frame at the center line of the gate and slide the closed position stop plate toward the gate post until they touch.
Attach the black and red wires to their appropriate terminals.Step 7Connect Gate Opener Power CableInsert the power cable through the strain relief slots of the control box. Attach the power cable wires to the appropriate terminal blocks marked by color.Step 8Connect the TransformerYou must connect a transformer (included with the gate opener) or a solar panel to the opener's control board in order to maintain a charge to the battery. Lay the low voltage wire in a trench from the electrical outlet to the control box and bury the wire.
Wire coming out of the ground (to control box) should be run through PVC conduit to protect it from weed eaters, animals, etc.
Pull wire through the PVC conduit to control box and attach it to the power terminals located on the control board.At the AC outlet, attach low voltage wire to the transformer terminals. Plug the transformer into the AC outlet (use of a surge protector is strongly recommended). Attach the battery harness wires to the terminals of the battery (black to negative, red to positive).Step 10Set the Closed Position LimitUse the entry transmitter (included with the gate opener) to program the control board's closed position limit. Details for programming the closed position limit are included in your gate opener model's Instruction Manual.Step 11Adjust the Stall Force SettingThe stall force potentiometer on the control board controls the obstruction sensitivity (the amount of force the opener will apply to an obstruction before it automatically stops and reverses direction).

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