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Hey everyone, I thought I'd do another discussion review and this time it is on What's in my make-up because I can never, ever been seen or leave the house without some format of make-up on and most of my Dooyoo reviews are on make-up and beauty products. Sometimes, when I see celebrities and their flawless appearance I really wish I had a fantastic make up artists for special occasions (e.g. My make-up bag comes everywhere with me and let me tell you it is sometimes rather full, but not just with make-up. I'm a firm believer that natural beauty is far, far more attractive than faking everything, but most of us need a little help to enhance our best features and disguise any imperfections. My makeup bag is full of quite samey things and mostly stuff that I use everyday, I have another makeup bag in my cupboard that has stuff I don't really use much or makeup that I use for Halloween as it's a bit crazier.
Give us a call at 357-RENT and we will schedule your balloons for pick-up when you need them. I am one of those uncouth women that goes about applying make-up on the train during my commute to work in the morning. I wouldn't say I'm particularly good at it, and having used it for years I have sort of decided what I like and don't like. We will connect you to one of our trained balloon experts who will guide you through the processes of getting your balloons. Having our themes online allows our customers to preview products before they come in to buy them. The one thing that I never leave the house without and that is my revlon natural beige foundation.
I have been to Selfridges and MAC and other retailers over the years experimenting in various brands of makeup but at the moment I feel I have found what suits me best and I tend to stick with it. When applying makeup I put primer on first but I don't ever bring that unless my face is bare when I leave, this is because if I am touching up I don't need primer.
I find that this makes use of the journey time, and gives me a few extra minutes sleep in the mornings so it's a good way to get ready and make myself presentable for work.
I'm in my final year of a teacher training course, work as a bookseller and nanny and have a long distance boyfriend so my days are pretty full.
It's just simply because I am too lazy!Here are the items that can be found in my makeup bag:1.
Our balloon bouquets include helium latex balloons, colorful ribbon, helium, hi-float, and are arranged by one of our trained balloon experts.
You can also stop by, and your balloons will be made up while you shop for the other party needs.
Unless I'm going within ten minutes of walking distance and back and have already applied everything. Why I wear this foundation is because it is fantastic coverage, it lasts up to 16 hours (so it does what it says on the label!) and I hardly ever have to re-touch my foundation so this is why I use it and you do not need that much either so it is very lasting and I have quite oily skin, so mine is designed for people who have oily skin and the foundation is perfect for that.
My make up isn't even sufficient to be in a bag, its in more of a cosmetic purse (like a pencil case but from Bloomingdales) and heres what it contains!1. I use Maybelline Dream satin liquid in 004 light porcelain which, if I am correct is their lightest shade. My makeup bag is Betsey Johnson brand, it is bright pink with a black lace and skull and red rose pattern on, I love it so much! It is quite expensive ?12.49 but a foundation like this one is so worth having in your make-up bag, as I believe a good foundation coverage is important!2. I am a bit of an addict and own all sorts of beauty products, with make-up in every shade imaginable, but I make sure to carry my essential everyday kit in a separate make-up bag that I can pick up and rely on for on-the-go fixes. When I do find the time to go out I mix it up a little but pretty much my regime is the following:1. But over the years the contents have changed and some of the current ones are probably keepers. I rarely use this if I am touching up my make-up but you never know when it will come in handy.What I do use regularly though, is my concealer, which is W7 concealer with tea tree oil in 01 light. This is what lurks within!==The bag itself==The make-up bag I use is a handmade creation in a simple rectangular design.
There is a small pocket on the outside where I keep some spare cotton buds and hair grips but I wish there was a little zip one inside too.So, onto the actual contents! Some specific brands and products will be repurchased after proving themselves to be superb, whereas some are just staple products, of which I am not sure if I have found the ideal yet. This is the only brand I use for my eyebrow and I think it is fantastic because it looks natural when you apply it, it is a bargain as well, only ?2.99 and I never have to re-touch my eyebrows either because the quality of the product is brilliant and it's cheap as chips!3. I love the fact it contains tea tree oil because I have concentrated tea tree oil at home which I use on spots etc. It features a plain pink lining with a fab Hello Kitty patterned exterior in red with Kitty faces and hearts all over. There is a handy little tab on one side which makes it easy to grab onto and pick up, and also helps when using the zip fastener.
I have pretty good skin, it is almost always clear and when I do get the odd spot it is just that rather than a breakout.
To me a make up bag is a transportable vessel, so this is basically what I keep with me when commuting or out for a full day. Always need these because I don't ever wear false eye-lashes because it is too much mes and effort so I stick to the lovely eye lash curlers. I really like this bag as it's bright and colourful so it stands out within the depths of my handbag and the fun Hello Kitty pattern makes me smile. I put moisturiser on before bed but always have a couple in my make up box for putting on as the day (or evening) starts. Urban Decay Brow Box - I have an eyebrow obsession and hardly ever leave the house without using this baby! If you don't find trying the Japanese brand, then Macquillage (a line under Shiseido) will be a good choice. Superdrug BB Cream - fab for covering blemishes and really suits my skin tone which is hard to find with other brands.6.
Again I love this powder however I only really use it in the winter as it can be quite heavy on my skin. Because it is a simple cotton fabric I can pop it into the washing machine when it gets dirty or marked with make-up stains and it comes up looking fresh and new again. Not in the make up bag itself because it won't fit, but I risk life and limb (and the tenacity of plastic) by having a little of Max Factor's loose powder in an old pot, which I wedge firmly at the bottom of my bag in the hope that it won't get carried up on the tide of handbag contents. I am yet to find a light and airy powder that I can use in the summer so for now my powder is only in my make-up bag seasonally.I have two blushers. It's about the size of a small paperback book, and is quite flat so it has enough room to contain all my bits and pieces without taking up too much room.==Base== + Max Factor Pan Stik foundation in Fair 25.
These are quite different but I like them because they are both rich creams with help my skin to feel hydrated. I sometimes lean towards shininess - less now because of a variety of skin treatments and a good foundation, but still invariably in summer - and it make me paranoid. It's cute and brilliant make-up bag size, and it was a bargain too, ?5 and the mirror quality is brilliant!
I have very pale skin with freckles and I like to use a good base product to give a nice even appearance and mask any blemishes.

I have also recently been testing out a Vichy cream that I received in my glossybox but as this is a more expensive brand I probably won't be buying myself a pot any time soon.2. As you can tell I love liners and mascaras (ooo goff) as they make up the majority of my makeup but they all offer different effects. I might have to get a new compact mirror soon, might get a Chanel one as my mum has one and she says they are brilliant, so I might have to get one myself!5.
I sometimes get spots or areas of redness, but this foundation is fantastic for covering everything up and giving a smooth finish. I've also realized that my makeup bag and its contents are most likely one of the most expensive things I own as I use expensive brands (just the Laura Mercier, Urban Decay and YSL items add up to almost ?100 and Benefits not cheap either!) but the cost is definitely worth it as I get great results and they all last a long time. This was, I believe, from the Cosmopolitan brush range, I have had it about eight years and it has never let me down and still looks virtually as good as new bristle-wise despite years of abuse and not nearly enough cleaning.
I can't find any fault with this and it has a mirror in it which is what I use when I am out to apply all my make-up.
It is very creamy and spreads over skin to give a good level of coverage, although it is a bit hard to blend in around the edges. It is brilliant, I love the purple presentation, it really makes your eye lashes stand out. Gold by Giles Eyeliner pencil and smudging brush - if I'm honest I don't think I have ever used this lol!11.
This shade really suits my skin tone and keeps my complexion looking pale but with a hint of added warmth to it. Hairclips and plastic bandsI use these to tie up my hair if they go totally out of control. It doesn't create a very strong colour when on which is perfect for me as I add it above the blusher on my cheek and under my eye as a highlighter. I am currently in the transition period waiting to change my hair style from a short one to a long one. I don't know why I carry it with me because I rarely re-apply, but when I do get lured to the pub before my lengthy commute home, it sometimes helps the old self esteem to flutter that bit more. My Chanel Mascara because I like to have my lashes very long because I have naturally long lashes so I'm quite lucky in a way that I don't have to use the false ones.
Estee Lauder Exotic Orchid Shimmer Lipstick - again, hardly use this as I prefer my MAC lipstick!13. These are both clear gels and though they are very lightweight they give great coverage and an even look to my make up.
It is a marbled bronzer which is perfect for me as having fair skin I don't want an overly dark bronzer.
I got this free with an issue of Glamour magazine when they did their Benefit giveaways promotion, and it must have been at least two years ago but it's still going strong! For a night out I go back to my absolute favourite which is the L'oreal professionals primer, this is a lovely thick mousse and I absolutely swear by it for creating beautiful flawless make up.3. Hand creamI don't have a particular choice of hand cream and will just put whatever sample I received in my make up bag. By a series of chance events I have since tried some products I received for free, and then bought out of necessity when I couldn't get a Max Factor one. My N07 eye shadow pallet which I got years ago and the colors are beautiful and natural as I don't like to look like I'm wearing loads of make-up and the natural your look is, the better!8.
All my items are quite cheap and its clear my preferred brands are Avon, MAC and Superdrug (with a splash of Estee Lauder) and so sometimes cheaper is better than the top of the range products. I keep a mini blusher brush in the bag as it is the only brush I ever need to use to apply the make-up. I use this concealer quite sparingly, usually to lighten the skin under my eyes and hide dark circles. Just a small tip: if your hair go really frizzy, you can put a bit of handcream in your hand and spread it over your hair. My Jack Wills make-up brush which I got in the sale for ?3.50, I like my bargains, and it has a beautiful brush which glides really nicely when applying eye shadow. It has a nice light and creamy texture and works best when blended over foundation by just lightly dabbing it with my fingertip. It will help to make your hair less frizzy.Basically these are my bare essentials in my makeup bag.
The white to use over the whole bottom lid and the black to enhance the outer corners and make my eyes look bigger. This is a nice finishing touch to make my under eye area look brighter, particularly if I'm wearing dark eye make-up. The Clarins beauty flash balm is something I coveted for ages but couldn't buy because of the steep price tag. Hopefully I can still keep it to a bare minimum for some time but it appears that more things are finding their way into my makeup bag.
And the make-up I use when I dress up to go out is all in my dressing table in various other make-up bags so I think this ccase is well due a clear out!I actually use the hairbrush and comb, hairspray, heat spray, bronzer and brush, navy eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, cream eyeshadow, one of the mascaras and that is it!
I have a limited edition one actually which is the pink bubbly which they brought out in 2012, because it's nice to have a bit of flavor!10.
I use it after my primer to give an additional boost of hydration and because it creates this great layer onto which concealer and foundation just sits perfectly. However I am very pleased to say that my case is immaculatly clean and tidy so finding stuff is very easy. It's so creamy, it stays put, it makes you look healthy, well rested and charming, it's just gorgeous. To avoid breaking out in shiny patches, or to cover them up, I use this light powder which gives a nice matte effect finish. I only ever take one with me as if I need to touch up my mascara I don't need twoI also take a clear lip gloss in my bag.That is all the make-up I keep in my bag. It has a velvety smooth touch and sets my foundation to make it last longer through the day. The pale shade is perfectly light and looks natural with my skin tone and the other make-up that I wear. A small handbag sized perfume because I like to smell good as well as feel good.So they are the things I have in my handbag, sometimes I have more, depending on the day or what I am doing! It might sound a lot and I do use certain pieces more than others but I like to keep it in there so I know if I need it, it is there.As I said above I don't just keep make-up in there. The powder compact is pretty neat as well, with a swivelly section underneath that stores the powder sponge and also contains a handy little mirror which comes in useful for touch-ups.==Eyes== + Bella Pierre Cosmetics mineral eye shadow in Oasis Dew. I tend to prefer thicker foundations and always look for brands that carry light shades because I am super pale and freckly. I have come to the decision that Max Factor is the brand for me when it comes to foundations and my two favourites are the Xperience and colour adapt foundations. It is a light shade of pink with a golden glow that brightens my eyes and looks flattering against my skin tone.
It lasts really well through the day and despite being a loose powder it is easy to apply on the go as long as I'm careful when picking it up with the brush. I tend to blend the two because I have the colour adapt in a slightly darker shade but if I was to choose it would definitely be the Xperience foundation for me as it is something I always have stocked up.5.

But I always like the option of a top-up as I have such a long day, so if I buy a new one I always try to get a mini. I used to use those little sticks that come with concealer inside and a brush on one end until I discovered what is now my go to product. I prefer to use this eye pencil on the lower waterline, and then add just a touch to the outer edges of my upper lash line to accentuate the almond shape of my eyes. It is actually a foundation but I use it as a concealer and once again it has to be Max Factor. I don't use the sponge, instead I smooth it under my eyes, along my nose, on my chin and anywhere there are blemishes. So I always have at least one balm and recently have carried a real bit of weaponry in Yu Be Moisturising Cream, which Glossybox sent me a small tester tube of which is perfect for carrying around - a little goes a mile, and it works.
I use this for days when I don't feel like wearing my normal eye shadow & eye liner pencil combo. The consistency and coverage of this product is fantastic and I don't think I'll ever go back to traditional concealers.6. It is really easy to apply and I use it to get a retro style winged flick along my upper lash line.
I am less fussy when it comes to powder but because of my pale skin I need to find a brand that offers lighter shades. I tend to go for Rimmel powders or a recent favourite of mine is the Collection 200 lasting performance powder.
I like to use travel or sample sizes as they take up less room in my make-up bag and I get to try out a range of different products this way. That said, when I am going out for the night I use my Lancome powder which was given to me by my mother. I don't feel like it adds much in the way of volume but the curved brush design seems to spread my lashes out to give a fuller appearance overall.
For less than a fiver - quite a lot less, in fact, you get a sturdy package with a mini brush and three domes of varied shades of a colour. I've only recently come round to realising what an impact a defined set of eyebrows can make. I have shaped my eyebrows into a slightly angled shape while leaving them quite full, which nicely balances out my features. I use this brow kit to fill in between the hair and darken the area as my pale skin shows through a lot against my naturally dark brows.
For blushes I really like Bourjois powder blush or Max Factor miracle touch creamy blushers, and I tend to go for an array of colours and see what suits my mood.
The kit contains a wax and powder along with a specially shaped brush and even a little mirror.
Minimal, if any, creasing, and if there is it's normally when you've been on the tube for two hours in midsummer.
If I want a stronger look I'll use the wax and then set it with the powder, or it I just want something a bit softer then I'll use the powder on its own.==Lips== + Jason Lips Bee Healthier lip balm.
I tend to only use highlighters when I am going out because I think it's a bit much in the daytime.8. I use it every day either on its own or before I apply lipstick, and then re-apply as much as needed. You can't actually buy this online, but it is available from ebay as loads of people who have had the full sized sample are selling them. At the moment my hair is a really dark brown so I tend to blend the black and dark brown colours together with the brush and then apply this to my eyebrows.
This is a lovely toffee coloured shade of lipstick that really balances out my look and works well with my dyed ginger hair. It's not particularly long lasting so I do have to top up regularly if I want to keep the full impact of the colour.==Tool kit=== + Compact mirror.
The only regret I have is that I have never found the green trio which I am dying to try with my green eyes.
I like this look because it creates a thick look to your lashes if there is a nice dark line on the eyelash line. One of the main problems I encounter with applying make-up is that I have to take my glasses off so I can put the make-up on, but then of course I can't see what I'm doing properly!
The darkest powder is black and it holds really well on my eyelid but looks a little softer than eyeliner, I tend to blend this with the brush.10.
The magnifying mirror is perfect and I use it a lot to check my progress as I'm putting on my make-up. I've reviewed absolutely loads of mascaras over my time on dooyoo and though I love trying new ones I have a few firm favourites. This came as part of a mineral eye-shadow kit and has a nice wide, flat brush head with dense bristles and a smooth grip handle.
I also keep an emergency biro, for when I'm out in the field working and might plausibly have had all my other pens - the primary pen, back up pen, and secondary spare - pinched by someone else. It is soft yet durable and works really well with my Bella Pierre mineral eye shadow to pick up the pigment and spread it evenly over my eyelids. I also really like Maybelline cat eyes for separating my lashes and Rimmel Scandal eyes for creating drama.
I do vary what I use and tend to have at least 10 mascaras on the go at any one time so choosing favourites is pretty difficult but these are mascaras I've bought time and time again.11. This is a little pack of cotton buds with a twist - each one is loaded with make-up remover! These are perfect for fixing mistakes and give a direct application to clean up any smudges.
Applying make-up on the train isn't the smoothest process and if I do make any mistakes then these clean them up easily. I really love my heavy eyeliner and feel I've perfected the look of my make up over the years, finding the right products to suit me. I mainly use these to tidy up if my mascara transfers around the eye area before it's dried properly. Eyeshadows are not something I buy regularly and so have a couple I use if I'm really getting glammed up.
I tend to go for Benefit smokey plalette because there are two nice shades in this one which really give the sexy sultry look. This little pack of blotting papers comes in very useful for neatening up my make-up if I'm going out straight after work. I round things off with my benefit eye bright to really open up my eyes and if I'm feeling particularly energetic a set of eyelure eyelashes.So that's my day and night beauty regime in a rather large nutshell.

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