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Konami announced it will premiere three new maps in Metal Gear Online, as well as add Quiet as a "Unique Character." The DLC is set to release in March 2016. According to research by Ruby Newell-Legner, a single negative experience with a supplier requires 12 positive experiences to balance the decision in favour of a renewal or upgrade! As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, exceptional service and performance are a part of our legacy of brilliance. 59% of Americans switch to a new brand because of an unrewarding experience with the original vendor. Many people remember going to shop class when they were younger and making wooden boxes and maybe even playing around with simple electronics.
Career and technical or better known as vocational schools are growing in number across the country. Whether they decide to start working right after high school, or decide to take their experience and work towards a degree in one of the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) fields.
It is undertaken by skilled operators and has to be performed according to pre-defined mandates and a set of compliance rules in order to ensure that the joints are strong and immune to jostling and rust. All kinds of welding rely on generating an arc that is capable of raising the temperature of the parent material to the melting point. An operation team manipulating welding equipment must be knowledgeable of the nuances of this technique in order to ensure the integrity of welded joints and thus by association created products.
Also according to the Consumer Justice Group report, welding tasked to untrained labour is an extremely hazardous proposition. Because of the sophistication of the fracking process, the US is now the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world, trumping Saudi Arabia to claim the elusive title. Because of the innovations in the field of robotics, the rote work of wrench turning has now been delegated to industrial robots and other precision instruments. United States can now boast very low cost of raw materials leading to a dip in overall manufacturing investment as well. The US manufacturing sector alone is the 8th largest economy in the world, and this trend is likely to sustain in 2015 and even beyond.
Most probably the industries which are not labor intensive and suffer from the often prohibitive costs of long transportation routes (like chemicals and metals) will move back to home soil in order to take advantage of the boom in oil production and the easily available rich reserves of raw materials. Ventures with high foreign demand and the pressing need for a lot of affordable labor to keep production running will continue to go the offshore way, especially if the manufacturing skill gap is not remedied.
Throughout the manufacturing industry, there has been a lot of discussion around what is known as the “skills gap.” The skills gap –essentially the lack of workers with appropriate skills for the industry—is becoming more of a problem as the baby boomer generation is beginning to retire and the younger workforce are finding careers in other fields. This process requires a lot of technical skill, something that is becoming more and more unique, as we have seen due to the skills gap. Unlike more traditional concentric cones, where the center points of each end of the cone are the same, the eccentric cones have these center points offset. Neither of these projects had straight-forward dimensions, nor could they simply be made by an automated machine. It’s been well-documented that manufacturing was on the decline for a few decades across the nation. While we don’t know if manufacturing will ever reach its high points of the past, there are good signs that manufacturing will rebound and settle in to a steady period of development and innovation, spurred on by a new generation of bright, hardworking, innovative individuals. As a long-time American manufacturer, we have seen manufacturing rise and fall, as well as rapidly change due to up-and-coming technologies.
While there are plenty of manufacturing jobs available, there are not enough skilled workers to take them on. Manufacturing companies throughout America are finding a variety of ways to rectify this issue. While the skills gap is a problem for the manufacturing industry, educational organizations and many companies are working tirelessly to prepare young workers for our modern, technical, and challenging workforce. Being a custom metal fabricator is one of the most exciting and rewarding undertakings one can be involved in.
For instance, we recently had the chance to work with an artist, helping to design a beautiful sculpture that is now prominently on display near the United Center in Chicago. The torch came down and cut out areas of the metal piece, cutting specifically to the project’s design, in one-inch-thick carbon steel. In the end, the result was a beautiful metal sculpture that matched the initial design and was expertly made and crafted, whose aesthetics matched its quality. We love having the opportunity to make our work enjoyable to so many others and making an artistic dream a reality.
When making long parts, some manufacturers, due to equipment limitations, may have to fabricate short pieces first. Custom manufacturing: It is what our business is built on and is what our customers know us best for.
Typically, our process begins when a customer approaches us with a drawing of the specified parts or components with the requirements and features precisely detailed. Once a part’s design is set and the quote is approved, it’s time for the fabrication process to begin. Throughout the whole process, we maintain consistent communication with our customers, ensuring the part is completed correctly from the beginning stages to the final product. Beautiful console table with semi-circular top made of manufactured wood, standing firmly on the ground on decorative metal base with four curvy legs, semi-ring reinforcement and leaves detailing. This beautiful console table in a vintage grey finish is crafted from solid pine wood, reinforced by aluminum hardware. DIY Console Table {A Pottery Barn Knock Off} - East Coast Creative Blog - desk based on this knock-off idea. John Urban, of John Urban Productions, turned to Kee Klamp fittings to build himself a unique custom desk complete with casters and an antiqued metal finish. A sculptural metal dining table and or hall table in matt black metal swirl with metallic interior and glass top (glass top available in either smoked, bronze and or clear glass).

Konami recently revealed it shipped over six million copies since the game's September release.
The dynamics of power has shifted irreversibly in favour of the buyers and companies can no longer afford to stay aloof and disseminate information or offer support according to their whims and fancies. Armed with the convenience of a global economy and the power of the internet truly giving credence to the term ‘a global village’, prospects and customers now have an array of high-quality, affordable products to source from all corners of the world.
Considering the fact that word of mouth publicity is ranked as the most influential form of promotion and the high churn rate of existing clients, a robust division dedicated to transforming the interactions of buyers with the company is a wise investment. Mathis Company is a leader in the field of supplying long, intricate and close tolerance fabrications. The importance of college had done away with many of these vocational classes across the country, but that trend is now changing.
High schools are offering training in the trades starting in the sophomore year, which lets students graduate with not only a diploma, but a certificate and training. Getting students interested in the trades early on is a major factor in ending the skills gap. Not only is it a handy repair tool for broken and damaged machine parts, it is the mainstay of production supplying any construction endeavour with the required raw materials to progress at the desired pace.
It is then fused with a filler metal which by rule of thumb is chosen to be structurally stronger than the original base. A large scale construction project is only as durable as the quality of its individual components. Thousands of injuries occur right on-site because of careless handling of equipment or experimentation by unskilled staff.
Construction projects call for the employment of AWS (American Welding Society) certified welders who are cognizant of the involved risks and capable of handling them expertly.
Mathis Company has been an industry renowned name in the field of precision arc and MIG welding. For the first time in almost 50 years, the growth in the GDP was outpaced by actual, tangible growth in the manufacturing sector. The implications of this feat are profound leading to a significant drop in transportation as well as electric costs within the country. The main issue with labor in the US was availability of reliable and competent blue collar workers for the minimum wage rate.
But only time can shed light on the dominant trends which will re-shape the sector for the coming decades. Mathis, we understand the importance of these technical skills, as they allow our craftsmen to perform at the highest levels.
It is a skill that needs the human touch, one that cannot be completed by a robot or machine. However, our shop team continues to put this high level of skill into each part that they make, no matter what the customer’s specifications are. These also require a very specific and high level of skill to be able to fabricate and fit together with precision. Outsourcing of jobs, companies on the move, and a developing skill gap were all seem as part of the problem. Thanks to efforts like Manufacturing Day, businesses across the country are opening up their doors to the younger generation, who may not have seen a career in manufacturing as a possibility. Today, we certainly see how American manufacturing is experiencing a renaissance, due to reshoring and new technology that has been introduced into the production process. Older generations of manufacturers are nearing retirement, and younger generations are not looking to manufacturing as a career path.
For example, there are some local schools that are trying to start STEM programs, giving young students a solid background in science, technology, engineering, and math fields. We encourage younger generations to realize the skills and opportunity that lie in a manufacturing career, and we hope to see you on the production floor soon! It means being a critical part of so many industries—providing creative solutions to companies ranging from mining to construction, and oil to architecture.
It also means working with some of the most creative and talented people in the world, and having the opportunity to be creative in the process. They provided drawings and CAD files, and we worked closely with them to create a design plan: to plasma cut two separate plates on our large plasma table and weld them together into one large fabrication. It serves as a great example of work that is not only the epitome of fine metal workmanship, but also a piece of art—something that can be enjoyed for generations. Mathis, we pride ourselves on the ability to manufacture a wide range of high-quality components of all shapes and sizes.
If you want a piece that’s 30 feet long and a manufacturer can only fabricate pieces that are 10 feet long, they would need to form that long part by welding together three different pieces. This is thanks to our lineup of six precision press brakes that can easily handle lengths of 20 to 40 feet. We can make all sorts of long parts, like angles, channels, bump formed segments, and cone segments, and we have experience working with a wide range of materials, from carbon, stainless steel, and aluminum, as well as alloy steel.
Although we don’t design and engineer a part, we can work with a provided drawing and determine whether or not the specifications will work with our capabilities. We work diligently to ensure the parts are fabricated to the highest quality and reach their end point right on time.
This piece of equipment can play the role of a console for TV and other types of media equipment.
Old pipe and pipe fittings are pieced together as a table base and topped with a slab of natural wood. Love the simple yet sophisticated table, the way the round mirror balances the hard angles & I adore the gold stripe along the baseboard. Finished in Windsor black with aged gilt accents, this console is a series of interlocking curved rails atop an American walnut base.

Obviously the key differentiator is how adeptly vendors can support queries, extend help and reward brand loyalty. We not only believe in going the extra mile and ‘doing whatever it takes’ to achieve perfection, we also firmly advocate a policy of Total Customer Satisfaction by focusing on providing all the conveniences needed to successfully process large orders and handle extremely large components which are beyond the capability of most of our competitors.
Mathis Company has incorporated the art of balancing cutting edge technology with customer value into its vision and mission. Our team can provide solutions to each and every customer need, and with the combined knowledge of each skilled craftsmen along with our diverse modern equipment, we ensure that brand loyalty comes easy to you! Due to the increase in reshoring, the manufacturing sector in the United States is booming and the need for skilled workers has never been higher. Many students can opt to use their free periods in school for real life, hand-on experience. Ranging from sub-merged arc to metal active gas to manual metal arc, different welding processes are leveraged at construction sites around the world to serve unique needs.
We have perfected our craft over 100 years of rigorous practice assisting construction companies, OEMs, independent projects and manufacturers with their welding and rolling needs.
The last time the two were at par was before the milestone year of 2000 after which offshoring came into its own and became the dominant trend of the industry. Thanks to the automation of certain processes, human ingenuity and logic can be better rewarded with higher paying jobs of supervisors and managers.
The global labor pool has become more aware of its rights, and the cry of improved wages is resonating from all corners of the world. In fact, two recent projects we worked on exemplify the type of skill needed for metal forming: eccentric cones and elbow transitions.
As the third annual National Manufacturing Day recently rolled around, we’d like to take a moment to look at the state of manufacturing in America. Another issue that arose was the decline of students interested in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Mathis will do its part to spur the American manufacturing renaissance, and we hope you will too. However, there is one looming issue that is poised to greatly affect manufacturing’s success—that would be the skills gap. The City of Chicago is partnering with Chicago Public Schools and other organizations to offer an education focused on technology and sciences, ensuring that students are prepared for future careers in STEM fields. We then welded the fabrication and upon final inspection and approval, it was sent to be painted and installed.
By staying informed about the latest and greatest manufacturing equipment and processes, we can stay ahead of the competition and do what other manufacturers cannot.
The problem is that all three of these pieces may not come out exactly the same, leading to the fabrication of a long part with flaws that could greatly lower the quality of the piece. This means that the customer gets a higher-quality, more consistent part in one piece to the length.
In other words, are you aware of how fabricators like us actually produce your desired parts?
At this point, we will provide the customer with a quote, detailing the materials and processes we will be utilizing, as well as the lead time for delivery of parts for the customer to determine whether this will fit into their schedule.
It is our goal to give our customers exactly what they want and need—we have made sure our custom manufacturing process does just that.
Here's my collection of metal console table bases - they are a perfect start to build a stunning table. While there may not be as many schools with a shop class, the amount of schools dedicated to the trades is rising. This gives students a chance to understand that skilled labor may be a good career choice, if they decide not to attend college after graduation. Special ventures in the aerospace and naval industries have progressed to laser arc hybrid welding and electron beam technology.
ISO 9001:2008 certified, we are the gold standard in the welding and precision services domain. Pay has risen by a significant 10% in China and were likely to spread to other countries as well. Our advanced equipment and expertise allow us to process metal in a variety of dimensions and shapes, even up to 2” thick. Some of the special shapes that we form, such as cone segments, cannot be processed through automation; instead, the operator needs to form the radiuses in the component using our unique equipment, working the metal blank to form the shape to the customer’s specifications. Mathis and other manufacturers, we feel there is hope for the regrowth of manufacturing in the near future. The whole long part is completely uniform and our manufacturing process eliminates the middle seam in a formed piece, which allows us to cut down on secondary processes that cost more time and money. However, if the part has a more complicated design, then there are more steps in the fabrication, thus extending the process’ time frame. The new DLC also adds "new sets of custom combinable animations known as appeal actions," so players also get some cool dance moves and tough poses.
This is something that many manufacturers are not capable of doing; our equipment and capabilities offer us a distinct advantage in this market segment.
There's been no word if the DLC is free or paid, but Konami intends to release more information next week.

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