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There are many rules of good writing, but the best way to find them is to be a good reader.
Take Action: Find three new blogs to read today, with at least one being outside of your industry or usual reading comfort zone. We can’t all be Conde Nast, but with Flipboard (for iPad) and Google Currents (for Android and iPad), our blog can become a digital magazine. When we realize how many different ways readers can find and read our content, it should get us to step up our game a bit.
A surprising view on how someone else sees our blog and what content they believe should be found there. With our blog being read on all kinds of platforms, the headlines for each post have never been so important. Headlines should be direct, and not trying to trick people or be so clever as to be obscure.
Published Wednesday November 20th, 2013 at 1213 × 513 in 5 FFF (Fashion Frenchies to Follow). Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.
Publie le mercredi 20 novembre 2013 a 444 × 659 dans 5 Bloggeuses Francaises a importer aux USA.
To create the graphics for your template, you can use any of your own creations or obtain permission from designers that make digital clipart or any other digital designs.
Once you have graphics for your template design, you need to decide what graphics editing program you will use. This type of background is essential for this template design but you have 2 options for how to upload your background. To learn how to add elements to a design, read my tutorial on How to Make Your Own Blog Button. Notice that the colors I used in my text as well as in the butterflies are light enough to be seen over my dark blue background. Once your header is complete and saved, go to your blog and upload your header from the Layout page. Once you select this small sliver for your header, you will need to copy it (possibly "Copy Merged") and then paste it into a new file that is the same size. To choose this template, choose Template from the drop-down menu on your Blogger Dashboard.
For those of you that did not upload your background through the Blogger Template Designer, you will need to make a few adjustments to the white Simple Template. The Outer Background is a rectangular area covering the entire top portion of your blog from left to right. This placed the footer section outside of the main section and allowed it to have a transparent background.
After entering the code, you may find that your design elements do not line up as well as you would like. To help you know how to make your own adjustments, I will go through the CSS code from the beginning of Step 5 and explain what the different parts mean.
This background position places the background at the bottom of the "footer-inner" section of your blog.
This background position places the footer background at the bottom of the "footer-outer" section and closer to the bottom of the browser window.
If your "footer-inner" and "footer-outer sections are overlapping, you need to increase the "padding-bottom".

Every blog is different so I recommend previewing your changes in the Blogger Template Designer before you save your changes and click "Apply to Blog". The final step in creating your own custom template is adding extra design features such as a post icon, post divider, sidebar titles, blog button etc. Also, be sure to customize the fonts and colors on your blog in the Blogger Template Designer. Publie le mercredi 20 novembre 2013 a 492 × 326 dans 5 Bloggeuses Francaises a importer aux USA.
There is nothing in this blog post that will make our blog one of the Top-Ten All-Time Blogs by tomorrow morning.
Writers are readers, or their writing will suffer in every way, from style of writing to freshness of ideas.
Google Currents, in particular, opens the door and makes it easy for everyone to become a magazine publisher.
Guest bloggers know that where they write reflects on their reputation as a blogger, so be honest about whether our blog is ready to offer that. From feed readers to mobile-ready apps, the headlines we use for our blog posts might be the first (and only) thing our reader has to go by when they decide if they want to read or not.
I have been practicing many of these tips (though my headlines still sag) for a while and since the new year my traffic has gone up, as well as time on sit and my bounce rate is down to almost zero. It’s always interesting to see how steady and consistent blogging using some best practices does, eventually, lead to that increased traffic. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. If you make any mistakes, I am not liable, so backup your template before you do anything to your blog. Be sure to read the full tutorial so that you backup both your template and your sidebar gadgets. I recommend following step A below to get more detailed instructions on making the background design.
Here is my tutorial on How To Make Your Own Background, that shows you how to make the background as well as how to upload it to the web onto a site like Photobucket. If you don't want to host your background image on the web, you can upload it to your blog straight from your computer. Scroll with page: I personally get a little dizzy when backgrounds scroll with the page so I unchecked this box. Next, add other design elements from your digital scrap kit or other images that you have permission to use.
If you use the crop tool to cut out this piece, be sure to save your file with a different file name so that your header is not lost! This image can be very short because it will be repeated vertically all the way down your blog. If you would like a video tutorial for this, Carolynn at Makin' Cute Blogs has a tutorial below that shows you how to do this in Pixlr.
If you don't remove this background then there will be a white rectangle sitting on top of your custom background. Go to the Template page and click "Customize"  so that you are in the Template Designer.
Now we are going to move the Footer section outside of the main body of the blog, just like we did the Header. It should adjust the padding on the right, but I found that increasing this number did not make any change for me.

If you need to adjust this, negative numbers will move it to the left and positive numbers will move it to the right. You can save it under a new name to differentiate between your original template and this new updated one. Go to Advanced and then click on any of the options and use the fonts and colors that look best on your blog! It takes time attract readers, to find our blogging voice, and to get in the habit of creating content.
Perhaps it would include beefing up our social media activity, or being more responsive to our current blog readers. From those questions, come up with three smaller goals that are manageable, and will ultimately make the big goal a reality. They might not see our pretty photos right away, or be impressed by our slick blog template. This image will be tiled across the background of your blog so that it covers the entire screen. However, I recommend following the instructions in step B to upload your design straight from your computer. I also used matching digital scrapbook paper from the kit mentioned above to fill these rectangles. If you forget this part it may still repeat, but it may also repeat left to right (along the x-axis). If you have a navigation bar using blogger's Tabs, this space will be above that navigation bar. Can we break down the holy grail of “more readers!” into some approachable steps in order to reach that ultimate goal?
Consider new bloggers who are eager for exposure and who show great promise in their writing. I have permission to use their designs because I have paid the commercial license fees they required. That way, if anything goes wrong, your practice blog will be affected but your real blog won't be ruined. Even if you find an image that does not have a watermark, you do not necessarily have permission to use that image. Once you create your perfect template, you can download the HTML from the practice blog and then upload it to the blog you actually use. A small image size means that when a reader opens your blog, the background of your design will load very quickly. To learn what a png file is, read my tutorial on the Difference Between a jpg and a png file.
Headlines that ask questions or specifically state an action the reader can expect to make are also great ways to hook readers. More intricate background designs can get very large and slow down the computers of your readers. It will not be positioned correctly or have a transparent background, but that is ok for now.

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