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The SHB designation of this coffee is abbreviation for Strictly Hard Bean, synonymous with Strictly High Grown. There are approximately 50 farmers markets in San Diego County, and in a period of a few weeks, I visited easily more than half of them. I was ecstatic when the owners of the market let me know that they not only had a spot available, but were excited to welcome a coffee roaster as one of their new vendors. Local certified and 100% organic produce, plants and flowers, arts and crafts, even live music! More specifically, apply whatever standard you have for drinking water to your coffee water. Never was this point more clear to me than when I was staying at a hotel, and needed to make myself a coffee in the room.
If you’re not happy with your coffee maker, take $20 to Target and buy the Black and Decker drip brewer. A lot of my coffee education took place at the Fire Roasted Coffee Company in London, Canada. A few months later, my brother asked me if any kind of tool existed online that helped connect the coffee lover with the right coffee for them. With a little input from the coffee drinker, I felt that intelligent suggestions could be made to help guide that person to coffees they should try based on their preferences.
Now that I am roasting my own coffee, I have been able to fine-tune the Coffee Quiz results even more.
Here, I’ve tried to list all of the individual flavor accents that good coffee can offer.
One of the challenges with roasting coffee, as with anything perishable, is roasting enough so that I have it nice and fresh for you when you order; while not roasting too much. Last year, my friend Matt and I were fortunate enough to trek through Costa Rica and Panama, in search of adventure and coffee farms.
I warned Matt not to make eye contact with anybody as we crossed this border for the first time.
In Central American countries, you do not simply enter a new country – you must formally exit the country that you were in.
Making every effort not to make eye contact with people in uniform, we went back and forth from one office to the other, struggling to understand the process. After crossing into Panama, we stayed in the city of David and from there, traveled into Boquete and the coffee country that surrounds it. When I began sourcing coffees to roast at the Make Good Coffee Co.,  I was so excited to get my hands on coffee that came from the very same region that my friend and I toured.
Central American coffees are prized for their brightness, and I was excited to perfect a medium roast of this coffee.
I was excited to make the Holiday Blend because coffee is a big part of the holidays and my family tradition. Coffee blending is about bringing different coffees together that create a balanced flavor that none of the individual coffees have on their own. After much trial and some error, I finally made the coffee that I dreamed of making…the Holiday Blend! This blend of Central American and East African coffees captures the flavors I wanted, including an overall sweet and rich flavor, a chocolate and caramel aroma and flavor, a short but sweet aftertaste, and full but smooth body. While not the world’s largest producer of coffee, Colombia is one of the most recognized, particularly because of the iconic Juan Valdez character.
The Excelso designation makes reference to the size of the bean, with excelso beans being slightly smaller than Colombia Supremo beans.
It was a lot of fun getting this coffee and roasting it eight ways to Sunday until I was happy with the final product.
We can put two bags of coffee in the USPS Flat Rate Envelope, so the flat rate cost gets split over two bags of coffee instead of one.
This year, we went on a coffee origin trip through Costa Rica and Panama, taking us into Panama’s green mountain highlands. My Panama Boquete coffee is roasted medium to take advantage of the natural brightness of a Central American coffee.
You can expect a medium acidity and good sweetness in this coffee, with notes of citrus, berry, and some chocolate. Sumatra is the largest island entirely in Indonesia, and this coffee is grown alongside Lake Toba. After blogging about coffee, traveling to coffee growing countries, and meeting and interviewing coffee roasters for almost ten years, I’m so excited to finally open my own roastery based out of San Diego, California. There are two things I want to accomplish with this roastery, and both of them are behind the word Good in Make Good Coffee.

So, how do you increase your chances of making a sale when you are up against so much competition? Two things will increase your chances of making good, regular sales and YOU NEED BOTH TO BE IN PLACE for your images to make more than just the occasional sale.
Crop your image, if required, to cut out distracting elements so the viewer see's just what matters.
HOWEVER - You can have the best image in the world, but without good keywording no one will ever find it amongst the millions of other images on sale.
So, it's important to give your image a strong title that uses words buyers search with.
You could also add more information that may be useful to a buyer, but you must make sure it's accurate. Now DT don't tell us exactly what makes an individual contributors ranking, so to a some extent this is guesswork. I know this because if I go away on a 10 week overseas shoot and no new images get uploaded while I'm away, I see a drop in sales. Regarding the image above, there are many shots of Iguacu Falls available, but very few show both the falls, the tourists that visit them and the viewing platforms that allow the tourist to get close. If your travel subject includes wild animals you should include the animals Latin or scientific name, details of the location or habitat and details of any relevant animal behavior. Burmese woman sorting fish drying in the early morning sun near the fishing village on Ngapali Beach in Myanmar. Temples of the Archaeological Zone in the early morning mist and sunlight - Bagan - Myanmar. Aerial view taken from a Hot Air Balloon in the Sossusvlei area of the Namib-Naukluft Desert in Namibia. The Golden Temple or Harmandir Sahib in the city of Amritsar in the Punjab region of northwest India. Most people like to travel and many think you can earn money from just taking pictures on your vacations.
My portfolio includes a high proportion of travel and wildlife images and on Dreamstime I'm just coming up to $30,000 in total sales. I think using some of the keywording and other tips I have included in this blog can really help to get your work noticed and increase your sales.
Don't forget words and pictures go great together so make sure you choose some Dreamstime favorite pics to brighten your article.
Information and tips for travel with a baby or toddler - where to go, where to stay, what to bring, and how to cope! With the assistance of Travel Alberta, we flew into Calgary and began an 8-day epic road trip where we connected with family and friends, as well as explored and experienced the beauty of Alberta. My kids have both traveled extensively, my daughter since she was 11mos, and my son since he was 10 weeks. Corinne McDermott founded Have Baby Will Travel to inspire, motivate, and help families travel with babies, toddlers, and young children. I was originally given inspiration for this lesson by Bev Evans a couple of years ago when she shared some of her ICT planning with me but I've only recently managed to implement the idea successfully enough to blog about it. Next, I then demonstrated the key techniques involved in creating a basic tri-fold leaflet in PowerPoint, using a template that I had already made up for them that split each page (slide) up into three columns.
After this, I then gave them about an hour to work on creating their leaflets independently (the second half of the first lesson and the first half of the second lesson). You can view some of the completed tri-fold leaflets on my school website by clicking here and you'll hopefully agree that they are good examples of ICT work (with a geographical context) pitched at a Year 4 level since they demonstrate the children being able to independently combine a range of ICT skills together to create a document for a purpose.
Brilliant piece of work and thankyou for sharing it on the web, I have been struggling to find out how to do this to make a simple promotionl flyer for my business and following your lesson, I have managed to do it, I wish we had teachers like you in my day,keep up the great work, regards Paul.
As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. You're probably familiar with all of the famous landmarks dotted around the world, the giant sculptures and statues that are household names in their own cities. We should warn you though, that by the end of this post, you'll have a serious case of the travel bug.
The east African country of Malawi has a long coffee tradition, dating back to when the British planted coffee seeds in its green northern provinces in the late 19th century. They are going to narrow the search by putting in keywords for the location, specific building or some other key feature of the location they are interested in. It must show the location, building, landscape, local people or whatever in a way that says 'I want to go there'! One thing that will make a difference here is the number of new images per month you upload.

This is true of Costa Rica, Madagascar, Falkland Islands, the Amazon and many parts of Africa etc, etc. I also take a lot of 32gb CF cards so that if my laptop and backup hard drives fail or are stolen, I can just store all my images on the media cards. If a buyer for a magazine is writing an article about a place and only has room for 3 or 4 pictures, they are probably going to choose iconic images that everyone will recognize as being from that place. OK, you can make some sales like this, but to earn good money you need to be a little more serious about it. I especially applauded the "Temples of the Archaeological Zone in the early morning sunlight.
I first started shooting stock in 1972 as a supplement to my commissioned work, however, since early 2001 my entire income has come from shooting Stock images. Dreamstime wants your ideas and thoughts whether you are a photographer, designer or regular user. My husband was born in Edmonton, and was raised in Calgary, but this was our first visit in over six years, and we were eager to introduce our kids to the mountains, as well as attend a most-lovely family wedding. We also never spend that much time in a car, so we knew the drives would be interesting for all of us. Even though this presentation method does involve using PowerPoint, you'll hopefully be able to see how the finished outcome is rather different from the norm. This was only a short task but it hopefully taught them what famous things could be found at different places, if they weren't already familiar with them beforehand. It would have been helpful to be able to download some of the leaflets to print out and show my class as examples.
Christ The Redeemer in Rio, the Leshan Giant Buddha in China, The Great Sphinx in Egypt, Statue of Liberty in the USA and the Moai statues on Easter Island. The wireless headphones are designed to be comfortable enough to sleep in and lull you with white noise or soothing music. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes.
To ensure a strict standard of quality, the “AA” means that it meets the highest standard before it’s exported.
Online Store to US addresses is a flat 5.70, using the US Postal Service Flat Rate Padded Envelope. Looking towards the Cathedral de Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde high on a hill overlooking the city.
Unusual angles, great lighting, strong colors, and local people with character, will all increase your chances.
As a symbol of Brazilian Christianity, the statue has become an icon for both Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. Obviously a large portfolio of good salable images should make more sales than a small portfolio. To date, I have visited 88 countries on all seven continents, including both Antarctica and the High Arctic.
The footbridge, over Taungthaman Lake, was constructed in 1849 using reclaimed teak columns by the then mayor of Amarapura, U Bein. Create a blog to tell your story, promote favorite images and photographers, post tutorials or simply exchange opinions with your with fellow dreamstimers. At the start of our trip, the early morning drive to the airport had bright eyes and excited faces in the back seat – they knew they were going somewhere fun.
We've put together a list of 19 of these lesser-known, but no less important, statues that you might not have heard about or seen.
Aerial photo taken from a hot air balloon." Very creative way to capture an amazing and unique shot. Bub had an epic meltdown as we boarded our flight home this morning, of the get-thrown-off-a-plane variety, but he was quickly distracted and calmed by the introduction of his favourite headphones and the offer of as much Wiggles as one could tolerate thanks to Air Canada‘s seat-back entertainment. It was our only real incident in eight days of driving, museums, zoos, rock and mountain climbing, as well as sitting nicely in restaurants.
I’m not sure I would have attempted this kind of trip as a travel newbie, but the fact that we sailed through the week with flying colours has risen my travel confidence even more. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

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