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This unique home called Villa Vals was built directly into the hillside in Vals, Switzerland. Inhabitat recently posted an article exemplifying innovative underground houses around the globe.  As a green contractor Eco Brooklyn is continually using cutting-edge ideas to improve upon Passive House designs. Structures built underground are protected from large temperature swings and extreme weather. Much of Malcolm Wells’ design incorporated concrete and Eco Brooklyn suggests using rammed earth or tires to add structural support to underground buildings. Subterranean living should be the future for humanity, as well as arcologies to protect our green land.
The first type of rotating door in the video above revolves around a central axis, allowing you access through the small, resulting gaps. I've expanded the hole so that I could take pictures for this tutorial, but your actual hole only needs to be one block wide, six blocks long, and five (or more) blocks deep.

It was just mentioned in your video while you were doing a tutorial for the two stacked pistons using a monostable circuit, so I figured it was okay to expand that one into a full tutorial. Underground housing can provide New York State with low energy housing at reasonable prices without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of living above ground.
Gennaro has also developed a design to alleviate the stress of the barrier walls by engineering a bowl-shaped structure with a one-to-one slope.
This is handy if you have limited space available and don’t want a big old book case swinging into your room.
A good way to also fix this is to place the torch on a glowstone lamp and place a sticky piston under the lamp with a block on it that either cuts or makes the circuit.
These buildings utilize the earth’s natural insulation and thus require less energy to heat and cool. They exist within nature instead of disrupting the environment. Under-grounding takes up less space and is less environmentally invasive.

Unlike standard housing, driveway and backyard space are unnecessary as those amenities are provided directly above the structure. The first, and most important part is to add a repeater pointing at your pistons, set at maximum delay. This design is especially great for Survival maps, because it doesn't require many resources, and will easily blend in with rough, natural surroundings.If you know of an easier or more effective invisible door, share it with us by making your own tutorial!

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how to make a hidden house in minecraft pe

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