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Being non-native English speaker sounds like a good excuse, but it's only so far as you can go with it.
Please, at least try to pay more attention to the words you see if you have language barrier problems. Basically, Color input is best viewed as probability factor: the more the value for R, G and B, the more chance that this wave will be reflected. If that is a plain ordinary office one like this you have to be very close on it to see any patterns, bumps. To be honest, when i pull out fresh sheet from an office paper pack, i don't see much of a fine structure, bumps, fiber and whatnot. 4) Translucency for backside shadows, however for me I'm not able to reduce the saturation level from this.
At this point I used some crazy textures for bump (crumpled bumpmap thingie), color mapping, and holes. We only sell the highest quality tattoo supplies and so are sure you will never encounter any problems with our equipment. Within the warranty period, dragonhawk company guarantee the products against defects in materials and workmanship.
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Alloy 3 also contains a full Character-Oriented Suite, including Pre-Integrated Skin, Parallax Eye and Eye Occlusion Layer Shaders, and several permutations of Anisotropic Hair. To get started, check out our 90 minute crash course video, that'll give you a broad overview of how to use the set! Andromeda Station is a recent convert to the ways of Alloy and we love all the things it does! Anywho, enough for now, gotta work on some booth-talk materials that I totally should have done last week. Basically we made it so that our area lights override the Point and Spot lights for forward and deferred mode.
A tutorial video centered around the lighting changes with Alloy 3 is #2 on my list (behind a general usage overview), so you can expect that sometime very soon after GDC is over!
With the hair and skin, I suspect you are running into the packed maps not reimporting problem. EDIT: Things are a little haphazard right now, but documentation and tutorials will be our number one priority post-GDC.
The skin effect using some lights around should be more noticeable, it looks more like some strange effect.
It would be understandable if the OP stated what he wanted to achieve in a cryptic manner, like some users do. Please understand that I am not trying to insult you, it's just that when you insert remarks or questions completely unrelated to the discussion or question you may mislead the author or bring confusion to the thread. Scale input is needed to bridge a gap between Blender scale and real-world size (the article explains that).
There are some tracing papers that are non coated but still have a certain amount of rough sheen to it.
This layer also have a bump reduction slider, where you can tone down the bumpiness effect for the coating. It is easy to use, so it’s great for beginners, but also for advanced users who don’t have a time to make their own.
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It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Features such as Masked Scrolling Emission, Detail Mapping, and Team Color masking can now be dropped onto an Alloy material with two clicks, freeing you to mix and match features without having to search for some overly verbose shader name in a maze-like hierarchy. The package comes with a sample scene containing the character seen in the shot here, to help give you a starting reference for skin-specific map data, and best application of parameters. Every single shader in the set now has an SM5 Tessellation variant, for those of you who just can't get through the day without drowning your GPU in triangles . Frankly, the way we hijacked Unity's light inputs to make these work was a major hack. Yes, it's for Blender Render and for skin, not for Cycles and paper but really, once you get to know the principles you can apply the knowledge in any engine (given tools, of course). Like if you try to crumple stiff glossy photo paper, the edge will appear sharp, but the coating would have a slightly smoother bend to it.
I did my best to make them as realistic as possible, but also to keep them optimized for various types of scenery and environment.
Currently a lot of mobile devices won't let you switch from gamma to linear and vice versa at runtime, and Unity still needs gamma for their UI even when in Linear mode for everything else.
Even if we could get the data describing other lights into the shaders, we would need to use dynamic branching to switch between them because Unity doesn't let us define keywords for new light types.
I mean, you get a diffuse front surface, with the possibility of shadows showing up on the backside. It also allows heavy bumping to the diffuse part (which can be reduced by other shaders), while be able to reduce it for the glossy part so it doesn't look ridiculous. If I set it to 1.01, I get rid of the massive refractions, but now I can't control roughness very well. Do note that this cookie will _not_ be passed into Enlighten (which just reads it as a regular point light).

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how to make a paper shader for drawing

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