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The conventional wisdom says, ‘be short and sweet’, but thanks to modern technological innovations, even if you have 7,089 numeric characters or 4,296 alphanumeric characters, or 2,953 binary characters long and can still relish the short and sweet status!!! QR code stands for Quick Response codes and was developed by DENSO Corporation’s Industrial systems Product division (now known as DENSO WAVE) in 1994. With the number of smart phone users sky rocketing, QR Codes holds key to future especially with regard to business marketing.
Steve O’Connor is a designer at Airsource, a mobile development agency based in Cambridge that’s built a QR code reader for iPhones.
O’Connor says there are lots of other innovative ways to use QR codes too: “You can have a QR code as your ticket for an event. Although you can enter as much or as little information as you like, including less information will result in a QR code which is easier to scan. To save your QR code as a file on your computer, move your mouse pointer over it and click the right mouse button.
Once you’ve saved the QR code, you can use it wherever you like: business cards, posters, adverts, your website, signs – it’s up to you! The developers of the software have confirmed that the quick response code feature is now available. The developers believe that the QR codes will make the flipbooks more useful, versatile, and accessible. He also explained that they feel “confident” that this new feature will boost the traffic to publications online, while enhancing conversion rates for those magazines. We highlight the latest in the world of Mobile Commerce news so you can keep updated with the coolest technology available! The QR code, you can also say that a magical box of black pattern that can absorb a vast range of information like your Bio-data, Website address, your home address and many other useful information much better than simple barcodes.
One of the best thing about using these QR Codes to market your products or services is that these are are malleable and can be redesigned in truly extraordinary ways, while still maintaining their scanability. First and the most important thing you need to keep in your mind that a QR code will keep it’s scanability if you only change it to 30% or might be slightly higher. One of the easiest ways to create resemblance in your QR code with your brand is to choose a color theme similar to your brand. It is now necessary to use hard edges for your QR Code design, unless it completely matches with your brand theme.
Now it’s time to incorporate logo, any texture, picture or any other kind of effect to symbolize your brand or identity.

In the last, scan your designed QR code as much as you can to make sure that it can be easily scanned within some seconds. Unlike the barcodes which are single dimensional, QR codes are two dimensional which enable it to encode more data in horizontal and vertical direction.
The scanner understands the orientation of the QR code with the help of the three larger squares in the corners. Publishing a large advertisement in the front page of magazine or a newspaper would surely make a hole in your pocket. Specify it and click ‘Generate’, the QR Code is ready to use.  Now place the image on your website, share it on social networking sites and the like. It’s time we put these free QR Codes to the best use creatively and innovatively and wrest the advantage.
For instance, putting one on a restaurant menu or in a shop window can help drive real-world customers to your website (for this to be most effective, send them to a special page designed for mobile phones). It could contain a utility bill or be used for taking and making payments - all securely of course.” In fact, in Japan, you can pay for items in some vending machines by scanning a special QR code.
We’ve chosen the QR Code Generator from the ZXing Project, because it’s nice and easy to use. Click Generate and after a few seconds your QR code will appear on the screen:If you’re not sure what size to use, choose large. The function has been added alongside the share button and has been worked into several of the templates in the digital publishing platform and in the PDF conversion. However, through the addition of the QRcodes, “one can easily find and read the magazine of his choice. It is an addition to the software that could make a considerable difference to its functionality and its potential in terms of what it can do for its users. Join us and explore the changes in how the world does business with new technology like Near Field Communications that enable mobile payments, Augmented Reality Apps, QR Code marketing techniques and Social Media marketing tactics. Yes, you can design your own QR code according to your color theme and even you can put your logo to for multiple marketing campaigns.
By using designing tool, you can easily soften the hard edges of QR code for a better and soft look and feel. You will feel that by adding some effects, your ordinary QR code will suddenly become an artwork, and you can use this artwork to advertise or market your products and services. While a barcode requires an external database to find out what is encoded in it, but a QR code can hold a whole lot of information in it like contact details, text messages, geo location, link to a webpage or video and it doesn’t require an external data base.

As the QR codes were initially meant for automobile factory use, where getting stained is obvious, it has superb error correction mechanism.  Even if a maximum of thirty per cent of the code is damaged, the data in the code can still be retrieved.
With QR codes, you need to give only a short advertisement, and all other details together with the link to your website can be encoded in the QR code. The new function is now included in all of the template types that are already in existence, such as the Classical Template, the Spread Template, the Float Template, and the Flat Template.
Learn from others how you can take your mobile marketing campaign to the next level by implementing successful mobile strategies. Today, these tinny but useful QR codes are becoming so much popular to advertise or market products and service to all around the world.
Let’s have a look on few tricks and techniques that can help you to design an eye-catchy QR code without losing its scan ability.
But in that case, you need to keep in it your mind that, always use dark color against a light-colored background.
Not only this, a QR code with soft edges will definitely make the code appear more friendly and amenable. But one thing you should keep in your mind that you can only change the QR Code to 30% to keep its readability. Even though the makers of QR Codes, DENSO owns the patent for QR Codes, they are not exercising it, thus it is free of cost. Same is the case with the business card and other advertisement mediums like flyers, where QR code lets you limit yourself to minimum space with maximum data. The developers have underscored the fact that flipbooks that are created based on the new digital publication application versions will become much more accessible than their previous equivalents. This medium has become one of the most effective and low cost sources to advertise your business. If your designed QR Code takes quite a long time to scan then it is better to redesign it properly. QR codes can be used everywhere like advertising, product labels, business cards, news and the list goes on. It will read the information and flash the information stored in it, if it is a website link, it will take you to there.

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how to make a qr scan code for a website

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