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Cherry Tree Learning Centre was awarded the 360 degree safe E-Safety Mark by the South West Grid for Learning on 25th June 2014. Please make sure that your children are aware of the following rules for staying safe online recommended by Childnet International. To change things up from my regular posts, I decided to write instructions on how to make a simple catapult.
When finished, I found that the best items to launch from this type of catapult was mini marshmallows commonly found for a few dollars at a grocery store. I chose a simple design that would be easy for the boys to follow and would allow plenty of time to launch marshmallows at a target. Step 2 – Tie another rubber band tightly around the opposite end so all 7 sticks are bound together.
Step 4 – Insert the 7 sticks banded together through the 2 stick bundle as shown in the illustration below. If these instructions helped you in anyway, please leave me a comment or link to this page so others can find these instructions as well. At Wellesbourne CE Primary School, we make sure our pupils are aware of the risks online and what to do to stay safe. Tips for Parents One way to make browsing the internet safer at home is to use a 'safe search' search engine. We also suggest parents visit the website link below for up to date information on Facebook privacy settings, as whilst we know that no children under the age of 13 should be on Facebook, if they are, then they should be educated as to how to ensure they are safe. Resources for Children Visit these excellent Think U Know and Kidsmart websites with your children for more information about how to stay safe online by clicking the links below. Read all about the latest news and events taking place at the School and see what you and the family can enjoy.
In order to properly cite your sources when writing a research paper, it is important to include a section at the end of the paper (usually called a "Bibliography") that provides detailed information on each of the sources. If you've ever written a research paper for school, chances are that you've had to include a bibliography section that lists all of the sources that you used in researching your topic.

During the process of researching and editing your paper, it is critical that you keep track of every source you use.
Once you've finished researching and writing your paper, you can begin to start putting together the bibliography. While the method described above is a general guide for how to write a bibliography, there are other bibliography formats that you may be asked to use - depending on the type of paper you are writing and the format you are asked to write it in. Please remember that using others' images on the web without their permission is not very nice. We've all had to write an essay or research paper at some point, and undoubtedly the hardest part about it is always the citation, right?
Dashboard reports allow managers to get high-level overview of the business and help them make quick decisions. In this 6 part tutorial, you will learn how to create a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Dashboard ground up using MS Excel. You can learn a lot about dashboard design by just observing dashboards designed by others. Sales Dashboards – 32 different sales dashboards prepared by our members for a contest. Use the following links to download ready to use dashboard templates and complete workbooks so that you can practice dashboard making and become even more awesome.
I conduct an online course on Excel dashboards where you call learn how to create world class Excel dashboards. I am very glad to tell you about my Ready to use Excel Dashboard Templates, which can help you create beautiful, awesome, informative & elegant dashboards in just a few minutes.
I’m a Den Leader for my local Webelos cub scouts group and we are working on the engineering activity badge. Many designs (including the one provided in the scout handbook) were fairly complex and would require a long time to built. We have a set of SMART rules which the children are expected to follow at home and in school to make sure they stay safe online. If you would like a copy of the leaflet that was handed out to Parents, then please click on the link below. While it may not be the most exciting part of writing your paper, it is still one of the most important.
While you may not end up using every source in your paper, if you write down detailed bibliographic information on each source, you'll save yourself the time and hassle of having to go back and find that information. As we've discussed above, the bibliography is basically a list of all of the sources that you've used in writing your paper.
Besides letting your reader know what sources you used to write your paper, it can also help protect you against charges of plagiarism and intellectual theft.
Excel is an excellent tool to make powerful dashboards that can provide analysis, insight and alert managers in timely manner.

Dashboards are often called as management dashboards or information dashboards or dashboard reports. However, in my opinion, Microsoft Excel is an excellent choice for creating and distributing dashboards due its ease of use and universal availability. You can download the example files with full details at each step so that you can practice the techniques and fine tune your dashboard development skills. We will be using features like form controls, picture links, conditional formatting, advanced formulas& tables in this.
In this article, I explain the process of dashboard creation along with a free downloadable template for you.
They absolutely love decorating them with felt pens, and shooting off anything they think won’t put an eye out. Besides the quality and strength of your own original ideas, teachers and professors will often look at how well you incorporate outside research into your arguments and how accurately you document those sources. Before you begin working on your bibliography, it is important to first check with your teacher or professor to find out what bibliography format they want you to use. Even more so if you're gathering your facts from a huge variety of sources.You could spend more time citing than actually writing.
In this page (and others linked here) you can find a lot resources, templates, tutorials, downloads and examples related to creating dashboards using Microsoft Excel. In this section, you can find practical advice that can be immediately applied to your next dashboard project. You can use a better alternative like bullet chart or thermo-meter chart to show the same information with more context. This catapult can be used as a craft idea for kids on a slow weekend or it can be used as a school project. After following these instructions, it only took the scouts about 10 minutes to complete everything and start participating in trying out their new catapult. If you're having trouble figuring out how to properly write a bibliography, just follow the simple steps in this guide. Especially if you're confused by the many different styles of citation.I once had MLA for one class and APA for another. As you could imagine, it was pretty easy to confuse (and even accidentally combine) them without constantly verifying my grammar books.If you're just as confused as I was, Google Scholar will help automate it for you. Google Scholar is a free resource to find scholarly reviewed articles and books, but a newly integrated feature provides citation for the three major citation styles (APA, Chicago, and MLA).
Just click on that and all of the formatted citations will appear, ready for you to simply copy and paste!

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